Assad Vows To Retake Whole Of Syria

Assad will retake the whole of Syria. The Syrian President has said that his intended to retake the whole of Syria from rebel forces.

So the events of the last few months have now given the whole world and Assad a kick up the backside. The kick that we have really needed in this stupid conflict.

So there is going to be a cease fire of sorts in Syria and this is going to help get aid in to the country. This is what it is needed. There needs to be somebody to is going to put their fighting to one side to help the people in Syria.

Assad is not against this the idea of a cease fire but he will carry on fighting against terrorists. So he is for a cease fire but he still wants to fight those people to he deems Terrorists until he get control of his country back.

Well this is going to make the war last longer as I can’t that the rebels are going to back down and the West don’t want him there either.

Assad says that he will not stop until he gets the whole of Syria back. Well it looks like the Syrian Civil War is going to last for a longer than it could have.

Scientists Gain New Understanding Of Gravity

Scientists are claiming a stunning discovery in their understanding of Gravity.  Scientist are claiming they have made a stunning discovery in their understanding of Gravity as they observe a gravity wave caused by two black holes colliding.

Can we just point this out right now this is a discovery that has been a billion years in the making and the beginnings of this excite me no end.

I never knew that two black holes could collide with each other. From my understanding of Physics Black Holes sucked in energy and matter. So the idea that they can collide with each other amazes me.

The fact we can now have a better understanding of gravity might amaze people as it is all Star Trek esq but to me the idea is it keeps it people on the ground and that’s all I really need to know about it.

The other thing that amazes me though is that this ripple has been going through the Universe for Billions of years. It was a Billion light years away when this started and it’s traveled through space.

Traveled through space for Billions of years.

Scientist have got a new understanding of Gravity after observing a wave through Space. I’m more impressed that it’s been traveling for Billions of years.

Time is running out for a deal being agreed with Junior Doctors.  Time is running out for the Government and Junior Doctors to agree a deal in their long running dispute as Doctors take part in another 24 hour strike.

I’m still siding with the Government on this subject.

I said it last time and I’ll say it again. The BMA has taken the hump with Jeremy Hunt and they are using this stance to get him out of office. They saw it in action with Michael Gove and they have their turn and trying it with Hunt.

The thing is that it shouldn’t have got to this situation in the first place. Doctor’s should not got to the point where they went on strike.

The more I think about it the more I’m starting to think that Doctors shouldn’t be aloud to go on strike.

As we come in to whole situation we need to wonder  why they haven’t come to an agreement. They should have come to an agreement for the good of the country. This has been a tragic mess that should not have taken place.

Time is running out for a deal to be reached in the Doctor’s dispute. Well I think it’s a tragic mess that this has got so far.

10 Die In Train Crash

Several people have died in a German Train Crash. At least 10 people have died and scores more have been injured as two trains collided in the German state of Barvaria, German Police have said.

I think this has to be the first train disaster after the high speed train crash in Spain a couple of years ago.

I really do feel like I keep on doing these disasters and crashes and I feel like I’ becoming numb to disasters. I hear that there has been a death toll and it’s something I’ve heard and I’m not emotionally effected.

So this has happened because one of the drivers were stupid enough to jump a Red Light. Somebody jumped a red light and now a group of people have died.

Now 8 people have died and there is going to have to be an investigation in to it. What is it going to find out? That somebody was stupid and now a load of people have died. This really looks like it’s just a stupid accident fro human error that should not have happened.

10 people have died in a train crash in Germany. Such a horrible tragic accident that has been caused by human error.

Storm Imogen Leaves Thousands Of Homes Without Power

Storm Imogen has left thousands of homes with out power. Thousands of homes are without power and and heavy rain after Storm Imogen battered Parts of England and Wales.

And we are back with storms and flooding and lots of homes without power. Funny we’re getting these stories more often.

I’m not going to start harping on about Climate Change because I don’t think that this is a  consequence. This is all linked to climate change.

Let’s face it, this is in the south so this will get a lot more attention from Westminster than the Northern flood a few weeks ago. Yup it’s in the south so it will get more attention.

The thing is you would think we would have learned from the last floods in the south but i’m guessing we won’t.


After all this if I was in the south I would be really pissed off because it’s going to ruin their lives again.

The thing is we never learn. We still can’t get used to rough weather in the UK. We seem to fail all the time and over and over again.

It’s embarrassing …

Thousands of homes are without power in The South Of England. It’s embarrassing that we have to go through this all the time and we never learn.

North Korea Has Tested A Rocket.

The United Nations have condemned North Korea.  The UN Security Council has condemned North Korea after the launch of a Long Range Rocket.

So Korea has decided to ruffle the international community again.

After the trouble they caused a couple of years ago when we thought that they were going to plunge in to a Nuclear disaster you would think they would have kept their heads down for a few more years.

But no… they are back it.

The Koreans have said that they were putting a satellite in to space. The thing is do you believe that? Some how I very much doubt it. I can imagine that the UN are right on this subject.

Yes they are trying to test Ballistic Missiles so it means the world needs be on watch. If they try something, America will go in to South Korea and then all hell will break loose. Let’s face it in this run who ever takes the White House will want to look strong with Korea.

But the UN will place sanctions. I really don’t think that is going to do anything for the Koreans. They are going to do what they want to do.

The UN have condemned a Rocket test from North Korea. Let’s face it they Koreans don’t really give a shit if they are being honest.

A UN panel’s decision has been branded as ridiculous. A Ruling by a United Nations panel that declares Julian Assange should go free has been branded by UK Foreign secretary as ridiculous but the WIKI Leaks founder says the decision should be respected.

First they start butting heads with the European Courts and a few years later they but heads with the United Nations. The Conservatives are butting heads with anybody they disagree with.

The United Nations believe that Assange should be able to walk free, well who am I to disagree with the.  I’ve always thought that these charges were a bit iffy. Let’s remember that these charges only came about after the US cables came to air in Public.

I also believe that if Assange had been taken to Sweden, I do believe that he would have ended up in American and then he would end up dead.

I love that this has been branded ridiculous. Well the fact that the Government has spent millions on Police to guard Assange and arrest him if he happens to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy. They would call it ridiculous.

It’s a lot of money.

Philip Hammond has called a UN Panel’s decision regarding Julian Assange as ridiculous. Well after spending so much money trying to get him, the Conservatives would call letting him go free as Ridiculous.