15 Killed As Israel Hits UN School

15 people have been killed at a United Nations School. 15 people have been killed and over 200 have been injured as an Israeli shell hit the Facility that was ran by the United Nations.

I wonder how Israel are going to make this one look good…

oh wait they can’t.

This is going to be the hardest one for them to spin towards their own favour. They’ve hit a United Nations facility. As this is the fourth one they’ve hit I don’t think it’s an accident.

Let’s face though they were probably defending themselves. That’s what the Zionist will tell us.

Against who the United Nations?

Are the United Nations a threat to Israeli Security? Have the United nations been firing Rockets at the Israelis?

Well no, the reason that place was targeted was because it was ab easy Target to kill some more Palestinians. I don’t think Israel are going to stop until they get rid of the Palestinians and get some more land for Israel.

I really hope that after this the United Nations sanction the crap out of Israel. It’s all good condemning them but they’ve been breaking International Law. Don’t just fanny around this time actually hurt them and they might not have any money to carry on this crap.

15 people have been killed in a United Nations facility so Israel can get what they want it’s now time to hit them where it hurts.

Commonwealth Games Start In Glasgow

The Commonwealth Games began today. The 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening ceremony is under way as countries in the Commonwealth try to compete for medals.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had the chance to talk about Sporting Events. I know I covered the horrendous Opening Ceremony for the World Cup in Brazil a few Weeks ago but I really do enjoy a good sporting event.

The Olympics love it, Football World Cup Love it and The Football European Championship. Again love it.

However I do find the Commonwealth Games a bit pointless. It’s just a select bunch of Countries pretending to have their own Olympics. They even call it the Friendly Olympics.

Seriously that’s how much they want to hype it up and that’s how pointless it is.

I didn’t even realise the last one in Delhi was taking place until people got some kind of food poisoning.

But e thing is here and I’ll go as far a possible to ignore it and thank goodness it only last a few days.

It’s a friendly Olympics and let’s just ride out this boring event that will give the City of Glasgow in Scotland a few Million Pounds. Just remember Scottish Independence Referendum in less than 2 months.

MH17′s Victim’s Remains Still At Crash Site

The bodies of victims from the MH17 crash are still at the plane’s crash site. This means that search for victims of the disaster continues as they have only found 200 bodies. This information has come from Dutch Officials.

This story will be become a minor note in what will be come the biggest story of the year. The fact is that this is a piece of a puzzle that’s a piece of a puzzle that is the Ukraine War and I’ve said it before I think this will end up killing off Malaysia Airlines.

It’s funny to think about it really when the Civil War was kicking off the M317 Plane went missing and now the Malaysia Airlines story and the Ukraine story have intertwined together.

From that side note let’s go on to the main story.

I’m not actually surprised they’ve only found 200 bodies and I believe they only found the 200 bodies because this has come from the Dutch and not the Ukrainians. I really think it’s going to take a while for them to find nearly 300 people.

The experts on the ground are going to look back over the site again. If they can’t find the rest of the bodies it actually means somebody took the bodies. Seriously that really is a bit wrong.

I know Grave robbing is a time old tradition but stealing bodies from a Plane Crash Site is just wrong on so many levels. Infarct it would be a bit gross if you come to think about it.

This story could go on for months until we forget about it like MH317 even though people will remember in the back of their minds and when something similar comes up they remember it.

Hopefully they’ll find the bodies of the missing people and they can go back to their loved ones as it’s the decent thing to happen to them.

UN Demand Access To MH17 Crash Site

The United Nations has demanded access to the crash site of MH17. The Security Council with the backing of Russia has demanded full access to the site in Eastern Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines Plane MH17 crashed whilst flying across the area of the country where the Ukraine Civil War is taking place.

Dear United Nations you can demand away but when you’ve been backing the Ukraine Government over the Rebels then don’t expect anything.

I’m not saying that the rebels are being Childish what I am saying that if I was them and I’d basically been called a terrorist and been made to look like a bad guy in front of the world when I have done nothing wrong except for defending my rights then I would put probably not be fully helpful.

Especially as people are going to find ‘Evidence’ that will lead it back to me even if I did it or not.

