Islamic Stare Murders American Hostage

Islamic State has murdered another one of their hostages. A new video released today shows the murder of Steven Sotoloff by the Islamic Militant Group. Sotoloff disappeared in Syria back in 2013.

There is a point when ‘The Levee Breaks’ and there is ‘a flood’. I honestly think we are rapidly cascading towards that point in time.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now you will know that I’ve said this has got a feeling like it’s the next Vietnam War. It’s felt like Western Powers are going to enter this war sooner or later after advising the Iraqis.

This time is now rapidly coming.

I’m starting to get the feeling that people want a war with Islamic State and I think people are going to get what they want. People who are tolerant to Muslims want to see the back of Islamic State and see them crushed.

These two murders could be a possible cause.

This murder has been blamed on the US foreign policy and the bombing campaign that has given the Kurds and the Iraqi forces a fighting chance. Yeah it’s good for the Iraqis but again this wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t gone in to Iraq back in 2003.

It really feels like America is trying to clean up it’s mess but I think this could lead to something a lot worse that the line.

To be fair there’s not much I can say about this murder that I didn’t say about the last one, last month.

This has been another sensless murder that could have been prevented if we had actually thought out our foreign policy years ago instead of jumping in head first trying to change things about a country that we didn’t really like. People are now paying for it and it’s not fair on the Iraqis or the victims families.

Aysha King’s Parents To Fight Extradition

The parents of Aysha Kings are set to fight their possible extradition back to the United Kingdom. Aysha’s Kings parents were arrested in Spain when they were caught after they took King out of Southampton General Hospital. They are now fighting extradition back to Britain.

There has to be a point in these idiot’s minds where they realize that they’ve done the wrong thing and they’re trying to fight Extradition to the UK.

Them more this story moves along the more I dislike this family. What they did was stupid beyond belief and they want to fight for their innocence. I said this yesterday I hope they fail in their bid to for freedom and the book is thrown at them so much it actually leaves a bruise.

Yeah I’m that harsh.

Both Aysha’s brother and Grandma have spoken out and their comments were just laughable.

The brother has said they were doing what’s best for the boy. How? How? How? I didn’t realize that taking a seriously ill child who needs medical attention across the international boarders is for best. I thought let him get medical attention in a hospital where he was already being treated is the best for the child.

The Grandma has said that child is in a hospital where he doesn’t understand people and being surrounded by armed guards and it’s child abuse. Far from it love, they done it for their his good. They’ve not tried to move him across international boarders they don’t like the treatment he’s getting. What he’s getting is the best treatment he can get in the Hospital.

I think you need to look up what child abuse is love.

So the King parents are trying to fight their extradition back to the United Kingdom. Well I hope they fail and the authorities throw the book at them.

Police Will Not Apologies For ”Ridiculous’ Search

The Police will not apologies for their hunt of Ashya King. Hampshire Police set of a World Wide search for the missing boy who removed from a UK Hospital against the advice of medical advice.

I think this is the first time I’m going to say this and it’s actually a surprise for me but I actually agree with The Police in this matter.

They were completely and totally correct in this matter.They were right to make an international search for a missing child that was seriously ill and should have stayed with in the Hospital Grounds.

I can’t believe that the kid’s parents are acting like they’re victims. This is unbelievable, they take their child out of a hospital and put him in to danger so they can go to Spain for some treatment. Why didn’t they arrange it through the Hospital instead of stealing their own child.

Idiot Parents.

I am really hoping that when they get back to Britain they have the book thrown at them for what they’ve done. If they can’t bring them up on any charges then I hope they create new ones just for them.

so this weekend I believe I’ve seen the height of stupidity when it comes to parenting. Their are better ways to get what you want, you dont need to kidnap you’re own child.

UKraine Close To ‘Point Of No Return’

Ukraine is close to full out war. The Ukraine President has given the European Union a stark warning about how close to a full out Civil War. This message came as the Ukraine President visited the European Parliament in Brussels.

Ukraine is close to full out violent Civil War and the only people they have to blame is their Government. If their Government hadn’t done what they did then they wouldn’t be in this place.

