Downing Street Stands By Scottish Pledge

Downing Street will stand by the pledge given during the Independence Debate. David Cameron has said that the pledge for more powers in Scotland does not depend on giving powers to English.

Pledge, vows, promises there seems to be a lot of talking coming out of Westminster with a lot of promises over the last week or so. You wonder if there are people in Scotland thinking that this won’t go any where because they’re talking a lot.

To be honest I wouldn’t blame them because even I have a hard time trying to believe them on this subject. I get this feeling that they’re going go back on this promise.

Both Cameron and Milliband have come out today to say that they will stick to the pledge but I haven’t seen Clegg say anything on the subject. However if I was Clegg I wouldn’t say anything on this subject because you didn’t keep your last major promise.

remember the student Nick, remember the student?

Granted this is the one promise that all 3 parties can’t go back on or they are going to look like total arseholes and then the Scottish Independence thing will rear it’s head up again.

So Cameron and Milliband are saying that they are going to keep their promise on devolved powers. Let’s just hope they keep their promise.

Brown Vows Powers Will Be Delivered

Gordon Brown has vowed to make sure the Scottish Powers will be delivered. The Former Prime Minister has said that he will make sure that the powers promised to the Scottish will be delivered to them by the 3 Westminster Parties.

You wonder in the future when people look back in to history people are going to see this as the week of Vow. The Scottish Referendum campaign will be the campaign of vows.

Westminster has made vows and now Gordon Brown is making vows on top of Westminster vows. You wonder if the Scots, firstly believe these vows and if Westminster will keep them or are they going to be empty promises.

Let’s face it Clegg is not a man of his word, he did screw over the students for power.

When we look back are we going to see Gordon Brown as the hero?

He’s the man who saved the Union and gave powers to the Scottish. Will he been seen as the next William Wallace. The man who save Scotland.

They say history is written by the victor so are we going to see Brown as the hero and Salmond as the devil.

History is interesting.

Brown will try and get the Scottish people the powers he promised. If he succeeds he a hero, if he fails he’ll be seen as useless as he was a Prime Minister.

Salmond Steps Down As Scotland Votes No

Alex Salmond will step down as leader of the SNP. The decisions to step down as the leader of the SNP after Scotland voted to stay in the Union yesterday.

Scotland voted no last night and hence forth are still in the Union. If you’ve read my entries on the Scottish Referendum you will know I was pro Independence. You can guess that I was pretty bumed out this morning when I woke up this morning.

But the Scottish people made their choice so we have to respect that even though some people will think it’s a stupid idea.

It’s great to see the turn out was at 85% plus across the country. That’s amazing and it really puts the General Elections to shame. When a place like Sunderland can only muster 47% turn out and the Scottish can get over 85% percent, it shows the lack of interest nationwide.

However it does show if you have something to vote for, you will got to the polling booths.

I’m not upset that Salmond has stepped down as leader of the SNP. I’m a little disappointed but he had no choice. I liked the man, he was charming and charismatic as well as a good speaker. He got Scotland behind but he was unlucky and they voted against him.

The funny thing is that he is the man who has probably engineered Federal Britain whilst trying to pull out of the country. This whole thing Federal Britain thing will be interesting to what happens in this whole who trying to devolve powers to different parts of the country.

I bet Westminster are hoping this will pull attention away from the European Debate.

Salmond has stepped down as the leader of the SNP but he has created the greatest democratic show of support on both sides and gave us unbelievable voter turn out.

Video Of British Hostage Released

A video of another British Hostage has been released. The video features a man who is believed to be British Journalist John Cantlie who being held by the Islamic Militant group IS.

So today is the day of Scottish Independence vote and IS release this new video. So IS had to steal the thunder of the Scottish people. To be honest I’m more interested in the Scottish referendum but this is the top story on the BBC website so I shall comment.

So according to Western Media Cantlie is being used as a mouth piece for IS under duress. This is an interesting technique to use. I’m guessing the West would take a Westerner more serious.

