Ukraine On Alert After Politician Was Killed

Ukraine’s acting president has relaunched military operations after two men are found dead. Operations against the pro-Russians in the Eastern half of the country after two men were discovered dead after allegedly being tortured to death.

Guess who’s in Ukraine today? It’s US Vice President Joe Bidden. This has to be some kind of coincidence for sure?

Well I smell a fish. The Vice President Of the United States visits Kiev to help the Ukraine leaders and a local politician some how ends up dead? Hmm something isn’t right here. I think it’s funny that this suddenly happens when Joe Bidden is in the country and it’s not happened any time before that.

I know who has killed these people. It’s the nice people in charge of Kiev. It’s another tool in making the pro-Russians look evil when they’ve done it themselves. It’s another wonderful trick from the right wing fascists.

If the West don’t wake up and smell the Coffee after this one I have to ask how stupid or naive the West actually is? If they can’t see this is a plan so Kiev can look for more sympathy and they get it from the West then the West are just fucking stupid, then the elected heads of state need to be booted out of office for being stupid.

Hopefully Kiev’s web of lies start to unravel and the west are see them as the lairs they are and we can start removing these vile people of of Government in Kiev.

Korean President Says Ferry Deaths Are Murder

The South Korean President has said the deaths on the sunken South Korean Ferry was ‘akin to murder’. The head of South Korean made the comments about the dead passengers just under a week since the boat sank.

It’s amazing with everybody being afraid of North Korea you kind of forget the fact South Korea has it’s own president. I was shocked to find out that it was a woman. Not for the fact that it’s a woman but for the fact it not a man. I somehow expected in to be a man who was in charge of South Korea.

I don’t know if I covered the Nigella Lawson trial and David Cameron’s stupid ‘Team Nigella’ comments but I wasn’t really impressed. I do really think that political heads should stay out of making emotive comments.


I find this very strong and very convincing language. It’s a rather emotive word to use regarding this situation. There could be another word to use but I think she has used the right word when it comes to this situation. The captain and some of the senior crew looked to have jumped ship leaving people to die.

I don’t want to be outraged and disgusted but I am disgusted by the captain’s actions. I did mention this the other day if you remember.

They’re now taking bodies out of the wreck 2 to 3 corpses a time. It a very sad thing to think about if you sit there and let if fester in your mind. Thankfully enough I haven’t done that. Mainly because I don’t really want to think about it. There are a lot of bodies to come out of that ship in the very near future.

I don’t think I’ve know a Government increase the charges once somebody has been arrested but with words like murder coming out of South Korea’s President’s mouth it would surprise me if she raises the charges to include murder.

Ferry Transcripts Reveal Crew Panic

The last communications between the sunken South Korean Ferry and the mainland reveal the panic and indecision between the crew. The last piece of evidence shows the chaos that took place before the stricken passenger was evacuated on Wednesday as it sunk.

The more of this story that comes out the more you feel sory for the crew and feel more anger towards the captain. I feel like I’m having split personality problems with this story. I felt angry at the whole crew earlier this week and now I feel sorry for them. They had no idea what they were doing and the coast guard didn’t really help them.

All the crew wanted to know was would the passengers be safe if they evacuated the ship. The coast guard gave them no assurances. Where was the captain? Not on the bridge. At least he didn’t jump ship like that one in Italy when the costadelcordia went down.

Granted he broke maritime law.

They started to pick bodies out of the wreckage and it looks like most of them are going to be children and their teachers. There’s something more sad about when children die compared to adults. The pool little people had no chance of living a life. Granted nobodies death should be valued less than another persons.

You start to think could this all have been averted? Could this not have happened and could those lives be saves? We’ll sadly never know.

This is one of the most sad stories to come out of South East Asia and I don’t think people will want to live through this again. However you know it will happen again and again and that’s the tragedy of this story.

South Korea Ferry Salvage Could Take Two Months

Officials say in South Korea have said the recovery of the Sunken ferry could take up to two months. This estimation has taken place 3 days after the ferry capsized on Wednesday.

It’s not really looking good for the possible survivors on that ferry. If anybody has survived the sinking, they’re going to either die of starvation and thirst of they’re going to suffocate from the air running out.

2 weeks is a very long time in the for them to try and find people but from what I can tell that the boat looks far out but I could be wrong. They’re saying the conditions aren’t right for diving at this time. Didn’t realize that people life needs ideal water visibility conditions. But hey.

