US And EU Widen Sanctions On Russia

More sanctions have been added on Russia’s Economy. Both the European Union and America has added more sanctions on Russia aimed at weakening the countries economy. The new sanction have also been placed in a hope that they stop helping Ukrainian Separatists fighting Kiev.

Oh my dear god this is really pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

This really is a case of our friends don’t like you’re friends so we can’t get along. Russia has shown support for people fighting a perfectly good cause against a Government that has made them second class citizens. So those Citizens become terrorist.

Not that Kiev have been in the wrong from the beginning and Russia have been in the right from the start.

Guess what’s caused this new round of Sanctions?

The downing of MH17. It’s funny America actually has no solid proof on who shot down the plane all they’ve got is Social Media Hype and you tube clips. Funny enough that’s enough to blame somebody for a tragic accident and call it mass murder.

Really really pathetic.

You know what’s clever? causing the collapse of the economy of a world oil provider and the leading gas supplier in Europe, There’s nothing like cutting you’re nose off to spite your face is their not like we need petrol or gas to heat our home.

What’s the idea Coal Wind Farms? Solar Power?

This is another pathetic set of sanction and demonstration of Russia because the West is in the wrong because we want to make Friends and drag more people in to the European Union. It’s time for the Union to admit they’re in the wrong and support the Rebels.

Gaza City and Eshkol Hit By Deadly Blasts

Fighting has once again erupted between Israel and Gaza. There has been an upsurge of Violence between the 2 parties among calls for a cease fire from the United Nations.

So we back to fighting, after a day or two of peace for humanitarian aid both sides are taking the pot shots at each other.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to repeat myself, the United Nations can call for a cease fire until they’re blue in the face but it’s not going to help the matter, they’re still going to bomb the crap out of each other.

The Israelis have again said that they will defend it’s self against Palestinians. Shock horror you wonder how long they can keep that excuse going. It’s getting tiring listening to it.

You’ve got to remember that this whole wave violence started because the Israelis are blaming Hamas kidnapping 3 teens with out proof.

I think everybody has now called for Peace from celebrities to Politicians to Rock Stars. There has to be a point where they actually step in and force a peace process that will last.

The UN can call for a cease fire but hell it don’t work.

It’s another sad day in the Middle East it’s time for the Peace Envoys to do their jobs before the whole of Palestine is flattened and becomes a part of Israel.

Hamas Announces New 24 Hour Cease FIre

Groups fighting the Israelis in Palestine have announced a 24 hour cease fire. This comes a day after both sides observed a 12 hours cease fire. This announcement comes as Israel broke it’s own cease fire amid rocket attacks from Hamas.

Once again I will remind you that I am pro-Palestinian when it comes to this conflict. Well to be honest I’m pro a peace plan but I don’t really expect that to come up any time soon.

Hopefully Gaza will use this very little time they have in this Cease Fire to pick up their belongings and get the likes of the Red Cross and other Humanitarian Aid Agencies in. After this amount of shelling it’s stands to reason that they’re going to need all the help they need.

If Hamas can accept a cease fire then so can Israel. Granted Israel accepted one yesterday from the UN but this is one from their enemy. This could open the door to actual peace talks.

But no Israel wants to defend it’s self from those little rocket and get blown up by the Iron Dome. To be honest I wouldn’t be suprised if this was just a way of getting in enough damage while they can whilst the Palestinians don’t fight back.

I’m getting sick of hearing this defense policy. It’s not self-Defence when you’re hitting UN Schools and Hospitals. It Mass Murder that you’re able to get away with because the West Won’t question you on it.

You just hope that this Cease fire will help and people in both Israel and Gaza feel the good effects of it sooner than later but we all know that this conflict will last for a very long time.

Israel Extends Gaza Cease Fire

A 12 hour Cease Fire has been extended by four hours. A 12 hour cease fire that was meant to finish at 5pm today will not finish at 9pm to help humanitarian aid to the region.

