Migrants Stranded In Budapest

Migrants are stranded in Budapest. Hundreds of Migrants are outside a major Train Station in the Hungarian Capital Budapest after the Police sealed off the Terminal to prevent people travelling through out the EU.

Well the people on the left won’t like this. I can imagine some publications will be kicking off on how cruel this and how they should be allowed to go where ever they want.

No matter how ridiculous a statement that is.

Firstly if this is going to be lasting a long time then Budapest really is going to have a problem and I mean a massive problem. Any city in Europe won’t be able to handle a massive influx of people from Syrian through Eastern Europe.

This people are going to have to leave Budapest by foot or somehow get a person to drive them there. Then that person becomes a people trafficker.

However I’m glad this has happened.

The Hungarian Government has said they are trying to keep European Law in place. Finally somebody who is using the European Laws to get this crisis under control. Granted it’s going to be a problem for Hungry in the shirt term but it stops people from moving around un-traced and we can finally keep them in one place and trace them.

We can keep track of them.

Migrants have been left stranded in Budapest after the Hungarian Government closed a major Budapest Train Station. Well at least we can now keep track of them if they are in one place.

National Guard Member Dies In Violent Protest

A National Guard has been killed in Ukraine. A National Guard member has been killed over a hundred people have been injured as violent protest erupted in outside Ukraine’s Parliament, Ukraine’s Interior Minister said.

Let’s start with what has caused this riot. The Government signed more power over to the Eastern Part of the country to stop the Civil War in that part of the country.

Well, well, well,

Why do I get the feeling that there are two powers behind this little protest that will probably turn in to a massive revolt.

If you haven’t sussed it out I am calling out that the European Union and America is behind this. Let’s face it the EU wants Ukraine in the Union and America wants to piss of Russia.

Yes I think they paid for this revolt.

I honestly don’t think that the majority of the people in the Ukraine give a crap about the Eastern Ukraine getting more power. I actually believe that they would happily hand over more power if it made the country safe.

Let’s face it nobody wants to see a Civil War.

A member of the Ukraine’s National Guard has been injured during a violent protest. Well it looks like the EU is messing around in Ukraine’s national affairs again.

Migrant Children Rescued From Minivan

Three Children are in Hospital suffering from severe hydration. Three Children have been rescued from A Mini Van suffering from Severe hydration after being discovered with 23 more Syrian Migrants.

It’s just going to get worse before it get any better this migrant crisis.

Firstly they find a lorry full of people dead and now with in the space of a few days they have found more people in a Mini Van trying to get to Western Europe.

Thankfully the children have survived. Could you imagine the out cry if the children had died. This would have given the left a field day of crying and letting more in.

But again the European Union has to get their head out of their backsides and deal with this problem. Then you have to wonder how long they take this thing seriously.

My bet is when the Germans start getting dead people on the door steps of Berlin. When people start being found dead in Germany then the Germans just can’t ignore the problem.

And that’s the crux of the problem here. Greece and the Balkans can suffer but as long as bodies don’t end up in Germany or Brussels they will carry on with the left wing welcome mat.

3 children are in hospital suffering from severe dehydration. This crisis is getting worse and it’s time to start some action.

Four arrested Over Austrian Lorry Death

Hungarian Police have arrested 4 people. Hungarian Police have said they have arrested four people over the discoveries of 71 bodies thought to be Syrian, in a lorry in Austria.

And the migrant crisis has now reached and all time sadness and low. An Austrian Newspaper has asked ‘when will this madness end? I want to repeat that question.

The question now must be are they being smuggled or did a large group of people get lucky with a lorry and then tragically die.

Let’s face it either outcome is too horrible to think about as they died.

It get’s worse.

They had died 2 days ago and then somebody just abandoned the lorry. There are things you don’t want to know and that is the thought that somebody died and then there body was left.

It’s sad to say these people were people smugglers.

The question must be asked… when is the European Union going to pull their head backsides and deal with this whole immigration crisis?

I hope it is soon because they need to do something and pretty quick. There has to be limit on the amount of people we can take on the Refugee Front. It’s already caused a crisis in Greece and it spreading.

I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it but it’s time to put in border controls even if it’s temporary.

Four men have been arrested for the death of 71 Syrian migrants. Despite this being a very sad story, you hope that EU will not get real with the migrant crisis.

UK Net Migration Up

Net-migration has reached an all time high. The office of National Statistics has said that net-migration is at an all time high with 330,000 people entering the country in the year leading up to march.

Well that’s a kick to the Conservative’s migration cap. A massive kick to it.

Let’s face it these figures really do make the Conservatives look stupid. They have been talking about this for years and it’s going up. They might as well talk about bread going up in price or them controlling food prices because they would have a more of a chance of them doing that.

So let’s face it these figures aren’t going to go down while we are going to be apart of the European Union because of the whole free movement. So we have an open border to millions of people across Britain.

I’m just pointing it out.

This is going to give a massive boost to the Anti-European Union movement. Let’s face migration is a big issue and if the skeptics play in right they could really use this to there advantage.

This is something they really could play to their advantage.

Net migration figures are up in the United Kingdom. This is going to be a massive boost for the Euroskeptics out there and I really hope they use this to their advantage.

Man Kills Journalist In Virginia

Police has confirmed a gun man has shot himself. A man who shot two journalist in the state of Virginia has died after shooting himself, State Police have confirmed.

Another shooting in America another person dead. This is something that has haunted the Obama administration from nearly all of it’s time. They’ve wanted gun control but they will never get it due to the NRA.

This time a Journalist has gone around killing other journalist. Well I guess you get crazy people in professions don’t you.

I really do hope that this was a Republican leaning radio station because it might snap the Republicans in to some kind of action over this. I’m guessing the Republicans don’t want their media outlet’s being shot up.

And again we have to talk about Gun Control…

It’s seems to be the only thing to talk about but it’s not getting through. There are too many crazy people out there with Guns and these things constantly happen.

When will the NRA get this message and actually stand down because something says these people aren’t defending their homes.

Their crazy people with Guns killing people.

A man has killed himself after shooting two journalist in Virginia. Again another waste of life because the NRA have control of the republican party.

China Cuts Interest Rates

China has lowered it’s main interest rates. China has reduced their main interest rates in an attempt to boost growth in their economy.

This whole Chinese Stock exchange story just baffles me as I thought they were a communist country.

But let’s go on.

So the Chinese stock exchange has been in turmoil for a few days. This is worrying as I thought the Chinese economy was the one to look at as they were lending the Americans money to keep the American economy afloat.

But no no they are in trouble.

Granted this has had a successful shock wave. The majority of the world stock exchanges have gone up. So at least their plan has some how worked fine.

So is the Chinese Stock Exchange left the trouble?

I don’t think so I do expect us to be on the verge of another world economic collapse. I know that’s a very negative view but we have a European Economy that’s on a knife edge.

I know this will effect Britain somehow but before I form an opinion I will want to see how this episode plays out on the world stage in the long term.

China has cut it’s interest rates. Let’s see what happens in the future because I think this could go either way.