Ambulance Wait Times ‘May Increase’

Ambulance times will increase. The Ambulance Service says for target times to reach some seriously ill patients.

The NHS has decided to change the amount of time that seriously ill people are going to be reached. This could be a good thing if they had not decided the double the time it takes.

That will not go down well with the public. Yeah like a lead Balloon.

The Labour Party has been running around for the last few weeks telling us that the NHS is over stretched. Well this is going to give them more ammo in the gun.

Yup it might give members of UKIP so power in their cause to get out of Europe.

People won’t like this.

We already think that the waiting times in the NHS are too long. Everybody complains that the the waiting times in the NHS are too long. Imagine if you tell them that they have to wait double for the Ambulance…

There would be an outrage. Maybe a riot.

The NHS are going to increase their waiting times for Ambulance times. If this actually gets happens there is going to be an outrage but this might improve the chance of Labour getting in to Downing street in they use it to their advantage.

North Korea Seeks Joint Probe With US For Sony Hack

The North Koreans want a joint probe with America. The North Koreans have offered to hold a joint inquiry with the United States in to the Cyber Attacks on Sony Pictures.

This story is getting more and ridiculous as time goes on.

You can’t make this up can you?

The Koreans now want to help the Americans in the hunt for the people who attacked Sony. The main suspects in an attack that caused Sony to pull a major film from release.

So there are only two conclusions I can pull up.

1) North Korea didn’t do it and they’re trying to cleat their names


2) They did do it and they are now trying to cover it up.

If they haven’t done it then they are really screwed up and this is not going to go down well with America. Granted they would have got Sony under their Grasps. However if they are innocent then the FBI are seriously going to have to apologies to North Korea.

However it does have North Korea’s hand prints so the saying about Smoke and Fire might be very true. However if they’ve not done this then there is a very smart Teen in Essex or somewhere who should be working of Sony’s security agency.

North Korea has requested that they join the probe in to who attacked Sony pictures. This story is getting more and more comical as the time goes on.

Obama Vows Response As FBI Blames North Korea For Sony Hack

Obama has made a vow a US Response to North Korea for a cyber attack on Sony. The Vow has come in response as the FBI have accused the North Koreans over a Cyber Attack on Sony Pictures that has caused the the Movie Company to pull the film called the Interview.

Out of all the news stories I’ve commented on and will comment on this has to be the most ridiculous I’ve ever done. Honestly a film has made international news before it was due to be released and it gets pulled.

I don’t know if this shows the strength of Korea’s IT hackers or the lack of security in America’s Internet security. Somebody has managed to break in to one of the biggest Media Companies and attack them. You would think they would have better security to stop this.

However you have to remember that a kid in Essex was able to hack in to the Sony Playstation Network and bring it down for a month. You think they would have upped their security after that.

But nope that obviously hasn’t happened.

So America needs to respond to this..

I’d love to see what they are going to do. They can’t exactly go to war over this. It’s an annoyance to America not a reason to go to war. So all they can bring down the country in a computer way so it would be interesting to see what they could do.

If they try destroy the country financially they just hurt the people of North Korea.

To be honest I think it’s Sony who should do something not the American Government as Sony are a multi-national company that makes Billions of dollars a year.

America has vowed a response to North Korea’s cyber attacks against Sony. What ever happens to the Koreans over this film. The Interview will be one of the most famous films of all time.

I really hope that it get’s leaked on the Internet.

Police Investigate Three Alleged Murders

The Police are investigating three alleged murders as part of the child abuse scandal. The Met Police are investigating allegations that 3 children have been murdered and now is a part of the Historical Child Abuse inquiry.

Didn’t we already know this, did this not come out weeks ago? or are the BBC trying to rehash an old story to avoid something else in the BBC?

The Daily Mail must be snooping around again?

These allegations have been thrown at a ring of Pedophiles at heights of Government during the 70s and 80s.

Well the person who’s made the allegations has got some strong enough evidence against the people who have not been named. Well if there is evidence for this allegation then there must be a strong case against them.

