Cameron Pledges Tax Cuts For 30 Million People

30 Million people will get tax cuts. David Cameron has pledge to give 30 million people a tax cut in his speech earlier today to the Conservative Party conference.

Well today was the final day of the Conservative Party conference and Cameron made his speech to the party members. The funny thing is this speech has made the top story all day and Milliband got 3rd place in top stories on the day he made his speech to the Labour party.

And what do we hear from this speech?

30 million people are going to get a tax cut. Well that’s a lot of people who is going to get a tax cut. In fact I think that is just about half of the country who gets this cut.


So that’s going to be a lot of money that won’t make it in to Treasury Coffers. There must be a way they are going to get this money back. Well it looks like it’s going to be spending cuts.

Well that’s a lot of cuts you’re going to have to make. It’s going to be a lot of people with out work. Not good, not good.

You’ve got to wonder what this election campaign slogan campaign will be ‘Let’s not get re-elected.

This conference has been a joke. Some of the pledges have been terrible and don’t forget the wonder comments from Shapps and Boris that will have people running to UKIP and giving more chance of Labour getting back in to power.

I hope that when we look back at this conference we will see it as the week the Conservatives shot themselves in the foot and lost the election.

So the Conservatives will give a tax cut to 30 million people, yes it sounds like a good idea for the populous but at the end of the day if you look at it, it’s going to end the Conservatives rule in Downing Street.

RAF Strike First IS Targets In Iraq

The RAF have taken part in their first air strikes against Islamic State. In the first attacks since the British Parliament approved the air strikes RAF jets hit a heavy weapons positions and a armed pick up truck.

Well isn’t it great to see we’re hitting such important target like a pick up van. We could hit highly Armored positions and dealing a massive blow to the Islamic State but no we hit a are targeting a Pick Up truck.

When they pick these target did the M.O.D not think that if we destroy a troop carry of sorts they could not find another car or van to move their troops.

I wonder if we are giving the American the big targets because they are the leaders who have been doing it for longer than us. The big big country leads the way against Islamic State and we get to mop up the what’s left.

I’m starting to wonder what will happen when we finish. My feelings are towards the Kurds. We’re giving them all these weapons and I wonder if they win will they try to exact revenge on people of Iraq.

So we have launched our first folly in to Iraq against the Islamic State shame we didn’t get some important tactics.

Osborne Proposes New Benefit Freeze

There will be a two year tax benefit. George Osborne has proposed a two year benefit freeze for people of a working age. The Chancellor made this proposal today during his speech the Conservative Party Conference.

Is this going to be the week where see the Conservatives loose their grasp on the General Election next year. Firstly we have one minister defect to UKIP then another get embroiled in a sex scandal, there’s this Benefit Freeze and don’t forget Shapps silly little attack on the defector last night.

Not the best few days for the Conservatives.

This is a really good way to loose a nice set of working class voters. They made massive gains in 2010 and managed to get a lot of voters who swung from Labour to the Conservatives. Many of them working class voters who got annoyed with Labour and they those people are going to swing back to Labour because they’ll get money Labour.

You wonder if this carries on how big the swing would be to come back. Then if you add the people who go to UKIP then we could see another Labour government with a majority.

Can you imagine a country led by Milliband. Yeah I don’t want to think about that either.

Osborne has said he wants a benefit freeze for two years well he might have just slowly started to hand the keys of Downing Street to Milliband.

MP’s Defection Is A Betrayal

The defection of an MP from the Conservatives to UKIP is a betrayal. The Conservative chairman has accused Mark Reckless of betraying the party after he defected to UKIP.

That’s a very, very strong usage of words from Grant Shapps.

Shapps as used the opening speech to slag off a former member of the party. This is not a wise move from Shapps because it makes him look bitter, very bitter. Reckless did this of his free will out of moral conscious because he didn’t believe in the Conservative Parties policy.

However I do believe that he could have done it later on in his career. The man has only just been elected in 2010 and then he buggers off to another party. You would expect a little bit of party loyalty from a first time MP.

However, you might have learned that using this kind of language and spending your time slagging off members of UKIP just helps their cause. They tried this during the last European Election and people voted for UKIP and they won.

OK Mr Shapps you carry on and we’ll see what happens there.

Grant Shapps has accused MPS defecting from the Conservative Party
to UKIP and betrayers. This shouldn’t be the language that should be used in the Political Arena. It makes Shapps look petty and sad.

Second MP Defects To UKIP

A second Conservative MP has defected to UKIP. The Conservative MP Mark Reckless has said that he has left the Party to UKIP on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.

This is a blow to the Conservatives. It’s not a big blow to the party but it’s a blow none the less.

Let’s look at person, his name is Mark Reckless (Yes that’s his name)and he only got elected in 2010. He’s not much of a name so it’s not going to help party in the slightest.

With this one jumping ship you wonder how many will go before the General Election?

This is the second one in a few months and it really doesn’t look good. It really does not look good.

This really is giving power to the Labour Party. With the more people jumping you can hope that Milliband is going to take advantage of this and use it to the Labour Party’s gain.

If not he is a rubbish leader.

It just shows that UKIP will gain more power and with them targeting Labour Seats in the North of Britain. They will be able to win seats and change the power plays in the General Election.

So another person has gone from Conservative to UKIP. With only 8 months left to the next election this could be the worst thing to happen for Cameron.

MPs Support UK Air Strikes Against IS

The UK Parliament has sanctioned air strikes against Islamic State. After 7 hours of debating the UK Parliament voted to participate in air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq.

So we’re going back in to Iraq, we went in 11 years ago for regime change and were going back again to destroy a terrorist group.

I love how it took 7 hours to debate this. Most of the people in that building were pro this campaign so why did it take so long. If it took a couple then I would understand it. Seven hours on the other hand seems a bit long.

Did George Galloway do a Filibuster to stop this war. Remember he is the best friend of everybody in the Middle East.

I’m not surprised that they has passed by over 400 votes. All three main parties were singing off the same hymn sheet for the first time in a long time.

The question must be asked if how long will it take to complete mission. You can’t defeat an ideology with in a day. This is going to take years and years to complete.

Britain is going back to war in Iraq. This time we’re going to attempt to destroy an ideology that is Islamic state. However this time we have world behind us.

Air Strikes On Islamic State Would Be Legal

If Britain launched air strikes against Islamic State it would be legal. Due to the request of support from Iraq’s Government any air strike against the Islamic State would be perfectly legal.

Well woop, woop a war against a terrorist group is perfectly legal according to Downing Street.

I can remember another action in Iraq being legal according to Downing Street. Hang that wasn’t legal and we created this problem because we rushed in to a country and destabilized it.

Point one for Britain and America.

However we have been invited in to this by the Iraqi Government. They need us to destroy this group and that’s what we’re going to try and do. Granted it’s going to take years.

The thing is if we rid of Islamic State what will replace it as the ‘big bad’. We got rid of Al-Qaeda and they’ve been quiet for a while and these fellas have popped up to replace them.

If these guys fall who’s next

Even if this war was illegal, I don’t think that the world would actually pipe up and say something because the world wants this. This is the threat they want to get rid of for good.

Downing Street has declared the attack on IS legal however I don’t think the world would care if it was or wasn’t