Sanders Tries to Calm Down Supporters

Bernie Sander seeks to unite the Democrat Party. On the first day of the Democratic Convention Bernie Sanders seek to calm his angry supporters during raucous scenes in Philadelphia.

Left Wing Politics in Britain and America really is in a state of shit right now and it is all due to old men on the far left of the Political Spectrum. They really have become a laughing stock.

There really is a point you look at Sanders voters and think what the hell are you thinking. They really need to grow up on this subject. There was no chance in hell that Sanders was going to beat Clinton because Clinton has a larger appeal to the nation than Sanders.

I really don’t think that Sanders should trying to calm down his followers. He should be telling them to shut up and deal with the fact that they lost. Clinton has got the nomination and you can’t change that.

The thing is that we have seen this kind of behavior in the UK. It just shows how crap far left Politics in the world has become.

Sanders is trying to calm down his supporters and the Democratic Convention.  He should be telling them to shut the fuck up.


Eagle Pulls Out Of The Race

Eagle has pulled out of the Labour Leadership Contest.  Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour Leadership Contest and has backed Owen Smith in his challenge to Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party really are in a mess. They really are a massive laughing stock in the British Political Spectrum. If anybody on the left want to point the finger at the Conservatives and their contest. At least that is over and they have a new leader unlike the Labour Party.

So did anybody really think Angela Eagle was going to win it, if she pulled out? Well I don’t think she would have. Let’s face it, there really is nothing impressive about her and she is a worse candidate than Corbyn actually is.

And that really is saying something about Eagle.

So the ‘Unity’ Candidate is Owen Smith. Yup I have no idea who he is either.  The  thing is that the this has the nominations for him to mount a challenge however I don’t think that he actually unify the party and he won’t be able to beat Corbyn.

If I was Theresa May I’d be laughing my way to the next election looking at the Labour Party.

Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour Leadership Contest. Well I expect Corbyn to win this now and for the Conservatives to win the Election.

Turkish PM Denounces Activities Of Army

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced actions by the Turkish Army. The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced Illegal action by a Military Group with bridged in Istanbul Closed and Air Craft in the Capital Anakra flying low.

And shit is about to kid off in Turkey and it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch.

Firstly there are people in Turkey who have claimed that this is not a Military Coup but if you’re looking from the outside in on this situation it really does look like one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the army try to take control.

This time, unlike Egypt, I don’t think the people are going to stand in their way and they’ll be able to gain power and hand it back to the people pretty easy and bloodless.

I’m not surprised they are are taking over. The Turkish Government has slowly being turning in to a Dictatorship and if you read this blog, you will know that I believe that Turkish have been killing it own people to get more support from the International Community.

The Turkish Prime Minister has denounced the actions of the army. I honestly think that their is a military Coup on the Horizon.

May Picks Her First Cabinet

The new Cabinet has now taken shape. New British Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled her new look Cabinet with major departures from David Cameron Cabinet.

Well this one is an interesting cabinet with some rather interesting people placed in an interesting places.

When I say interesting people, I am talking about one person going to the Foreign Office. Yes Boris Johnson in at the Foreign Office and I couldn’t think of anybody worse because he run his mouth a lot and say stupid, stupid but funny stuff. You really hope that he will be able to keep him mouth shut at some points.

Europe isn’t happy about this at all…

Well I wouldn’t be surprised if they were expecting a cabinet that would turn around and run back to Brussels and apologize for their very naughty people. But they did not get that did they?

I don’t know if I like this cabinet yet but I am happy that the EU haven’t got their own way and it shows that May has some balls.

Theresa May has picked her new Cabinet. This could be an interesting Cabinet to watch in the near future especially as Boris Johnson has become Foreign Secretary.

Corbyn Can Go On Ballot

Corbyn will be on the Labour Leadership Ballot. The Labour Party National Executive Committee has said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be included in the Ballot for the Labour Party Leadership Challenge.

Well the Labour have just given the Conservatives the keys to Downing Street in 2020. This is a really stupid decision from Labour’s ruling body.


You really can’t have a leadership Challenge from the Party if the leader can’t defend himself in this arena.

Jeremy Corbyn is going to win this contest hands down. He has the mandate of the Grassroots Party and he is a lot better person than Angela Eagle.

I think there are a lot of people out there who will agree with me that Eagle would be a lot worse a character to lead the party than Corbyn. Corbyn is terrible but Eagle is a lot worse than him.

The party is going to vote for Corbyn and at the end of the day they have just handed the Conservative Party the keys to Downing Street at the next General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn will be able to go on the Ballot for the Labour Leadership challenge. Well The Conservatives have just won the 2020 General Election.

May Is The New Prime Minister

Theresa May has promised a Better Britain. Theresa May has become the leader of the Conservative Party and has promised that she will fight for Brexit and she has promised that she will ‘Build A Better Britain’.

You wish that May had won this campaign through Election but you have to admit that she may be able to lead the party in to success and unity. Andrea Leadsom had my support but May has been given the nod.

So May will be Prime Minister on Wednesday so this is going to be an interesting week for Britain and the Conservatives.

You have to laugh that the big left wing party who claim to be Progressive and yes I am talking about Labour and the Lib Dems have never had a female leader or Prime Minister and The Tories have on to their second. Who the progressives now.

And shock horror there are people who don’t like it.

James O’Brien has given his usually diatribe about this. Just go check the LBC Facebook feed.  I can imagine that The Guardian will be kicking up  fuss over this as well.

Theresa May will be the next Prime Minister.Well what a day for women in politics. Let’s see if Clinton can do the same in America.

Murray Wins Wimbledon

Murray has won Wimbledon. Andy Murray has won the Wimbledon Grand Slam for the second time.

And suddenly everybody is British to celebrate Andy Murray again. It’s rather pathetic.

Personally I couldn’t care less about Murray and this whole Tennis Tournament. I find it boring.

Also I don’t like Murray, I find him boring and a sore looser.

That It.

Andy Murray has won Wimbledon. Meh