Jihadi John Was A Cold Loner

The Isis member being dubbed as Jihadi John is a cold loner. Mohammed Emwazi, the man who was dubbed Jihadi was a cold loner who set himself apart from other people a former Islamic State fighter has said.

I know I use this term a lot to the point It’s become a bit Liberal but if this is the lead story on any World New Service then my god it must really be a slow news day.

We have a person’s word on somebodies character. We have nothing but somebody’s word and this is a top story on a News Website. Had the Russia story gone a bit quiet?

The thing is we have an ex Terrorist word about somebody else who may have known him. Yes I am saying may because I wouldn’t trust this person because he was a Terrorist. Granted at this time I wouldn’t trust anybody else’s word on this person either.

Call me a skeptic.

What do we know about Emwazi? That he a loner so big fucking woop, I don’t really care.

Today we have learned that the guy who has been dubbed Jihadi John was a cold loner at the end of the day what does it actually do to us or to him? Nothing

Tributes Paid To Russian Opposition Leader

Tributes have been payed to the leader of the Russian Opposition. Thousands of people have paid tributes and laid flowers in memory of Boris Nemtsov who was shot dead.

There’s a death of a leading Political figure in Russia who is opposed to Putin and the Western Powers are quiet on this one interesting. Let’s face it every time Putin has sneezed in the last year the Western Powers have used it as an excuse to condemn it as an attack on Western interests.


By now hopefully you will have realized that I take the the Western Narrative of Putin with a pinch of Salt. They want him out of power and they’re trying to destabilize the country. Could I see the west doing this actually yes they payed for a revolution in Ukraine. I can see them killing a Political head in Russia to get their own way.

It seems to have brought people together they are laying Flowers for him. However if it this murder was to bump off a political leader by Putin then I don’t think it’s going to back fire. If it was done to make people hate Putin then it will back fire on the West.

What this will do will bring the people together for a few days in mourning and then they will move on with their lives. This is all about the shock of it all.

They are shocked nothing more, nothing else.

Thousands of people have paid tribute to the murdered opposition leader in Russia. Who ever arranged this will not have done anything politically except for kill a man.

Labour Cuts Tuition Fees

The Labour Party will cut Tuition Fees. Ed Milliband has said that his party will cut down the Tuition fees down from £9000 to 6000 from Autumn 2016.

It’s very sad when you try to buy the vote of young people and students across the country.

Pathetic and sad if you ask me.

Yes I agree with the idea of cutting the Tuition Fees in England because at the end of the day nobody should be paying nearly £10,000 to be educated.

The Labour Party is really going for a populist vote here. This is a sad desperate run to gain young people from Parties like the Green Party. Even though if Green Party are crazy when you look at their policies.

Just look at them.

However this is where I put the boot in.

Who was the ones who put on the Tuition Fees. Hmmm. Oh wait it was the Labour Party. It’s all good trying to buy votes with the students but it was the Labour Party that screwed them and originally introduced the Tuition Fees.

Let’s not forget this. Let’s not forget who screwed over the students.

Ed Milliband has said he will cut the Tuition Fees by a third however I hope the students don’t forget who introduced the Tuition Fees when they vote.

Jihadi John Named

The man dubbed ‘Jihadi John’ has been named. The man who has appeared on Islamic State videos who has been dubbed ‘Jihadi John’ has been named as Mohammed Emwazi from East London.

For some strange reason I get this feeling that they are going to say this guy is from Bethenal Green. Something it’s going to happen soon.

I wonder what we are meant to feel or what is meant to happen now they’ve released his name. Me myself I don’t feel safer or more in danger from this naming. In fact I feel nothing more or nothing less now I know his name.

I don’t get the point of releasing this persons name. Yes we know who it is but at the end of the day what has it done. Well nothing all we’ve got is a name to a face. It’s going to do nothing for us ever.


Now we know who he is he will never be able to return to the country but we’ve had people go over there, come back and got stopped at the borders of the country.

Again this solves nothing what so ever.

The authorities have released the name of the Islamic State Militant dubbed Jihadi John. We’ll thank you but this really doesn’t not serve a purpose.

Cliff Richard Investigation Expanded

The enquiry in to Cliff Richard and historical sex abuse has widen. The inquiry that focuses on historical sex abuse allegations and Cliff Richard has been dramatically increased and involves more than one allegation the Police have said.

Wow this had gone so quiet since the original raid that I thought the story had died a death but no it has reared it ugly head again and will be haunting Richard for a little bit longer.

It’s this point in time it feels nice to see misery being bestowed on to somebody you don’t like. However I do feel sorry for the victims of Richard.

The Police want to look in to this further and increase the net of what Richard has already done. Well it’s no big shock that he could have assaulted more than one person. You find these people attack multiple victims.

If he has done it and he is denying it then don’t bother with the denial. It’s not going to make you look good in this. What ti will do is turn the public against you and people will want you to have a longer sentence.

I think people already know that I think he’s more than likely to be guilty on this. So that’s all I’m going to say on that part of the subject.

The Police are extending their investigation in to the Cliff Richard Sex Abuse investigation. It will be interesting to see what this comes up with.

Missing Teenagers In Syria

The missing London Teenagers heading to Syria are believed to have crossed the border in to Syria. It is now believed that the missing three teenagers who are looking to join Islamic State have crossed the Border in to Syria UK Police have said.

Well this could be described as a tragic ending to a story that could have gone completely the other way.

On this subject I hate to be right, I really do but I said that all the pleading would come to nothing. I knew it wouldn’t make a dent in the girls ideology and they were going to go. It’s sad but it knew it was going to happen this way.

You have to feel for their parents who now know that there children are fighting in a war in another country and don’t know if their child is dead. It must be heart breaking.

However I’m going to say this because it needs to be said… this whole story should not have happened. There should have been a time and place where the Authorities should have put a stop to it.

I know people have talked about censoring the internet but I’m not talking about that even though it clear the Internet is probably where these girls got radicalized.

What I’m talking about is giving Schools and the Authority figures around children and local councils training to stop this. There must have been signs that this was going on and I’m betting Teachers were blind to this.

I will however wait with baited breath for the Government to stand there and blame social media again because they fucked up like they did with the Lee Rigby murder. In the end it”s never the Governments fault.

The three missing school girls from East London have more than likely crossed in to Syria. It’s a shame because I really feel that this could have been stopped from happening.

Rifkind And Straw Suspended

Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw have been suspended from their Parties. Rifkind has been suspended by the Conservatives and Jack Straw has been suspended by the Labour Party after being film apparently offering their services to a private company for cash.

The first thing I want to say is that this is a massive storm in a tea cup, honestly I don’t know what the big fuss is however they have broken the ministerial code.

The fact that many MPs have a jobs as well as there jobs as MPs, I really don’t see what the problem is. Granted both of them didn’t need to like. The fact that Rifkind has said that he’s not paid for being a MP was a bit stupid and I can see people being pissed off.

Should they be Suspended.

Well yes I agree with this. It’s best for the Public Interest. It’s going to to keep people down from calling for blood. Let’s face it the public is going to do this before finding out what they’ve done.

However Channel four I have one word for you!!!


You did this for a story and you used these people because they were big names. You shouldn’t try and do this for a bit of Television, you need to do something useful with your TV revenues.

Straw and Rifkind have been suspended by their Parties for offering their services for cash. Well I don’t know what the big fuss about this. They’re greedy so what we all are.