Spanish Nurse Test Negative For Ebola

A Spanish Nurse no longer has Ebola. The Spanish Nurse who became the first person to contract the Ebola virus outside of West Africa has now tested negative for the Virus, the Spanish Government says.

Well isn’t this the news the world has been waiting for. The Spanish Nurse has been treated for the Ebola Virus and now has recovered.

Well yippee do dah.

I know this is good news in the fight for the virus and it’s good that she hasn’t died from the disease but when there has been over 4000 deaths in West Africa this success does pale in to insignificance.

This isn’t the first person in Europe to survive that i know of there was that English guy a few weeks so we Europeans lucky. however that’s no relief compared to the thousands of Africans who have died from the virus over the last few months.

The Spanish Nurse has survived the Ebola virus. That one good piece of news for the Spanish but it’s not that good a news if you’re from West Africa.

Pope Suffers Set Back On Gays

The Catholic Church has rejected reforms on Gay. Pope Francis has suffered a set back for wider acceptance of gay people. The Synod rejected the motions as the Pope failed to get the two thirds he needed.

Well it’s true you can’t teach an old Dog new tricks and a Leopard won’t change his spots.

The Catholic Church will not change it’s view on Homosexuality. It’s going to stick to it’s views and it’s not going to budge. As long as the writings of Paul says it wrong the Catholic church will discriminate against Homosexuals and women.

And no I’m not making sweeping statements against an organisation I don’t like. What I’m doing is pointing out the truth.

However it’s a good thing that Pope Francis is trying to reform the church. He came in to power when the Church was at an all time low and he’s trying to make it more Palatable for normal folk.

Granted it won’t bring back people to the church, what it will do is make people more accepting of them if these reforms went through.

The Catholic has decided not reform themselves and be more accepting of people who are different to them. Hey ho nothing ventured nothing gained for them.

Terror Plot Suspect Planned To Shoot Police A Court Hears

Five men plotted to kill Police and Soldiers. Five men have appeared in court charged in connection with a terror plot to shoot Police and Soldiers on the streets of London.

This is the second failed terror plot story to be put on the BBC’s website this week. So our Anti-Terror police are really, really good at their jobs or the terrorists are getting more and more stupid that were catching them easily.

If we didn’t know there were so many people going to Syria to fight for Isis, the same way that people went to Afghanistan to fight for Al Qaeda, I’d be shocked that this was happening.

People seem to be turning to radical Islam a lot more now.

You wonder if these people took inspiration from the Lee Rigby murder but decided to do it from a far. It seemed like they had the intention to carry on over a course of a long time. Where as Rigby’s killer wanted to make a statement.

You wonder how this going to play in to the hands of the far right. I get the feeling that they will use our boys to get one up on Islam even though it wouldn’t help their cause.

Five men have been caught and charged with Terrorism offenses. It’s scary how regularly this is coming up.

Cameron Pledges One Last Go At EU Migration Curbs

Cameron is going to give one last go at negotiation with the European Union. David Cameron has said today that action is needed to cut migration from the EU whilst he has also pledged to give one last try at negotiating a better deal for the UK.

Well, well, well. I don’t know if Cameron is a very positive thinker or he’s just very, very stupid. I really don’t think there is anything he can do.

I’m going to take both migration and the negotiation by themselves as I really don’t think I can bunch them in to one paragraph. It’s that big a subject.

Well while we are going to be a part of the EU which Cameron wants, he will have to keep the ‘borders open’. there’s nothing he can do about it. Freedom of movement is a part of European Union. I’m all for Migration across the Union and to Britain as long as they bring something to the country. Not just coming because it’s easier for them.

And then he’s trying to re-negotiate the Treaty we have with the Union. Well that’s not going to happen. We EU has proven that it wants to go one way and it will go that way. They showed this after the last EU election.

Cameron will trying to negotiate with Europe one last time. He must realize that he is not going to do it and he will have to have his referendum and get us out of Europe.

Welfare Minister Apologises Over Disability Pay Comment

The British Welfare Minister has apologised for comment he made about paying disabled people. Lord Freund has apologised for what he called foolish and and offensive comments in which he suggest people with Disabilities could be paid less than minimum wage.

There are something that should not be said then brought to light when you start to make your run for Government. This is probably really high up on that list. This was a really stupid stupid comment to make especially from somebody who is in the Department of Work and Pensions.

There’s now a point where you think that Lord Freund had made himself look a bit like he has doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to disabled people and employment.

He really has put the DWP in a really bad spot with this one.

I’m not going to Berate Freund for his comments. I’ve seen people go over the top today over this but you’ve got to admit paying people only £2 an hour is not a good idea and people should be paid Minimum wage to do a job like everyobdy else.

Labour should you this to their advantage. Milliband already has an imagine problem and maybe he should toughen up and grow a pair so to speak. If more of this comes up run the Conservatives in to the ground. Don’t sling shit at them and then let them take a bigger shot back.

You’ve been doing that for the last 4 years and it hasn’t worked. It’s made both parties look crap.

So the Conservatives now have a scandal because one of their ministers has said that certain disabled people don’t deserve to be paid as much as other people. This was a stupid idea that should never have been said out loud. If your a Conservative supporter you just hope the party can find away out of this.

A Terrorist was planning to target Tony Blair. A Terrorist suspect was planning a Mumbai Style attack and the address for one of Tony and Cherie Blair’s addresses the Old Bailey heard.

This has to be the most interesting Terror story that I’ve heard in a while. Heck I don’t even know where to start on this one.


A person was going to go around killing people indiscriminately. I’m guessing this was going to be in London. Another person who was going to go around busy places shooting and bombing people. Could you imagine the terror and hysteria involved.

It would give the likes of the EDL and the Daily Mail a field day. We wouldn’t hear the end of it. Hell it would give the EDL another set of Martyrs.

The fact they use Lee Rigby is bad enough could you imagine and massive load of them?

He had the Blair’s address.

This is where it gets weird. How did he get the address of the Blair’s and what was he going to do? Was he going to blow them up or did he just have it because he had.

This really puts the security of the Blair’s up against the microscope and if I was the Blairs I’d be firing people. They can’t be feeling safe after hearing all this.

Granted there would be a few people who would be glad to see something happening to the Blairs but there would be people who would kick off. Such as the Blairs.

So a man who is up of terror charges are had the Blairs address, I think it’s time that the Blairs check their security staff and sack some of them.

Heathrow Ebola Scans will Start Tuesday

Heathrow will start screening travellers as of Tuesday. The London Airport will start screening Passengers from West Africa for Ebola as of Tomorrow.

Well I can see this one being a short one. I’ll be surprised if I can get to 150 words.

Finally they’re starting the screenings for Ebola. Yay.

Funny thing is al they’re going to do is check peoples temperature and then ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Somehow I think this is a little undermining for a response to a major threat to life.

People can fake a questionnaire and then lie about their temperature and when you find the person again after they have infected a few hundred people on the London Underground then it’s Outbreak 2: Ebola takes London.

I know there will be other measures but I really think the Government could have done a lot more instead of this. It really does feel pathetic.

So the Government is now putting screenings in place at Heathrow Airport as of tomorrow, I don’t think they’ll do much but if they keep the public at bay then let it be so.