I don’t want to call people liars and you have to wonder why it has taken so long after the Saville abuse came about. I mean we’ve had enough people dragged through the Mill over the last few years why come out now?

I really want the people to are involved in this Ring to be named.

So the Child Abuse Inquiry are not adding a murder investigation on their hands. Let’s hope that they get to the bottom of the matter for the people involved.

Obama Hails New Chapter In US/Cuba Relations

There will be a new chapter in the ties between Cuba and America. The American President Barack Obama has a new Chapter in Us ties with Cuba by Announcing moves to normalize diplomatic and economic ties.

You hear so much bad stuff in the News day in day out. Especially yesterday with that School Massacre and then you hear this. It’s a Rainbow in a rather dull world.

What ever you can throw at Obama through out his years in the White House there has been one thing he has done and that’s brought countries on the fringes back in to the center so to speak.

First he makes peace with the Iranians even though Israel didn’t like it he made peace with Iran and now he fixing the old ties between America and Cuba.

You just hope that he can work his magic with the Syrians next.

These talks have been going on for over a year and the Pope was involved. What’s up with that. I’ve never known a Pope to create peace treaties.

I never say this about Pope’s but I really like this Pope.

Cuba finally gets to be part of the world again and will have a chance to trade with people. This is what Cuba needs/what Cuba wants. They’ll be able to get their economy up and running again.

The diplomatic relations between Cuba and America will be Normalized. This is a great step for Cuba and a positive step for the world.

Taliban Attack School That Leaves 141 Dead

The Taliban attacked have attacked a Pakistani School. The Taliban have attacked a military run school in the Peshawar killing 141 people whilst 132 of them being children the Pakistani Army said.

Well if there is anything to say about this year then I really has been the year where Islamic Terrorism has reached it’s peak. Well that’s how it’s felt from where I’m sat. I don’t remember so many stories about this subject coming up in one year.

So the Taliban have gone in to a school and massacred 141 of the pupils and what I’m guessing as staff. What does this achieve politically. To me nothing what it is going to do is get members of the Taliban killed in revenge attacks that will be seen as justified by the International Community.

It’s just an idea but now the West has left Afghanistan why don’t they try and take that country back? Would be a lot easier than trying to take on the Pakistan Government.

Please note a don’t support the suggested action but I’m just saying.


I thought that the Taliban and Pakistan were on the road to peace. I really thought that they were close to a peace treaty that would save the Pakistani People from these terrorist attacks. Or did America screw that up when they killed the Taliban leader a few years ago.

If this the American drone attack has caused them to fight more then it’s the Americans who have blood on their hands because as I see it the Americans have stopped peace by invading Pakistan’s air space.

The Taliban has committed a massacre in Pakistan and there will be many people morning their loses tonight. I would hate to see what the official response to this will be because I can imagine there will be a lot of blood shed.

3 Dead After Sydney Cafe Is Stormed

3 people have been killed after a cafe in Australia was stormed. Two people were killed along with an Iranian gunman after Australian commandos stormed a cafe in Sidney bring an end to a 16 hour siege.

Looking at this from a far, I don’t know if this going to look bad for Australia or this looks good for Australia.

Australia really isn’t the most tolerant country in the world. They are know for sending back immigrants and telling religious factions where to go. The fact they’ve stormed a hostage situation using an Iranian Refugee is only going to increase their image of intolerance.

However there will be people out there that will use this a rallying call against Islam. They’re going to say that they were strong and did the rights thing.


I believe that there should have negotiated until all the hostages were free. There was no need to send Commandos in to the place. There would have been less casualties if they had negotiated. I feel do think that the Australians knew he was a Muslim and decided to do what they want.

I’m not saying their raciest, I’m just saying they follow different rules for Muslims.

3 people have been killed as Australian Commandos stormed a cafe in Sidney. They could have negotiated but they decided to go all guns blazing. This could have ended very differently.