UK Won’t Pay £1.7 Billion EU Bill

The United Kingdom pay a £1.7 Billion demanded by the European Union. David Cameron has angrily insisted that the United Kingdom will not pay a £1.7 billion demanded by the European Union.

Wow the European Union really has a nerve. They expect us to pay more money in to their coffers. What is the next thing they expect us to do. Sacrifice people to the European Union. We give too much money to the European Union as it is.

Then they expect us to pay some more money to them. Ridiculous!!!

It’s great to see that Cameron has stood strong against this. We need him to stand up against to the European because other people with in the Political spectrum would bend over and take it.


This will give a lot more votes for UKIP. Farage will be able to use this demand to his own needs. A lot of people won’t like this demand and he can has every right to use this for political gain.

Cameron said he will not let Britain pay a £1.7 Billion demand from the European Union. It’s great to see him stand up against Europe again because some other people won’t.

Ottawa Video Shooting Released

The video of the shooting Canada yesterday was released. Police in Canada has released the of a lone gunman storming in to the Canadian Parliament building yesterday.

Canada now has to come to term with what happened yesterday. One day they’ll get over it but they will always remember what happened.

This has however created a national hero. The Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers will go down in Canadian History as the man who stopped a mad man from getting in to the Parliament chamber and killing the Canadian Ministers.

People feel like they owe him their lives and the country will feel like he saved their democracy.

And the person who committed the shootings?

An Islamic Convert who wanted to go to Syria

At least he was a lone mad man who acted well alone. The Canadians will not have to suffer a wave of terrorism attacks or a cell of Islamic Terrorist planning a wave of attacks.

They are safer than America.

But it does prove that the world needs to keep a closer eye on Terrorists especially if people are able to get in to a national Parliament building and open fire .

Canada has released the video of yesterday’s shooting. At least the Canadian can rest easier knowing it was one person and they now have a national hero.

Soldier Killed In Ottawa Shooting

A soldier has been shot dead. A gunman has been shot at the war memorial is Ottawa and then ran in to the city’s Parliament building where Gunfire was exchanged with police.

You have to wonder where all the evil in the world has come from over the last few years. We seem to be living in a more dangerous and evil world.

So you wonder what has happened in the world for somebody to be pissed off with Canada so much that they open fire in their Parliament building. They’re the nicest people on the face of the earth.

This is a country that does nothing in the world. It’s a quiet country.

They think that this is an attack from an Islamic organisation, well this is the idea we’re getting in the UK. Then this gives us the scary idea that ISIS’s hand in the world can reach any country and we can’t beat it.

I’ve said it a lot of time, it’s going to be hard to beat ISIS because it’s an ideology and not a conventional army.

There seems to have been a terrorist attack in Canada. I really just hope it was one single mad man but I think the world is expecting this to be a person linked with ISIS.

Pistorious Starts Jail Sentence.

Oscar Pistorius starts a five year prison sentence. The South African Athlete has been sentenced to five years in jail for the death of his former Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

So today the world sat back and said well the South African Justice System is a Joke’

I’m not trying to take the piss here or trying to offend somebody, I’ve actually read comments through out today that has called the South African Justice System an absolute joke.

I find it amazing that a man can kill a person and have a terrible defense on how he shot his then Girlfriend and yet come out with such a light sentence. It really is shocking that this has been aloud to happen.

The worst thing is he’s only spending 10 months behind bars the rest he gets to spend in a luxury home owned by his uncle.

There must be a where Ched Evans who raped a person is feeling hard done to due to the fact a murder has got a lighter sentence than he has. Ched Evans got five years for Rape, Pistorius will be behind bars for 10 months and then chilling in a luxury home.


I wonder what would have happened if an average black person had broke in to Pistorius’s house and shot Steenkamp?? I’m guessing life time behind bars with no chance of parole.

It’s beggers believe.

So Pistorius starts the easiest sentence for Murder. The world has now seen what a joke the justice system in South Africa is. Let’s hope they improve it.

Paedophiles Who Download Images ‘Won’t All Be Charged’

Some paedophiles won’t be charged. The head of the National Crime Agency has said that some people who download Child Abuse images will not be prosecuted.

Well if you want to make yourself really, really unpopular with the British people then come out and announce that some people who have child abuse images may not be prosecuted.

If you said we’ll get every Paedophiles in the country then that would have been very popular.

This has to be the worst soundbite that could have come out out the head of the Crime Agency’s mouth. It’s not realistic to catch every single one of them in the country but you don’t admit it.

We want people to be brought to justice for any crime involving children. We’ve seen o much of it over the last few years and it’s the thing people don’t want to see.

Labour are trying to make political gains from this. Well after Angela Eagle failed to make weight after the Lord Freund, I don’t think it’s going to work.

It’s time for UKIP to make some choice words and then they could get a few more votes flocking towards them.

So some child abuser will not be charged for downloading child abuse images. This is a very bad move that will go down like a lead balloon.

Spanish Nurse Test Negative For Ebola

A Spanish Nurse no longer has Ebola. The Spanish Nurse who became the first person to contract the Ebola virus outside of West Africa has now tested negative for the Virus, the Spanish Government says.

Well isn’t this the news the world has been waiting for. The Spanish Nurse has been treated for the Ebola Virus and now has recovered.

Well yippee do dah.

I know this is good news in the fight for the virus and it’s good that she hasn’t died from the disease but when there has been over 4000 deaths in West Africa this success does pale in to insignificance.

This isn’t the first person in Europe to survive that i know of there was that English guy a few weeks so we Europeans lucky. however that’s no relief compared to the thousands of Africans who have died from the virus over the last few months.

The Spanish Nurse has survived the Ebola virus. That one good piece of news for the Spanish but it’s not that good a news if you’re from West Africa.

Pope Suffers Set Back On Gays

The Catholic Church has rejected reforms on Gay. Pope Francis has suffered a set back for wider acceptance of gay people. The Synod rejected the motions as the Pope failed to get the two thirds he needed.

Well it’s true you can’t teach an old Dog new tricks and a Leopard won’t change his spots.

The Catholic Church will not change it’s view on Homosexuality. It’s going to stick to it’s views and it’s not going to budge. As long as the writings of Paul says it wrong the Catholic church will discriminate against Homosexuals and women.

And no I’m not making sweeping statements against an organisation I don’t like. What I’m doing is pointing out the truth.

However it’s a good thing that Pope Francis is trying to reform the church. He came in to power when the Church was at an all time low and he’s trying to make it more Palatable for normal folk.

Granted it won’t bring back people to the church, what it will do is make people more accepting of them if these reforms went through.

The Catholic has decided not reform themselves and be more accepting of people who are different to them. Hey ho nothing ventured nothing gained for them.