I love how the Ukraine Government is going to the European Parliament with their sob stories. ‘We’re close to Civil War, We’re victimized by the Russian. We’re all innocent. We’ve done nothing wrong’. We there are a few things like removing a elected President before his time because he was pro-Russian.

Again I say your to blame.

Somebody is going to say that I’ve made a claim that Russia isn’t involved. I don’t think I’ve said that but I’m glad that they’ve actually come in to this fight and on the right side.

Hopefully the EU will still sense and jump sides before this does break out in to a full blown Civil War even though I thought they were in a full blown Civil War.

So Ukraine is going in to a massive Civil War. It will be interesting to see if the European Union going in guns blazing or stay natural. What will be the big question.

UK Raises Terror Alert

The threat level in the United Kingdom has been risen. The Home Office has risen the level from Substantial to Severe. Theresa May has said that the threat has come about from the conflict taking place in Iraq and Syria.

We’re back in a stupid War On Terror. The problem is why would you want to declare another war on a philosophy?

I think it’s time to ask why people are turning against their own Western Countries that they live in? The reason for this is the fact that we have destabilized countries and made people hate them for what they’ve done.

Just look at the murder of Lee Rigby they gave the same reasons. The reason they gave was Western Foreign policy. It’s time to change our foreign policy and stop messing with different countries.

So we’re going to fight a war on two fronts now against two enemies. They really are going to make things worse for us and they’re going to be the ones to blame.

However I don’t think people are going to feel this raise in level. We’ve had these high levels before and nothing felt it had changed.

So we’re on a higher level of terror alert but let’s face it nothing is going to happen.

MP Douglas Carswell Defects To UKIP

A Conservative MP has defected to UKIP. Douglas Carswell has defected from the Conservative Party to UKIP> He has also resigned forcing a by-election that he has said he will contest.

Well this is politically a tasty story. Somebody has thrown the cat among the pigeons and this has happened so close to the General Election.

It’s good that it’s brought the European debate back in to the limelight. Let’s face it all three ‘main’ parties want us in European so I was expecting them to try and sweep the subject under the carpet.

None of them want the European matter to be brought up just before the election.

For UKIP this is a massive steal. This has to be their highest ranking scalp yet. Supposedly he was highly valued by the Conservative and they got the man. If they can get a highly valued man to their party just think who they can get to defect.

Then Cameron is bitter. His comments are not surprising but seem like sour grapes. To be honest I think it is a very constructive move by Carswell because he’s gone to a more productive party. The party that is going to pull us out of Europe.

I don’t know why he’s forcing a bi-election because he didn’t need to do it and it might cause him too loose his seat. Granted I don’t think that’s going to happen.

UKIP has scalped the Conservatives big time and it feels good for us people who want us out of Europe.

Pressure Grows On South Yorkshire Commissioner

South Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner is under growing pressure to stand down from his role. The pressure is growing on Shaun Wright the South Yorkshire PCC as a Labour Party front bencher said that the party will suspend Wright if he doesn’t stand down by the morning. This pressure comes after a report was published saying that 1400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham.

This really is a story that’s escalated quickly.

If you read this Blog on a regular basis you will know that sometimes I am very critical of the police. Especially when they open their stupid mouths and make a comment after a really bad tragedy or they get away with murder.

Today I’m going to shoot for the political office of the police. Mr Wright you have been warned.

The man must be the pig headed person to take this role of Commissioner. I don’t think the man feels like he has done anything wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets forced out of office he’s going to claim he was the victim.

This is with both parties telling him he should quit.

Personally I think he should step down from this role. The man was the head of child services whilst this was going on and he was the Commissioner of the Police during the final years of this scandal. He let hundreds of people get exploited and did nothing about it.

Guilty as charged.

I really hope that Labour does suspend him from the party, actually I hope they force him out of the party and then the home office forces him out of the Commissioner role. The man clearly is fit to reduce crime or run the policing in South Yorkshire.

For me that would make one hell of a news story tomorrow.

Hopefully Wright falls on his sword by the morning but I hope he doesn’t because I want to see him get his arse handed to him by the Labour Party and the people of South Yorkshire. The man needs to pay for his ‘crimes’