Woolf Steps Down From Abuse Inquiry

The inquiry in to Historic Child Abuse will need a new head. Fiona Woolf has told the BBC that she has stepped down from her role as the head of the Inquiry that is set up to look into Historic Child Sexual Abuse.

I don’t think people will want to say this out loud but this whole Inquiry in Child Sex Abuse is going to become a toxic chalice for anybody who takes it on.

I can imagine that who ever takes this role on the abuse victims will find a problem with the person who the Government chooses. Poor Butler-Sloth the person who had it last time was forced to leave because her brother was a big wig judge during the 80s when most of these cases took place.

What has poor MR Woolf done?

She knew too many Home Office Secretary. I really think that this is not a valid reason to be forced out. If the person who takes charge knows too many establishment people then does that person need to be forced out.

I think we should bring somebody in from another country to head this inquiry as they will be the only people who will be seen as neutral.

You have to feel sorry for May. I know that many people don’t like her but she has too look for a new head of this inquiry. How many people will she have to appoint before it’s over?

Another person has quit the Child Abuse Scandal. Hopefully the next person can stay on till the end and come up with some answers and recommendations that the people will like.

No Link Between Tough Penalties And Drug Use

There is no obvious link between tough laws and and levels of illegal drugs use says a Government Report.

Well thank you to the Home Office for producing such a pointless report. I didn’t even think that you needed to spend millions of pounds of Tax Payer money to come up with that.

If a person want to get their hands on drugs they’re going to find a way of doing. A person who is addicted to Cocaine won’t think about the ‘legal implications’ nope. They’re going to be desperate for their next fix and how to get it.

The left have used this a a ‘Political Football’ with the Lib Dems claiming that these findings have been suppressed for months. Well it’s great to see that the Liberal Democrats are ramping up the anti-Conservative rhetoric.

Still not going to get you elected guys. You can come out with all the anti-conservative spiel you like but at the end of the day you are screwed.

So the Home Office has written a report that basically means nothing. They could have written a report that say Bannanas were yellow. It really is that pointless a report.

John Lowe Found Guilty Of Puppy Farm Murders

A man has found found guilty of murdering his partner and daughter. John Lowe has been found guilty of murder of his family in the after he shot them dead at Puppy Farm in Surrey.

Honestly when I first read the headline for this story I honestly thought that this person has killed a load of puppies. Honestly I was horrified by this.

Puppy Killer

However despite the the fact he killed his partner and daughter I am actually relieved that he didn’t kill his some puppies.

Well he must have been a nut case or he was suffering from some kind of mental illness. You don’t open fire and kill your family in case you’re not very sane.

I don’t think that shoots anybody unless they’re not mentally safe.

The question that runs America will again come up. It’s the question of guns and should we have them?

And the answer is no. They’re are too many nut jobs out there to let people have guns. Thank Goodness we don’t have regular school shootings. Granted if we did I don’t think anything would happen.

A man has been killed his family by gun shot. It’s time we actually start to look at Gun Laws in this country.

Sierra Leone Angry At The Visa Ban

Australia has been condemned for a Visa Ban. Sierra Leone has condemned Australia’s decision to suspend entry for people who have come from Ebola effected countries in West Africa. The move has been described as ‘Counterproductive’ and discriminatory’.

Well shock horror this story really comes as no surprise to me. Somehow I expected this to happen.

Of all the countries in the world it Australia is the one who bans people from entering their country from Ebola effected country. No other country has put on these restrictions on but Australia has.

I really am not shocked.

There are two ways you could look at this. The first one is they are being self-protective or they are discriminating.

The protection of the country is important. There has already been 3 continents that has had cases of the virus why have a fourth and why effect the people in the country.

They are discriminating against people in the effected countries. Not everybody has the virus but you could let somebody in with the virus. The risks are probably way too high for the people of Australia.

Amnesty International has had their say about it. They agree with the people of West Africa. However I think it’s time that there is some need for a new set of border controls in West Africa.

Australia has been criticized for preventing people from coming in to their country from West Africa. I think their is a need for it to help the Australians to be safe from Ebola.

Last British Troops Leave Helmand

According to the polls the war was not ‘worthwhile’. As UK troops finally pull out of Helmand province and leave Afghanistan a poll suggest that more than half the people in the UK believe that operations are not ‘worthwhile’.

Well after 13 years of what has basically became a pointless operations our final troops are on their way home. I really hope that we don’t ever have to go back in to that country.

Do we really need to ask if it was worthwhile??

Over half the country seem to have the right idea. It was totally pointless and we really didn’t achieve anything by doing this. What we did achieve was to destabilize a whole region. Well this and the invasion of Iraq.

We went in to the country to get rid of the Taliban and we did that and we set up a Democracy but still was it worth that?

We’ve spent the last few years fighting The Taliban only to have more than 400 soldiers killed by enemy forces. At least the French was sense and pulled out.

This has been a pointless war.

So over half of the country believe that the war in Afghanistan was pointless but with so many deaths on both sides and thirteen years of nothing much happening then can you blame people.

UK Ends Afghanistan Operations

British Troops are pulling out of Afghanistan. The last UK base has been handed over to Afghan Forces with ends British Combat operations in Afghanistan.

My God, thank goodness that we’ve finally pulled out of Afghanistan.

Originally I was all for us going over to Afghanistan but 13 years and a whole load of deaths was it really worth it?

My answer is no…

We went in to find Bin Laden and remove the Taliban and let’s face it we didn’t do both in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was found in a compound in Pakistan and the Taliban are still around granted they’re not in power.

The worst thing about all this is that once we leave the Taliban will more than likely be in power with in the next few month. So basically we really did nothing in Afghanistan except giving them Democracy for 13 years.

And what happen to Al-Qaeda

Well they move to another place and managed to cause a lot more terror and when they went quiet we got ISIS. Who are more dangerous so…

We made the world more Dangerous.

So UK troops finally end operations in Afghanistan, well thank goodness because it’s been a pointless Conflict. Thank Goodness we won’t loose another soldier in that country.

Lamont Resigns For Head Of Scottish Labour

The head of the Scottish Labour Party has resigned from her post. Lamont has stepped down saying senior members of the party had questioned her role amid challenges faced by the party after the Scottish Independence referendum.

So I thought the Labour Party was in a bad state during the run up to the 2010 Election but dear god they are in an even worse state now.

Their party has a terrible leader who seems out of touch with the people of Britain. Even Blair and the Unions have taken a stab at him. Both the SNP and the Conservatives are leading them in the poles and they need Scotland to win the next General Election and now the leader of the Scottish Labour party are taking Scots a shot at Westminster.

So there were some issues after the Independence debate..

The main one being that Westminster has failed to see that Scotland has changed. Well they are afraid of change or doing anything by the looks of things. Milliband won’t admit anything has changed because he will want to drag the party towards a more communist view point.

He’s deadly towards the party.

Lamont’s parting shot is Brilliant. She accuses Westminster of treating Scotland like a branch office. Well if that’s the truth then that will be a load more people heading towards the SNP.

Labour doesn’t want that especially as they’re going to loose lots of votes to UKIP like they did in Rochdale the other week.

So the Scottish Labour Party are having to look for a new leader. Maybe if Milliband wasn’t so useless then the who of the Labour Party could be in a better place and possibly win the next General Election.