Al-Shabab Claims Bus Killing

Al-Shabab has claimed responsibly for a shooting in Kenya. Gunmen from the Somali militant group say that they attacked a bus in and killing 28 people.

Well it’s great to see that Africa’s War on Terror is not going well. This is sarcasm if you can’t tell. When the African countries declared this war after those Nigerian school girls went missing, I did say that this war is a proxy war for the West.

I’ve had to talk a lot about homegrown British terrorist for the last few weeks but while there seems to be flux of British Terrorist there seems to be a raise across the world.

We’ve had the Mall attacks that were in Kenya last year, then there has been Isis and not there is this shooting. I think that these Islamic groups are getting braver around the world.

You wonder if there are more people are turning to these ideas or have the people been there and they’re just getting braver. Sadly I really think is the first one. We as the West really have screwed it up in the Middle East and many people have gone to the dark side.

So what should Kenya do for this act of Terrorism?

No matter what they do they will probably be on the wrong end of something harsh. If they let these attacks go then that Government will be booted out for being weak. If they continue this form of attacks in retaliation then Al-Shabab will just have more revenge attacks.

It’s a cycle vicious attack that will continue

So Al-Shabab has killed 28 people on a bus in Kenya. The West Proxy War on terror is not going well. Maybe the Kenyans should look for a solution that will benefit them but won’t have more people killed.

If people continue to be attacked then people will turn against the Kenyan Government.

Farage Predicts More Victories

Nigel Farage predicts that UKIP will be able to gain more victories in the future. The UKIP leader has said that UKIP will become a major force Parliament next year after they won the by-election in Rochester and Strood yesterday.

Again UKIP has won another by-election. The so-called main parties must be weaping tonight. They’ve lost another seat to the party that they’ve slagged of to the hilter.

It’s great to see UKIP putting the noses of Westminster out of joint and a few more feathers ruffled. You wonder how much they are smarting after yesterday? I’m hoping that it’s going to be lots and lots especially for Ed Milliband.

When Farage says UKIP can get more victories, he really is stating the obvious.

I really expect him to wipe the floor with some of the big hitters come next may. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I really do think that there are members of the Shadow cabinet who are bricking it.


Because they have taken the traditional voters for Granted.

So Farage is expecting at lot more victories when it comes to the next general election. I think he was stating the obvious and they are going impress everybody next year and form a coalition government.

Three Terrorism Suspects In Court

3 terror suspects have been in court today. the three men were in court on a terror charge that involved beheading of a member of the public. This attack was imminent a court was told today.

These stories keep on coming up, more and more. Why are young Muslims turning to extremism?

I don’t want to be the person who screams bloody murder but the Government has to do something about this. It seems to be something that is getting more regular.

What were they going to do?

They were going to behead somebody. So they’ve taken some influence from Isis. It looks young people are looking for their influence from the wrong places.

Maybe it’s time for somebody to step up and become good influences for this. Again I say that this can’t go on especially as they tried to behead a member of the public.

Well I’m guessing it was going to be a soldier again.

So another 3 young Muslims are in court over terrorism charges. I think it’s time that people should look at the reasons why they do this and work with people to stop it.

Men In Birmingham Exploitation Order Named

A judge has revealed that 6 men are not aloud to be in contact with young girls. A move from Birmingham City Council put an injunction on the men so they will be blocked from child exploitation and the men can be named a judge has told us today.

Again we come up with another child abuse story. It felt a little quiet on that from for the last few weeks ever since the Rotherham Saga died down and the South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner stepped down.

But here we go Birmingham brings it up again.

The men in this case are of Asian decent again. This really isn’t nothing new. Every time one of these scandals ends up splashed across our front pages it’s a set of Asian men.

Why is that?

My thinking is that there has been too many old white men who have been abusing children so they’ve got to divert the attention away from the likes of Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris. Why not go for the easy targets.


