2000 Immigrant Attempt To Enter Channel Tunnel

2000 immigrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel. The Euro Tunnel operator has said that 2000 immigrants tried to enter the Tunnel in Calais Terminal in an attempt to get to Britain.

200 people have tried to get in to Britain on Monday night that’s a shocking number for one night in my opinion.

If this doesn’t strengthen the whole argument about having border control I have no idea what will in the end.

I know that people have been trying to get in to Britain this way for years but this seems to be getting a rather popular way of getting in to this country.

We need to find a way to sort this out because it’s not fair on the immigrants and it’s not fair on the people that it effects. This must be a massive stress on Lorry Drivers and the people who are trying to get in.

Granted I don’t think the French want a proper Solution to this. I do think that the French Solution would be to let them all find their way in to Britain. They get rid of the immigrants and then they become out problem.

So what about Eurotunnel well Goodness knows what they’re going to loose if this carries on. They must loose money every time this happens and they have to stop the Trains from London or from Paris.

Eurotunnel has said that 2000 immigrants tried to enter the tunnel from Calais. Well I think we need to sort out this problem that benefits the British and not the French.

Sewell Investigates Lord Sewell Video

Lord Sewell is not the center of the Police Investigation. Lord Sewell now finds himself in the middle of a Police Investigation after the Police launch an investigation in to Lords Sewell’s alleged drugs taking video.

I’m still using the word alleged but I’m pretty sure that he has done it. There is a video of him snorting said Narcotic.

This is one of those stories that is going to spiral down and down until Lord Sewell hits rock bottom.

After yesterdays big shock of a story I would expect the Police to get involved. This is a big story and its’s a massive crime he’s committed. Granted he was using a sex worker so I can imagine that it’s two crimes that has to be investigated.

If I was the woman in question I would be selling my story to the rag Newspapers. She is going to make a fortune out of this.

Let’s face it the video have him doing this on video so they probably have the evidence he needs. I think this is pretty much an open and shut case for the Police.

He’s caught red handed.

The Police are now investigating the video of Lord Sewell taking Cocaine. Well I think they have a very straight forward case on their hands here.

Lord Sewell Filmed Taking Cocaine

Lord Sewell has been caught taking Cocaine. Lord Sewell who is a deputy speaker of the House Of Lords has resigned from his position after he was allegedly filmed snorting Cocaine with a prostitute.

Well I though it was going to be a boring Summer break in Politics with nothing happening but it’s kicked off with intrigue, shock and Cocaine.

I do hope this carries on for weeks and week to come.

I don’t know where to start with this one because it’s so funny.

Let’s start with a Lord with a prostitute.

It’s one of those you really couldn’t make it up stories. Somebody who is meant to be high in society is seen with a prostitute not a high class Escort but a prostitute and I really do hope he street crawled for this woman because it would be very very embarrassing for him.

Yes I want to see that.

Yes he has stepped down and you should expect him to again I say it’s an embarrassment for him and I bet he wants to shy away now. The thing is I wish he hadn’t an he tried to hang on with bitter life just to see the sharks surround him.

Yeah that would be a brilliant story.

Lord Sewell has allegedly been filmed taking Cocaine with a prostitute, well this could be the funniest story of the year that we’ll read.

Obama Urges Kenyan Corruption Trials

Obama wants to see corruption trials in Kenya. During the second day of his state visit to Kenya Obama has urged for visible trials against corruption which he see as an impediment to further growth.

So you go out to the country of your father’s birth, the place that the media have been describing as your ancestral home and you point out their flaws.

You’re a very brave man.

I really hope he is using this Kenya platform as a message to the world not just African countries and yes I am talking about the Middle East and Europe. Let’s face it there is corruption in any place you go in this world.

Yesterday I said that people were not going to be happy about the gay rights stance that Obama was going to take and I was right.

The President of Kenya has talked about their differing views on Homosexuality. It’s good that Obama has is trying to push an equality agenda but I said people weren’t going to be happy and Kenya still isn’t going to legalize it.

Some people are not going to move away from their religious beliefs.

Obama has talked about having visible corruption. Well I hope he does mean corruption across the world.

Obama Visits Kenya

Barack Obama has arrived in Kenya. Barack Obama has landed in Kenya on his first trip to the country whilst serving as president of the United States.

Here we go… how many presidents have visited Africa before Obama?

There seems to be a fair few and I don’t remember there being a massive deal over George Bush going to Rwanda. Obama goes over to Kenya for a two day visit and it makes the top story for the BBC.

Yes I know that Obama’s father comes from Kenya so Obama is going to the place of his fathers birth but it I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think this has only been blown up in to what it’s been blown up because he’s a black president visiting Africa.

He’s going to talk about trade with the powers in Kenya which you expect from these kind of trips but he’s going to talk about Gay Rights and discrimination.


Some how I don’t think that is going to go down with some of the leaders in Africa. It’s great to see the equality that Obama has reached but ii it going to work in Africa.

I’m sure that it will help and work in some countries but you have to remember that there are some ultra religious groups and countries out there. They don’t and won’t want to give gay people equal rights.

Obama has landed in Kenya on a two day visit. I do hope he manages to push his equality rights agenda but I really think his is going to bump heads with a lot of people on that issue.

15 Year Old Admits Terror Attack

A 15 year old boy had admitted a terror plot. A Teenage Boy has admitted to involvement in a terrorism plot targeting police at an Anzac Day Remembrance Parade in Australia.

Another day and another Terrorism Plot and another person who has been found or pleaded guilty to a terrorism plot.

Why are they getting more and more frequent?

So another extremist trying to explode a bomb at another busy event. Let’s face it he’s not very original is he? I do wonder if he got some sort of influence from the Boston Bombings the other year.

Yes I can see a comparison.

So who does this person seem to be a fan of?

Yup is Islamic State. This is another teenage who has been twisted by Islamic State. You’ve got to start to wonder what these people have to give to people for people to do this or plan this.

Or the question is what are the British Communities doing wrong for people to turn to these groups.

Let’s see what the Government’s response to this because I can imagine they will push the blame on to somebody else. They would have done so if it had actually taken place.

A 15 year old has admitted to plotting a terror attack in Australia. You’ve got to wonder what has happened to him for him to turn to this life so young in life.

12 Year Old Girl Dies On School Trip

A girl has died on a school trip. A 12 year old girl has died whilst swimming on a school trip at a French adventure centre.

Another school tragedy, another life of a child lost.

It’s a very sad story but these things do happen. It’s a tragic accident but again these things do happen.

Granted I do feel sorry for the family who has lost their child.

There is going to be an investigation/inquiry about this to find the facts and I agree with that totally but you know what? We are going to discover that this was a tragic accident.

Probably an accident we could have avoided however we can’t prevent all accidents but we can try and we try hard.

I can hear the calls now from sections of the public. The let’s ‘ban school trips crowd’. I say no let’s not do that because it’s a very stupid stance to have.

We need kids to go to these centres because they are educational and fun for the children. So let’s not jump on the ban things band wagon because it’s pathetic and sad.

A 12 year old girls has died on a school trip yo France. It’s a tragic accident but please let’s not go over board with our reactions to this.