I am going to say that it’s great to see the Security Council singing off the same Hymn Sheet now.

Russia has agreed to call for investigators to be allowed in. It looks like they want to know the truth or they actually know something about what happens and will come out with it when the evidence is found. The fact that Moscow has been blaming Kiev for days now seems like they actually know something.

This could finally been the tipping point where we see the West move away from Kiev’s camp and back the Rebels. To be honest I’d be very happy if we did that.

It’s great to see the United Nations talks with a United voice over an issue in Ukraine. Let’s hope that when we get to the bottom of this whole disaster, the tide turns on Kiev and the West changes it’s allegiance and apologies to Moscow.

Israel/Gaza Conflict See Deadlist Day

Today has been the deadliest day in the current struggle between Israel and The Gaza Strip. 13 Israeli soldiers and scores of Palestinians have died in what has turned out to be the Bloodiest day of the in the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

If you’re new to this Blog then you won’t know where I stand in this whole Palestine and Israel conflict. However if you have been following this Blog you should know that I fall on the side of the Palestinians.

However I’m going to say this no matter who’s side you fall on you have to wish that both sides end this stupid hostility and the problem ends. No matter how they sort it out this has to end. Too many innocent lives have been lost.

now that’s out of the way let’s concentrate on today.

Why can we not have a two state solution?

This has to be the only that it can only work. There needs to be a state of Palestine and if the United Nations has decreed that the state of Israel has to exists then it has to be there. After watching there activities since 2006 I believe that Israel should not actually exists because of war crimes.

However the United Nations has decreed it in to life.

I think it’s time that we revisited the 1948 border agreements. I’ve said this a lot of times but I’m going to say it again. Many people will be happy with this arrangement. To be honest I think it’s the best one we have. The Israeli’s get their promised land and the Palestinians get their land back.

I know there will be many people who will disagree with me but it’s the only way to do this and sort out this problem.

What ever happens neither side will be happy and we’re g

Ukraine Government Accuses Rebels Of Destroying Evidence

Pro-Russian Rebels have been accused of Destroying. The Ukraine Government has accused the pro-Russian rebels of destroying the evidence at the site of the downed of Malaysian Airline. This is an International Crime.

Oh my dear god. Either somebody is lying or there really is some sick people out there.

If you’ve read this blog since the start of the year you will know that I don’t trust the Ukrainian Government as far as I can throw them. If they told me the sky was blue I’d look up and check.

This supposed information has come from the Ukraine Government. The people who have been fighting this Civil War against it’s own people since they slowly started to remove ethnic Russians Human rights have said that they have removed evidence.

Sorry Guys I’m going to take you’re words with a pinch of salt.

If I heard it from the United Nations, a person who is independent then I would actually believe it. If it came from the Ukraine or America then somehow I’m a bit cautious.

Give me an Independent Voice and not just a voice that Political voice that has something to gain from it then I’ll give that person a listen.

There’s somebody who is sick out there. Those is behind this has put peoples families through hell.

Obama say MH17 Was Hit From Rebel-Held Ukraine

Surface To Air Missile have supposedly caused the doomed MH17 plane to crash. American President Barack Obama has stated that an Surface To Air Missile fired from rebel held parts of Eastern Ukraine caused the crash of Malaysia Airlines Plane MH17.

This is a very provocative statement to make. A day after the disaster happened the American President is already placing blame at somebodies feet for this disaster.

This is all with out an investigation.

The Americans have basically blamed the Russians using the Rebels as a proxy. Until we know the facts there is no need to do that.

The funny thing is the American Ambassador basically laid down the American narrative for this whole story they’re going to blame the Russians and nobody is going to stop them.

Come hell or high water they’ll find evidence that it was the Russians if not they’ll make it up. Supposedly they did that with Lockerbie.

Looking in from the outside it really does feel like America is gunning for a war with the Russians. Every little thing that happens both countries seem to but heads. This could be the opportunity to do it.

So the Americans are blaming this disaster on the Russians and making it political. In a time like this you wish that people can grieve with out this whole story becoming a West Vs East thing.