The captain has said that he waited so long to evacuate people because he was afraid of people floating away. That seems like a comedy reason. No it really does sound pathetic. People’s lives were at danger but don’t let them float away like rubbish or something of that ilk.

So if it does take that long this is going to be one of those stories that will only end in tragedy. Shame really because while we wait for the news on the Malaysian plane we could have had a bit of good news.

Korean Ferry Captain Arrested

The captain of the Korean ferry that capsized earlier in the week has been arrested. The man who was in charged of the doomed passenger ferry has been charged with of negligence and dereliction of duty.

You know what I spoke too soon when I was praising this man for staying on this ship because it looks like this man actually went overboard to save his own backside.

My god the man is a coward.

I can’t actually say that he did do what is suspected because that hasn’t come out in the press but when nearly 200 plus people are missing but he is still alive there seems to be some a bit fishy there.

If he has jumped off the ship to save his life and left people to die on that ship then he should be put up on murder charges as well. He should have helped people get off the boat instead of trying to save himself.

But people are cowards and they try to save their own lives.

If he had to… he should have gone down with the ship. To be honest he should have been the last person off that boat. The captain goes down the with ship. It’s morally right and it’s the traditional thing to do. This is coming from a person who doesn’t go with tradition.

If it does come out that he has let people died to save his own skin then they South Korean authorities should throw the book at the man.

Deal To De-Escalate Ukraine Crisis Agreed

All sides in the Ukraine crisis has agreed a deal to end tension with in the embattled country of Ukraine. Ukraine, USA, Russia and The EU has come to a settlement that should end the problems in the East of the country. All four parties have been in talk in the Swiss city of Geneva.

So they’ve finally come up with a deal that will help with the problem in Eastern Ukraine. I see a problem with that, the only people this suits are the Nazis in Kiev. They get to see people that have been protesting removed then they can carry on removing the human and civil rights of Eastern Ukrainian slowly.

The EU won’t stop them nor will the American because they get a new friend nad it suits them to piss off Russa. You know what this has actually been all about this backing of Kiev. Making Russia look bad so they can buddy up with so nice people in Kiev.

I really have been sick by the rhetoric through out this making Russia look liuke the bad guy while the EU having backing right wing neo-Nazis. We need friends so were going sit by while peoples rights are taking away and people get called terrorist for no reason.

Well I would expect the Americans to sad by the Terrorist claim, they have spent the last 12 years calling everybody they don’t like Terrorist. Why should things change.

Russia should have fought harder. They shouldn’t have stopped until they got the former Ukraine President back in office. That was the rightly elected person to be running the country not these usurpers.

The West and Russia have done the right thing by calling time on this crisis but they should have come to a point where the right wing government was dropped on it’s head and nobody asked a question. They should have let the original democratically elected leader come back in to power.

South Korean Passenger Ferry Sinks

Emergency Services are searching for almost 300 missing people. The search began after a South Korean Passenger Ferry sank with over 400 people aboard. Officials say that 174 people have been rescued.

It’s really not been the best year for South East Asian transport this year has it? First there’s the missing plane that still hasn’t been found after that is now 5 weeks I believe and now a Korean boat has sunk killing almost 300 people.

I’m waiting for the conspiracy nut to start linking these two events together and pointing to the ‘New World Order’.

It’s a massive shame really because who ever is left on that ship has drowned or died trying to get out. I know I’m being joyful but if you look at the angle the boat is on, it’s upside down there is no way people are going to get out of their alive.

There maybe somebody in an air bubble that odd incredibly lucky person but I very much doubt that it’s the truth.

South Korean media are showing the valiant rescue mission to get people out. This is probably going to be some brilliant piece of propaganda if this all goes sour. They couldn’t save the people but at least we made the best effort in trying to save them. It’s a good message to read.

At least we won’t have to hear about some coward captain like we did with the Concordia. The captain who decided to jump ship when he realized he was screwed. I want to hear how the captain saved the lives of the people on that ship in the coming days. Give the story some good news when we finally find out how bad it is.

Soon we’ll hear the horrors of what happened on that boat when the investigation comes about. Hopefully we’ll not have that sad a story and everything it be nice a pleasant. It’s a shame really because we’vee lost another 300 lives.