They’re using a victim to get their message out. Gives the Government two choices, take IS more seriously or they can try and save this person whilst calling IS terrorists.

Granted they’re going to call IS terrorist what ever they do.

I hope that the Government take this and future messages more seriously because IS will carry on doing what they do until they get their way.

IS have sent us a message through one of our own and I hope we take it seriously. Some how I think this could end up with another person dead and war to carry on fighting.

Independence Referendum Debate Reaches Climax

Today was the final day of the campaigning in the Scottish independence referendum. Both sides of the independence debate held mass rallies as tomorrow looms closer and closer.

Scotland goes to the poles tomorrow and it’s going to be the most important vote that we’ll see in our life times and our children’s life times.

It’s funny I don’t think I’ve seen the BBC spend so much time in Scotland pretending to be unbiased while their correspondents have tried convince Scotland to stay in the Union. To be honest I think they failed.

Today has been the climax, that sounds really really sexual for Politics. How ever this has not been the climax because the whole debate has plodded along at slow and steady pace but tomorrow is the to vote.

You wonder if any of this final rallying is actually going to change anything for tomorrow? Like I’ve said a load of times. Today hasn’t helped because people have made their minds up ages ago. The people who don’t know what they want are lying to themselves.

If you do get to vote tomorrow, I plead for you to vote independence as end the Union. Then Wales can go independent and then Northern Ireland and possibly more.

Tomorrow is the big day for Scotland and they decide. What ever the outcome Britain will change forever.

Both Sides Of The Scottish Independence Referendum Debate Powers Pledge

Both sides of the Referendum have made their points of view clear on the subject of the Scottish Power Pledge. Both sides marked out their territory when it came to devolving powers to Edinburgh as the big name finally looms closer.

So there are two days to go before Scotland votes and I’m starting to wonder what this referendum will be remembered for no matter the outcome.

Somehow I think this whole power thing will probably won’t be that big a blip. I think the negativity in the campaign will be the big one we’ll all remember.

It’s interesting that Cameron is trying to use the Unity Card in the final stages. We’re all in this together and the lark. You would think that there are a few people in Scotland and the North of England that might disagree.

Let’s face it a few people have had it rough over the last few years so I don’t think the Unity Card is going to work.

Salmond has rapped this up nicely with one word ‘insult’. He’s right the moment there seems to be some boost from the Independence campaigners suddenly they can release some powers to Scotland.

Do they think the Scottish people are going to be fooled by that. Well I really don’t think they will. It’s an act of desperation and is seen as one.

So the leaders of the parties have had their say on the devolution of powers the only question is will the people believe them.

Westminster Leaders Sign No Vote Pledge

Leaders of the three ‘main’ Westminster Parties have pledged to devolve more powers to Scotland. The pledge that will appear on the front page of tomorrows Daily Record has been signed by the leaders of all three parties if Scotland votes no to Independence.

Well we’re back on to Scotland and the Independence Referendum and there is only 3 days to do before the big day. Before SCOTLAND DECIDES!!!

I smell the smell of desperation coming out of Westminster.

Honestly this really is the sad last desperate attempt to change peoples minds. The little jaunt up North of the Border must have been a massive failure. Even Farage couldn’t help them and he’s more popular than Clegg.

Writing a pledge and putting it in to the Daily Record really doesn’t look good. They are just screaming vote for us. It’s sad, it’s pathetic and it won’t help at this point.

I’ve said it a load of times in the last few days. People have already made they’re minds up about this subject and you won’t change their minds.

The thing is Nick Clegg signing this pledge will be seen as pointless. Anybody else remember the last pledge he signed? The students? Well he went back on that one remember and screwed them over for power. His word is like, well it doesn’t mean anything really does it.

So Westminster have signed a pledge to give Scotland more powers, well I doubt it will actually mean anything to the Scots and it won”t change their minds.