Cameron Urges EU To Support Migration Plans

Cameron has asked the EU to back his changes for migration with in the European Union. Cameron wants the European Union to support his reasonable proposal for far-reaching curbs on welfare benefits for migrants.

So in other words Cameron is trying to flog a dead horse.

The European Union is going to have non of this. They don’t want any of this. They want free movement and I’ve come to opinion that if there is a way to piss off the British people then the European Union are going to do it.

I swear the Union will do anything to annoy the people of Britain.

The thing is Cameron has tried to renegotiate on the European Union and he’s failed. He’s going to fail at this as well. They don’t want to change what they have.

This is really going to fall on deaf ears. If Cameron was to say we should have more immigrants taking benefits then the EU would be all for that.

Cameron has asked the European Union to support his wealth fare changes for the European Union. Well There’s no point in wasting your breath David. You could be doing something more valuable like getting us out of the European Union.

Judge Rules Mitchell Probably Called Police Plebs

Andrew Mitchell probably did call the Police plebs. A Judge has rules that the former Chief Whip Probably did call Downing Street Police officers plebs. This has caused the judge to throw out the libel case against The Sun newspaper.

Well this stupid Plebgate seems to rumble on even further. I think I said this before but I’m going to say it again. The Whole thing is very Childish.

The Police and an MP should be playing ‘He called me a nasty name’

I mean seriously there are more important things those people should be doing. Like keeping the country safe from nasty people.

This really has left Mitchell with egg on his face. If I was him I’d stand down at the next General Election. He now looks like a fool. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if he looses his seat during the next General Election.

So he’s left with a £3 million bill for this whole episode. I think that people on the left will be enjoying him suffer this way.

So Mitchell probably did call the Downing Street Police Officer a Pleb. I think it’s time for everyone to grow up and put this story to bed and forget the whole episode.

Brothers Jailed For Training At Syria Terror Camp

Brother jailed for training at Terror Camp. Two British brothers have been jailed for taking part in training at Terror Camps in Syria.

And again it’s another story about terrorism. You get the strange feeling that the Government and the Media are trying to up the rhetoric lately so were we live in fear of something.

Funny that, as there are new anti-terror laws coming out soon.

We’ve known that there are Britain’s going out to Syria to fight for the Kurds and there are people going out there to fight for Islamic State. We already knew so the fact that this story has come out it really doesn’t shock me.

The shocking thing about this whole story is that how stupid they were.

They got arrested at Dover with a load of mementoes. Bullets and pictures of them holding fire arms. Why did they not delete the incriminating evidence and the authorities catch them with it.


You wonder what the Government is going to do to react to this. This should be the most interesting thing ever. This has to be the reason for revoking people’s passports, not that I agree with them if they do, do it.

So two brothers have been jailed for going to a terror camp in Syria. They really should have been arrested for being stupid.

Cameron Say Internet Firms Must Do More On Terror

Internet Firms must do more in the War Against Terror. David Cameron has said that the big internet firms that they have a social responsibility to act on terrorist material that is posted online.

Welcome to the world of stupid reactionary comment made by the head of Western States. Actually I would call this monumentally stupid.

This new sound bite comment has come about because the inquest in to Lee Rigby’s murder couldn’t be prevented. The thing is it could have been prevented but the security services stopped tracking Rigby’s killers.

I’m going to make it simple for you.

The security agencies screwed up and stopped following people who were on the Terror list. The agencies failed multiple times and they could have stopped them but they didn’t.

So what has the inquiry done?

They passed the buck to an Internet Company. This company is thought to be Facebook.

It’s not the jobs of Social Media to keep track of terrorist. It’s there job to make money. It’s the job of the Security Services to keep eyes on Terrorist.

Seriously stop passing the buck because you screwed up and it lead to somebody being killed.

So the British Government are expecting Internet Companies to police the internet because the British Government screwed up. Maybe the Government should watch out for terrorists.

Time Is Right For New Terrorism Laws And Police Powers

Security Forces in The United Kingdom will have new powers. Police and security services will have new powers to deal with new Terrorism Threats within United Kingdom. These powers will be greater than before the home secretary Theresa May said.

So they’re hyping up the terror powers that the Police and Security services can use. This is going to go down really well with the public.

You would think after there was that whole fiasco about the Americans and spying on Diplomats emails and what not there are going to be people who will not like this.

The question will be asked will they use these new powers to start snooping through Emails.

I’ve been wondering why there has so many terror stories about. It must have to make the world feel more dangerous so we would welcome these new laws in.

To be honest wouldn’t be very surprised if that’s the reason.

There is something I want to pick up on with these new laws. Educational Establishment have to stop people becoming radicalized.


Schools are there to teach people not to make sure people don’t turn towards a religious ideology. If you’re so worried about that then it would be left to the moderate Religious institution.

Just saying

So the Home Office has launched new terror laws let’s see how long it will be when until the Government abuses them.

May Says Immigration Target May Not Be Met

THE UK may not make it’s target to cut immigration. Theressa May has told the BBC that the the UK will be unlikely to meet it’s target when it comes to the amount of immigrants entering the country.

Well, well, well this is not something you should be saying if your in a Conservative Government and the next General Election will be fought on Immigration.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Theresa May actually admit defeat on anything even when she had the mass spat with Gove I don’t actually think she admitted defeat.

Of course they can’t cut down immigration to reasonable levels and they never will.


The European Union as long as we have our membership with in the European Union then we won’t have control of our borders. The funny thing about this is that what I just said was proven right because May has admitted that the majority of immigrant are front across Europe.

To be honest I think that’s her nice way of saying they’re from Eastern Europe.

So this means one thing. Yes more votes for UKIP. The three main parties really are a great recruitment tool for UKIP. Every time they admit defeat UKIP get more votes. Every insult thrown at UKIP, UKIP get’s more votes. You can see cycle in this.

Theresa May has basically admitted she can’t hit the Government’s targets when it comes to immigration. This is one defeat that will help UKIP no end.

Al-Shabab Claims Bus Killing

Al-Shabab has claimed responsibly for a shooting in Kenya. Gunmen from the Somali militant group say that they attacked a bus in and killing 28 people.

Well it’s great to see that Africa’s War on Terror is not going well. This is sarcasm if you can’t tell. When the African countries declared this war after those Nigerian school girls went missing, I did say that this war is a proxy war for the West.

I’ve had to talk a lot about homegrown British terrorist for the last few weeks but while there seems to be flux of British Terrorist there seems to be a raise across the world.

We’ve had the Mall attacks that were in Kenya last year, then there has been Isis and not there is this shooting. I think that these Islamic groups are getting braver around the world.

You wonder if there are more people are turning to these ideas or have the people been there and they’re just getting braver. Sadly I really think is the first one. We as the West really have screwed it up in the Middle East and many people have gone to the dark side.

So what should Kenya do for this act of Terrorism?

No matter what they do they will probably be on the wrong end of something harsh. If they let these attacks go then that Government will be booted out for being weak. If they continue this form of attacks in retaliation then Al-Shabab will just have more revenge attacks.

It’s a cycle vicious attack that will continue

So Al-Shabab has killed 28 people on a bus in Kenya. The West Proxy War on terror is not going well. Maybe the Kenyans should look for a solution that will benefit them but won’t have more people killed.

If people continue to be attacked then people will turn against the Kenyan Government.