Labour To Investigate Racism In The Party

Labour are set to launch a investigation about anti-Semitism with in their ranks. Jeremy Corbyn is to hold an independent inquiry in to anti-Semitism and other forms of racism according to the Labour Party.

I really do find this really funny. What an interesting end to the week after the events of the last few days.

Let’s start with Corbyn who investigating anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Let’s not forget that Corbyn in the past has been associated with Groups who have tried to kill Israeli Citizens. I’m not defending Israel but it needs to be pointing that Corbyn is seen as a friend to these groups.

There is something rather hypocritical about Corbyn going about this. Somehow I get the feeling it investigation will come back with not a racist party.

And how can you call Labour Anti-Semitic?

Shall we just point out who the last leader of the Labour Party was. Ed Milliband who let’s remember is a Jew. The man was a useless leader and they didn’t remove him.

The Labour Party are not racsim

The Labour Party are investigating Racism with in their ranks. Well with a leader who does kind of look Anti-Semitic, I think we are going to get a lot of skeletons out of the closet.

There Is No Crisis Within The Labour Party

There is no crisis within the Labour Party. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that there is no crisis within the party after Ken Livingstone was suspended for defending an MP who made comments that were considered Anti-Semetic.

Ah Ken Livingstone the present that just keep on giving. I’ve been waiting to comment on him for months.

Of course Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t think there is a crisis with in the Labour Party. He can’t see that he is the crisis with in the party. The fact that this new problem has arisen is just going to add to the crisis at large with in the Party itself.

Let’s move on to Livingstone. If can’t stand the man I’ll be honest. If this shuts him up and keeps him out of the camera’s eyes for a period of time great.  What he was doing was defending Naz Shah and managed to piss off the Jew population of Britain by calling Adolf Hitler was originally a Zionist.

Another old school Labour MP who happened to piss off Jewish People well he can find a place to hang out with George Galloway.

Shah’s comment is something I don’t find offensive.  I bet a lot of people won’t find it offensive. Granted people will be offended over anything these days.

Jeremy Corbyn says that Livingstone’s comments doesn’t show there is a crisis with in the Labour Party. Well apart from expressing an opinion, I can’t see what Livingstone has done or there being a crisis in the party.

96 Liverpool Fans were unlawfully killed. In the latest inquiry in to the Hillsbrough Tragedy the Jury has found that the 96 Liverpool Fans who died on the day were unlawfully killed.

Hopefully this is the last we’ll hear of the Hillsborough  Tragedy and this will be the last inquest we’ll have in to the events.

Right I know I might sound mean on this subject but if you’re not a football fan or a Liverpool Fan at that, having this subject pulled out every year or so gets annoying at best. Yes is was a Tragedy and nobody wants to know that there loved one has died but they were going to go back to this until the Families got what they want.

I would have been a never ending cycle.

The inquest have placed the blame on South Yorkshire Police and I think rightly so. If they had Policed the game better and didn’t allow so many mistakes that led to this then we wouldn’t have had this Tragedy.

The thing is now people are going to have to go to court for this. So the question must be asked who will it be? Well most likely there are going to be people who were high up in South Yorkshire Police who will face the rath of the Justice System.

The victims of the Hillsbrough Tragedy were unlawfully killed. It’s now time for the axe to fall on those who were responsible for the crimes.

No Job Losses Will Go At BHS

There will be no imminent job cuts at BHS. Anna Sourbry has said that there will be no imminent job cuts at BHS as the high street chain went in to administration this morning.

So BHS has gone bust. This is the biggest retailer to do so since Woolworth back in 2008. This is a massive deal for the high street. This is a massive retailer to loose. The Shopping world needs to be on high alert.

It’s all good for Sourbry to be going around making these announcement in Parliament but it kind of is a stab in the dark. She said it’s open as usual the business is open as usual but for how long?

This company is in administration and they will be flogging stuff off cheap. People are going to pick at it. It’s reputation is going to fall and the people who usually shop there won’t any more.

Then which retailer is going to buy a company that is £1.3 billion in debt. Sports Direct have already tried and won’t touch it because of this debt. I don’t think that anybody else will unless the previous owner will stump up some serious cash to service the pension problem.

BHS do not intend to make any immediate redundancies since going in to administration. I get a feeling that, that will change very soon.

Trade Deal Could Take Up To Ten Years

Trade deals between the US and Britain could take years. Barack Obama has said that it could take up to 10 years to negotiate trade deals between the US and Britain.

Well Obama is really beating the drum on this subject. The longer he is going to be here, the more he is beating this drum. He really wants us to know his opinion on the matter.

The thing is that we have only got a few months left and then he has to step down from his role as President. So let’s face it his opinion doesn’t really count for very much. If the next person who moves in to the White House want’s to makes deals with us if they want.

The problem with this is that Obama is let’s face it  he is trying to sway the British voters to vote with his opinions. There will be people out there who will vote the wrong way because he said so. For a foreign leader this is very dangerous opinion for a person to hold.

He’s a man with power leading people down the wrong path.

Barack Obama has repeated himself by saying that it would take years for a trade deal to be agreed between Britain and America. Well thank goodness he’s out of office soon and his opinions don’t count.


No Quick Trade Deals With America.

There will be no quick trade deals between Britain and America if Britain pulls out of the EU. Barack Obama has said that there will be no quick trade deals if Britain was to pull out of the EU and Britain would have to go to the back of the line.

Well thank god Obama won’t be in The White House after January.

Followers of this blog will know that I am a supporter of Obama and the things he’s done on the world stage but this time he should just butt out. This is a British matter and it doesn’t need every person to give their two cents on this subject.

Obama should have kept quiet on this subject because he is leaving office soon. He should have had a nice trip to Britain and let the next President make the choice regarding trade deals with Britain.

Anyway if America doesn’t want to trade with us I’m sure we can find some new friends to trade with on the world stage. Maybe the likes of South Africa or Brazil or maybe Russia. The Possibilities are out there and we just have to seek them out.

Obama has said there would be no quick trade deals if Brexit happens. Well those are words that don’t really scare me.

Free Trade Available With EU

Free Trade would still be available with the European Union. Michael Gove gave a speech where he stated that free trade with the European Union would be possible even if Britain left the EU itself.

If there was going to be anybody who was going to  make that speech why did it have to be Michael Gove. The man really hasn’t done much wrong but thanks to the Teachers Union, he not that well liked.

Let’s face it this is just a tit for tat speech from Gove and we are going to get a lot of them in the next few weeks. Everybody is going to set out their opinions and everybody is going to argue said opinion.

The thing is what Gove said is probably true in an ideal world.

However we are not in an ideal world.

He’s done his research and he has found examples of where people have been able to trade freely he used Canada as an example. The European Union is going to be petty and try to stop us trading with them so they can possibly get their own way. They don’t want use to leave their fun club so they’ll make it hard for us.

Let’s face it they are Twats.

Michael Gove has said free trade would be possible with the EU. Well if they EU wasn’t a petty bunch of wankers I could actually believe that is true.