MP Douglas Carswell Defects To UKIP

A Conservative MP has defected to UKIP. Douglas Carswell has defected from the Conservative Party to UKIP> He has also resigned forcing a by-election that he has said he will contest.

Well this is politically a tasty story. Somebody has thrown the cat among the pigeons and this has happened so close to the General Election.

It’s good that it’s brought the European debate back in to the limelight. Let’s face it all three ‘main’ parties want us in European so I was expecting them to try and sweep the subject under the carpet.

None of them want the European matter to be brought up just before the election.

For UKIP this is a massive steal. This has to be their highest ranking scalp yet. Supposedly he was highly valued by the Conservative and they got the man. If they can get a highly valued man to their party just think who they can get to defect.

Then Cameron is bitter. His comments are not surprising but seem like sour grapes. To be honest I think it is a very constructive move by Carswell because he’s gone to a more productive party. The party that is going to pull us out of Europe.

I don’t know why he’s forcing a bi-election because he didn’t need to do it and it might cause him too loose his seat. Granted I don’t think that’s going to happen.

UKIP has scalped the Conservatives big time and it feels good for us people who want us out of Europe.

Pressure Grows On South Yorkshire Commissioner

South Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner is under growing pressure to stand down from his role. The pressure is growing on Shaun Wright the South Yorkshire PCC as a Labour Party front bencher said that the party will suspend Wright if he doesn’t stand down by the morning. This pressure comes after a report was published saying that 1400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham.

This really is a story that’s escalated quickly.

If you read this Blog on a regular basis you will know that sometimes I am very critical of the police. Especially when they open their stupid mouths and make a comment after a really bad tragedy or they get away with murder.

Today I’m going to shoot for the political office of the police. Mr Wright you have been warned.

The man must be the pig headed person to take this role of Commissioner. I don’t think the man feels like he has done anything wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets forced out of office he’s going to claim he was the victim.

This is with both parties telling him he should quit.

Personally I think he should step down from this role. The man was the head of child services whilst this was going on and he was the Commissioner of the Police during the final years of this scandal. He let hundreds of people get exploited and did nothing about it.

Guilty as charged.

I really hope that Labour does suspend him from the party, actually I hope they force him out of the party and then the home office forces him out of the Commissioner role. The man clearly is fit to reduce crime or run the policing in South Yorkshire.

For me that would make one hell of a news story tomorrow.

Hopefully Wright falls on his sword by the morning but I hope he doesn’t because I want to see him get his arse handed to him by the Labour Party and the people of South Yorkshire. The man needs to pay for his ‘crimes’

1400 Children Abused In Rotherham

At least 1400 Children were abused in Rotherham. A report released today said that children as young as 11 were sexually exploited within Rotherham during the years of 1997 to 2013.

To be honest about this there’s a lot to get through and I really don’t where to start cos a lot of this story is fucked up.

1400 children is a lot. The fact that this has happened really says a lot about society. The fact some people have done this to over a 1000 children who I’m guessing were all girls say a lot about society and some of the people who live in it.

Why has this been let to happen.

Because people at Rotherham Council were afraid of being labelled Racist. Have we become so scared of Political Correctness that we can’t report that we can’t make reports against person of another ethnicity. Seriously what has this world actually come to.

This is the council that took children away from a foster family because they were member of UKIP an actual valid political party but were afraid to report sexual abuse in fear of being labelled racist. They really need to get the priorities straight.

Then South Yorkshire Police have got involved in this. Why? same reason.

South Yorkshire Police don’t need this shit put on their door step. They’ve already got a bad image after the Hillsborough Cover Up and now they’re involed in a Child Abuse Scandal and been told they covered it up. People are going to loose their faith in South Yorkshire Policwe very fast and they’ve only got themselves to blame on this one.

If people loose their confidence in South Yorkshire Police I wouldn’t blame them as all they do is cover things up.

However at least one head has rolled. The head of Rotherham Council has stepped down. It’s the honourable this to do. It’s the right thing to do. Hopefully we’ll see more people step down for this.

This report gives us a horrible look in to abuse children have suffered and how it was ignored. Here’s hoping that a lot of people loose their jobs over this because ‘I was afraid of being called Racist’ is not an excuse for covering up crime.

Salmond And Darling In ‘Heated’ Debate

Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling took part in a TV debate. The Debates were a part of the run up to the referendum on Scottish Independence and took place on BBC 2. This was the final debate before Scotland votes on the Independence topic in September.

I love how the BBC website called this a heated debate. It was nothing of the kind. If it was anything it was a tepid debate.