Some people hate Muslims so it’s an attack angle that people can rally around. It’s like the BBC has an agenda against certain types of people. At this point I’d like to ask the media to stop concentrating on people from Asian backgrounds and start focusing on people in White Paedophile rings.

You don’t seem to be doing that are you?

People are going to round on these men and they are going to get a lot of abuse thrown at them. I want to say rightly so but I think there are better things people could be doing with there time instead of trying to kill Paedophiles or making their lives not worth living.

So Birmingham Council has ban 6 men from having contact with young girls and a judge has revealed the men’s names. This is going to go down a treat for the right wing nuts.

Netinyahu Has Vowed To Win The Battle Of Jerusalem As 4 Die In Synagogue

Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to win the ‘Battle Of Jerusalem’. The Isreali Prime Minister has made the claim after four Rabbis were killed in a Synagogue earlier today by Palestinians.

Again I can hear the drums of war from far off in the Horizon. Palestine and Israel are going to go at it again.

For once on this blog I’m going to criticize what a Palestinian has done. If you feel the need to kill somebody don’t do it in a house of Worship. If you Christian, Jewish, Muslim or even Scientology leave you’re murder to the street not a place where a deiaty is worshiped.

The fact that two people with in to a house of Worship and killed 4 Holy men is not on.

If can imagine this was an revenge attack for what happened. You know what I would feel grieved for what happened over the summer. Israel were completely out of line in their response.

This time Israel has to act in moderation. They have to be seen doing the right and fair thing.

However I have a very strange feeling that they won’t do that. Netinyahu has vowed to ‘destroy the home of those responsible’ so he’s going to flatten Palestine again.

It’s collective punishment time because 4 people were killed. Even though the 2 people who had carried out the attacks are now dead I can see the rest of Palestine being Punished for this. I wonder how many people will have to die. 1 Thousand, 2 Thousand, maybe more.

Let’s see what is fair from the Israeli’s point of view.

Four people have been killed in a Synagogue in Israel, despite the horrendousness of the crime I hope that Israel can be the bigger person and not collectively punish the Palestinian people for the crimes of only two people.

Kassig’s Parents Pay Tribute To Son

The parents of murdered hostage Abdul-Rhaman Kassig has paid tribute to their son. Kassig’s parents have said that in time they will learn to forgive the murderer of their son who was captured by IS whilst working in Syria as a medic.

This has to be some of the most moving words I’ve heard coming from the parents of a murder victim. They could have carried out for revenge at the top of their voices but they have said that they will forgive the people who killed their son.

I really do think that this show big and mature people can be instead of being small and petty.

Some interesting facts have come out about the people who have committed the murders.

3 of the assailants in this video are Westerners. One of the people is British and the other two are french. This must be worrying for Western Powers that more and more of their people are joining Islamic State.

Honestly the Western Governments are really going to have to do something about this or they’ll be screwed and I mean all of them. They’ll be fighting a war they won’t win and then they’ll have to deal with terrorist attacks back home.

The parents of Kassig say they will eventually forgive the killer’s of their son however I don’t think Society will be able to forgive.

Obama Confirms Death Of Abdul-Rahman Kassig

Islamic State has beheaded another Humanitarian Aid Worker. President Obama has confirmed that the death of Aid Worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig by Islamic State who beheaded the man.

Another Aid Worker is killed by Islamic State, another person to be added to the list of victims that didn’t need to die but did just for working in a humanitarian field. For helping people.

I think I have said this before but I can remember the dark day after the invasion of Iraq when militant groups were beheading people left, right and center. I would call it a shame that people are still doing this but after the a dozen people being killed I think calling it a shame is the understatement of the century.

I wonder how many people are going to have to die and how long it will take before we defeat Islamic State if we ever defeat them at all. I’ve said this a load of time, you can’t defeat an ideology.

We can dent it but I really don’t think we’ll defeat Islamic State but we can make a bloody good try of it.

So Another person has died in Syria at the hands of Islamic State. It’s another sad consequence of Western Foreign Policy.