Six Released In Syria Terror Probe

Six people who were caught trying to cross the Turkey Syria border have been released. Six people who were arrested on alleged terror offensives after being caught trying to cross the Turkey Syria border have been released with out charge.

I’m totally shocked and what I read in the news sometimes. You have people coming and going from Syria and they get sent in to Prison. Granted we know that they’ve been in terror camps but at the end of the day they’ve been arrested.

We can let people slip under the radar and blame Social Media.

However you are caught crossing the border of Syria and you’ve done nothing wrong. We know they’re going to do something in the Terror field but they’ve been let go.

Have they seriously gone you’ve not done anything so we’ll let you off.

Maybe they should create and new crime for the books suspension of attempting to join terror organisation. If that’s not already on the books then why isn’t it.

If you’re going to cross the border to join the Syrian Civil War then you should be done on Terror charges.

If you get there then it’s up to you for your own safety but if your caught then Terror Charges don’t release them with no charges.

Six people have been released with out charges after trying to cross the Syria Turkey border. Well I feel like their has been some kind of hypocrisy on this subject.

Jobless Figures Dominate Election Campaign

David Cameron has hailed the Jobless Figures. David Cameron has hailed the Jobless figures as new the new figures show a 7 year low and have been the best figures since the start of the recession.

Over the last few month to a year we have seen what can been described as good new when it comes to employment and financial figures.

The best thing is that it comes about just before the General Election so this can only be good news for the Conservatives. It’s been that old adage that things had got worst before it got better.

This has to be another reason to vote for the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats.

Hopefully this will be a vote winner and people don’t lurch to the left because I think it will be a disaster. I don’t want the Mansion Tax money tree because it won’t provide money.

It’s just a class war and you’ve got to remember there was a massive load of unemployment when Labour was in power and it would probably have gone up massively if they had another five years in power.

The Conservatives have hailed the new unemployment figures as they reached an seven year low. It’s great to see these figures are going down.

Milliband and Sturgeon Clash In TV Debate

Ed Milliband and Nicola Sturgeon clashed in the third TV Debate. Sturgeon and Milliband clashed over the possible chance of a coalition and she would only join him in Government if he’s better than the Tories.

And we come to the 3rd TV Debate and now we have the opposition parties. One person who can be and 2 people who can be Deputy Part then there was the Green and the Welsh Nationalist. You know the last two were there to fill the numbers.

So what does Sturgeon say she wants?

She wants to start a progressive partnership with the Greens and the Welsh…

Woah, Woah, Woah, Hold up that’s a change in tune.

Over the last few weeks we heard Sturgeon make overtures to the Labour Party for the last few weeks. Now she wants to make a progressive alliance with the loons and the Welsh.

Well let’s face it that’s a really really bad idea.

Let’s face it the only way the left can go forward in an alliance is a coalition between Labour and the SNP. It’s the only thing that’s going to work.

Nicola Sturgeon and Ed Milliband have clashed in the TV Debates. Maybe they should be playing nice with each other and they may need each other.

It’s Clegg, Farage or Salmond

Nick Clegg has said that it’s him, Farage or Salmond. The Liberal Democrat Leader has launched the Party’s Manifesto and warned that as there will be party that will win a majority we face a choice between the Lib Dems, SNP or UKIP to hold the balance of Power.

And on day three of the Manifesto launches we get the Liberal Democrats. This one is going to fun…

So let’s see what Clegg has got to say for his Manifesto Launch? Well he tells us that another party will hold the balance of Power. Then he gives us three parties… The SNP, UKIP and the Lib Dems.

Well the Greens must be feeling pretty left out at the moment especially as the Greens were polling higher that the Lib Dems last time I checked.

So ha ha that’s a funny one Clegg.

Can we just point out that Clegg has got no chance of holding the Balance of power. This past five years in Coalition has caused them to be un electable.

This is what he should have said…

The people who hold the power in this General Election are Farage and Sturgeon because they are polling higher than us by a country miles. Now you have to choose which ‘wing’ you want to for vote.

Let’s face it, it’s only between the SNP and UKIP there is no other party that is going to form a coalition or a voting pact with Labour or The Conservatives.

Nick Clegg has warned us that 3 people hold the balance of power. Well I count two and Nick Clegg is living in a fantasy world.

Conservatives Offering A Good Life For All

The Conservatives are offering a good life for all. David Cameron has said that he is aiming to guarantee a good life for British Workers and Families as he launched the Conservative Election Manifesto.

Yesterday it was the Labour Party who was offering a policy based on no more borrowing and the Conservatives have launched their manifesto on people having a good life.

What a vague sounding promise from a Political Party. Are they expecting everybody to be happy and no have a care in the world for the rest of their lives? Cos that the good life.

Or are they going to do the good life within the premise of old Comedy show. Don’t be so vague when you’re making promises.

Again let’s concentrate on the workers and the ‘squeezed middle’ people. Not like all the parties have been doing that for the last few years anyway.

Why don’t they concentrate on Students who are likely to vote for left wing parties. That might be a vote winner there give something to young people instead of old people and you might get people drifting over.

Heck you might even loose the tag of the nasty people and you can also include Disabled people when looking after students.

Get their votes and you can push it over the line this time. Granted I don’t think that’s going to happen any.

The Conservative Party have offered a Guaranteed Good life for all Working people and their Families. Apart from a vague expression maybe they should concentrate on all the people of the country.

Millibands Says He’s Ready To Be Prime Minister

Milliband is ready to lead the country. The Labour Ed Milliband has said that he is ready to the lead the country as he lead the Labour Party’s election Manifesto.

It feels like it’s a very long time coming and remember we are in the middle of the Election Campaign and we have finally got to the week where the Party launches their Election Manifestos.

It’s about time as well.

And the first ones out of the blocks is the Labour Party.

So at the launch of this Manifesto what wise words does he have for his party… He is ready to become Prime Minister.

If I was a member of the Labour Party I would be worrying. If I was a member of the other party I’d be rubbing my hands with glee because Milliband is not ready.

He’s going to make a terrible Prime Minister and everybody knows it. He has spent the whole time looking weird and uncomfortable at for 5 years how is he going to change over night.

Granted their are some people who think that Milliband is looking more Prime Ministerial during this campaign so they might be seeing something that I am now.

David Milliband has said that he is ready to become Prime Minister. Well that though truely scares me as I don’t think he should be leader of the Labour Party let alone the Country.

Labour Policies Require No Further Borrowing

The Labour Party will not borrow any additional Money. The Labour Party is set to Guarantee that each one of the their party Manifesto Pledges will be fully funded and will no require ‘Additional Borrowing’.

May I take this opportunity to say this…. You Ed Milliband, Sir are a Liar.

Let’s just remember who was in the treasury when Labour were borrowing money and created the Policies that caused the Country to go bust. Oh yes I was Ed Milliband and Ed Balls.

Funny enough I dont believe them when it comes to the Economy and I bet a lot of people will sit back and say you are a Liar Sir.

How do they expect to get all this money that they need?

Well it’s their Magic Mansion Tax. Yes they are going to get money by Taxing people who have big homes. Let’s see I think I covered this yesterday….

Is this their Class War showing it’s ugly head again. Let’s create a pointless Policy that sounds good but only serves to hit people who have homes in Conservative areas.


The Labour Party have said that their Policies require no further borrowing. Well I’d like to see them earn Billions of pounds with their Mansion Taxes and other stupid Taxes.