I tried to watch it but my goodness this was the most boring debate I’ve seen on TV. Honestly I turned it off after a while because it was that dull. If both men couldn’t make it interesting for a person who is interested in politics, I winder how the every man has taken in.

I was honestly hoping for a point where one of the two of them just started to rant at the other person and turn red like Clegg did with the Euro debate.

As I said I didn’t watch the whole debate so I couldn’t tell you who won it in the end but the BBC did a poll and it was in favour of the Yes vote.

Now we have a few weeks to go, can I please say this for a lot of English people, can we bring this to the end and the vote. It’s gone on for too long this who issue. There will be a lot of people who are bored of it and I am one of them. #

We’ve got a General Election in the next 12 months and this is feeling like a side show to me even though it’s the biggest vote in the country in 300 years.

So hopefully this who saga can now go in to the final stages and we can get an independent Scotland and we can be happy or not care about it.

British Ebola Flying Back To The UK

A British patient is being flown back to the UK for Ebola treatment. The man who contracted the disease whilst in Sierra Leone is being flown back in to the UK in an RAF jet the British Department of Health said.

It’s great to see the resources of the RAF is being put to good use for one person.

There is one question about this person and that is what’s his ethnicity? I’m asking this because I read that there was an experimental drug that they gave to white people while they’re weren’t giving it to the locals.

This virus has a mortality rate of 90% mortality rate according to the BBC and the experimental drugs are going to the White people. Something isn’t right there.

Why has this man gone to West Africa? When half of the countries in the area have closed their borders to stop the spread of the virus why was this person with in Sierra Leone?

I hope he’s an aid worker and not an idiot. Granted if you were an aid worker then you’re unlucky.

You wonder if there is going to mass hysteria with in Britain. So far it’s been far away but you know what people are like they’ll go crazy now they know it’s in the country.

This probably is the reason the authorities have not released a name or the hospital that he’s going to be admitted to. Maybe the Government are smarter than they look.

You wonder how many more people from the so-called Western World is going to be infected. Also you wonder if this outbreak is going to force people to look harder for a cure to this disease. What ever the answer is you know people are going to get more paranoid about this disease before we see a cure to the problem.

UN Warns Of Amerli Massacre

The UN have called for action to prevent a massacre. The United Nations have said that if there no action the Northern Iraqi Town of Amerli we been the seen of a massacre.

This has to be the biggest call for the West to intervene in Iraq. Have we learned our lessons from Syria?

I really feel like that we’ve slowly marching towards war over the last year. Syria and the Ukraine and now it feels like we’re on the cusp of another war. Granted it has felt like we’re on the cusp of a war for the last year.

John Kerry really has made a name for himself in the last 12 months.

So the UN are trying to stop a massacre. At least they’ve got a feeling there’s going to be a massacre coming up. Well to be honest it would be hard to guess that one is coming up, they have been a few over the last few weeks.

Point and case look at that massacre in the mosques a few days ago. It’s bound to happen again.

Again can the west prevent this. You would want to say yes but I don’t think they can, they’re trying to beat an idea a philosophy. This is not a normal army, it’s a philosophical army.

It’s like trying to be Christian Street preachers but worse.

You hope for people’s sake that they can stop this massacre or we’re going to be reading about 100s more dead and we don’t need that.

UK Won’t Work With Assad

Great Britain won’t work with Assad. The British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond has said the British will not work with Syrian President in the fight against the Islamic State. This rejection has taken place after a former army head said that the British should talk to the Syrian President’s Administration.

What is the lesser of the 2 evils? Do we want to go into Partnership with a dictator or do we want the worst Islamic Militant group to run wild in the Middle East.

This really is a tough one.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend? It’s the old cliche but I think this could be the truth.

It’s a funny thing this one when it comes to my feeling on this subject because I really think we should join forces with Syria. I think the only the Powers That Be can solve this problem is if they make partnerships with the Middle Eastern Countries even the ones we don’t like.

A year ago I was calling for the removal of Assad through war. Funny how things change over a year.

Hammond is really making the wrong choice here. We have a joint cause and we could end it quicker then we really should go with play with the devil. Hammond is going to make this war last longer than it has to do.

However even though that Darnett the man who made the comment should have kept quiet on the subject and not talked to the media. He’s put Hammond it a difficult position where Hammond could look stupid if this war gets any worse in the coming months.

It could turn out that people will die for Hammond’s pride.

It’s a shame that people are going to suffer due to Hammond’s stance on the West. Yes Hassad is a vile man but it’s the lesser of two evils and if we join forces with Hassad we could end the rampage of Isis.