Well that’s nice of the Israeli they’re taking time out of their mass murder for Humanitarian aid and they’re extending it..

Cease Fire Friends!!!!

You wonder if the Israeli are doing this because they actually care or if this is done because they need to buy some favour with the International Community. They’ve been getting a lot of flack from people who are starting to find what Israel is doing quite odious.

Is this good enough?

Well they’ve broken they’re shelling for humanitarian aid but they should have stopped because it’s the right thing to do. They should pull out of Gaza because it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve made it very clear that I think what Israel is doing is wrong and I’m not going to change my mind. The shelling of the school the other day was the worst thing they could have done.

Granted I don’t think they’re going to stop what they’re doing.

It’s good to see that Israel has given to some pressure from the International community but it’s too little too late. Too many people have died for Israel’s revenge.

UK Economy Back To Pre-Crisis Levels

The United Kingdom is no longer in Recession. It was announced today that the country’s Economy has risen to levels before the Financial Down turn took place with the Economy rising by 0.8%.

This has to be a one up for the Conservatives.

They’ve finally got the economy working and it’s GDP is almost at 1% growth. This has been the party has saved us from the a depression and brought us back in to the day light of financial stability.

Yes that probably sounds like some kind poem or romantic idea but that’s what it’s been for me and the rest of the country.

On a day when Milliband has said don’t vote for me on looks, vote for me on Substance this one has got to back fire on the Labour Party.

You’ve got to remember that it was the Labour Party who got us in to the mess we have been in for the last few years so we’ve got to remember that when were judging them on Substance.

At least the Conservatives have got us out this mess, it hasn’t been easy but they’ve done it.Give them props for that.

The economy has returned back to normal. It’s on wards and upwards with the financial gains for the country and I hope it continue under the next Government.

15 Killed As Israel Hits UN School

15 people have been killed at a United Nations School. 15 people have been killed and over 200 have been injured as an Israeli shell hit the Facility that was ran by the United Nations.

I wonder how Israel are going to make this one look good…

oh wait they can’t.

This is going to be the hardest one for them to spin towards their own favour. They’ve hit a United Nations facility. As this is the fourth one they’ve hit I don’t think it’s an accident.

Let’s face though they were probably defending themselves. That’s what the Zionist will tell us.

Against who the United Nations?

Are the United Nations a threat to Israeli Security? Have the United nations been firing Rockets at the Israelis?

Well no, the reason that place was targeted was because it was ab easy Target to kill some more Palestinians. I don’t think Israel are going to stop until they get rid of the Palestinians and get some more land for Israel.

I really hope that after this the United Nations sanction the crap out of Israel. It’s all good condemning them but they’ve been breaking International Law. Don’t just fanny around this time actually hurt them and they might not have any money to carry on this crap.

15 people have been killed in a United Nations facility so Israel can get what they want it’s now time to hit them where it hurts.

Commonwealth Games Start In Glasgow

The Commonwealth Games began today. The 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony is under way as countries in the Commonwealth try to compete for medals.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had the chance to talk about Sporting Events. I know I covered the horrendous Opening Ceremony for the World Cup in Brazil a few Weeks ago but I really do enjoy a good sporting event.

The Olympics love it, Football World Cup Love it and The Football European Championship. Again love it.

However I do find the Commonwealth Games a bit pointless. It’s just a select bunch of Countries pretending to have their own Olympics. They even call it the Friendly Olympics.

Seriously that’s how much they want to hype it up and that’s how pointless it is.

I didn’t even realise the last one in Delhi was taking place until people got some kind of food poisoning.

But e thing is here and I’ll go as far a possible to ignore it and thank goodness it only last a few days.

It’s a friendly Olympics and let’s just ride out this boring event that will give the City of Glasgow in Scotland a few Million Pounds. Just remember Scottish Independence Referendum in less than 2 months.