Turkey And Russia Start War Of Words

A War Of Words has erupted.  A War Of Words has erupted between the Russian and The Turkish with the Turkish President Erdogan warning Putin that he was ‘playing with fire’.

The fallout of the shot down plane continues to rumble on and it looks like it’s not going to cool down.

People have been talking about World War 3 during this whole stand off but for some strange reason I don’t think it will get to that. I do think there will be a War between the Turks and the Russians eventually but I don’t think the West will but in.

Granted if it gives Russia a bloody nose then I can imagine that the Americans will give it ago.

The Turks want to have talks about the situation but the Russians want an apology. Well the Russians are in the right on this situation, I you should know by now I believe that the Turks are Funding ISIS and they shot down that jet to get Russia in to a war thinking that NATO will back them.

Yes the Russian Jet was still in Syrian Air Space.

A War of words has started between the Russian and the Turks. Well it looks like the Turks are going to test the NATO reserve against the Russians.

Corbyn Can’t Support Syrian Airstrikes

Corbyn can’t support Syrian Air Strikes. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to MPs saying he will cannot back UK airstrikes in Syria – prompting a warning of Shadow Cabinet resignation.

So the glorious days of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party is quickly coming to an end.

This has to be the most stupid stance that Corbyn has to take on this subject. I don’t care about having principles and the likes this is the worse move that a Leader of a Political Party can take.

Islamic State and on the Door Steps of Britain and there are attacks in France. People want to see some action on this subject and just standing their basically doing nothing is not going to help people and to help your cause.

And Labour are going to Defy him.

I’m now starting to is appointment as leader as a terrible appointment. He seem out of touch with his Party in Parliament. This means one thing, people in the party are going to turn on him and he will be booted out as leader.

He might be best suited to leave the party and joining The Greens.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that he cannot support Air Strikes in Syria. Well I do believe that Corbyn is very deluded and he is making a rod for his own back on the subject.

Osborne U-Turns On Tax Credits

There’s been a U-turn on Tax credits. George Osborne has surprised critics by making a U-Turn on Tax Credits and vowing to protect the Police budgets in the Spending review.

And it’s spending review time and there are going to be people who loved it and then there will be those who will cry foul.

Granted I think there will be people on the left will have a little party at this one.

And two words for you…. Tax Credits.

This has to be an embarrassment for the Government. People have been forcing them and harassing them about Tax Credits and they have caved in. Seriously they have caved in on that subject.

Granted you could say they listened to the public and acted accordingly but they have caved in on this subject.

Granted they are going to phase out Tax Credits  out by 2018 and switch people to Universal Credits but they’ve caved in.

Then on to Policing.

No surprise there at all, not what so ever.

This has come about as a reaction to the attacks in Paris. They saw what happened and they changed their tactics accordingly.  To be honest they should be protecting the Police budget because we need them right about now.

With this and the Defense spending, I get the feeling that the Conservatives are kind of scared at what has happening and could happen in the future.

George Osborne has said that he will not cut tax credits. This sounds like  The start of The Conservatives doing a lot of U-turns when it comes to money and finances.

Putin Condemns Jet Downing

Putin has condemned the actions of Turkey. Russian President has Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian Jet on the Turkey-Syrian Border.

Well I’m just going to open up with this, Russia has seriously messed up on this one.

The first thing we need to tackle is the big problem of where was the jets. There is the argument in a nut shell. I actually think that those jets were still in Syria and the Turkish Authorities are lying.

I think the Turks are getting annoyed with the Russians actions in Syria so they shot down the planes. They’ve probably been given the go ahead and soon we’ll see the Russians getting blamed for this by none other than the Americans.

It’s going to write itself.

The whole problem is that I can see the becoming nasty. We no the Russians don’t take prisoners when it comes to Syria and I don’t expect them to be calm in this situation.

Turkey has seriously started to play with fire. If they are stupid enough to get involved in a war with this I don’t expect them to come out of this in one piece.

Again I say Turkey has done a stupid thing.

Russian President condemns the downing of a Russian set on the Border of Syria and Turkey. This was not a clever move on Turkey’s behalf because you don’t want to mess with Putin.

10,000 Troops Could Be Deployed For Terror Attack

10,000 troops could be deployed in the UK. David Cameron has said that 10,000 troops could be deployed on the streets of the UK if a Paris style attack happens in Britain. This announcement came as he announced an extra £12 Billion on defense spending.

Well there will be some people who will be happy and there will be people who no doubtfully feel safer.

I am neither of them.

So Firstly there is going to be a lot of people who will love the fact that we’re going to spend more money on defense. Most of the noise I’ve heard for the last few months has about how we shouldn’t cut back on spending on defense.

Yes we should be spending money on defense and we should have more soldiers especially after the last few years how ever I do not feel that they should be on the streets.


How is this going to help in the long run. Are they going to stop people are they going to do the job of the Police. Shouldn’t we have the Police doing the Police’s jobs and the Army do our fighting for us abroad.

This is just what I want to be honest. I know people will be different.

David Cameron has said there will be an addition £12 Billion in defense spending. At least something no matter how awful it is has caused the Government to spend more money on the Army.

Brussels Alert Status Remains

Brussels will stay on the highest level of Terror Alert. Brussels will stay on the highest level of alert after a ‘serious and imminent’ threat of a Paris style attack the Belgium Prime Minister has said.

There seems to be high level of fear across Europe. People in Europe really are bricking it across the whole continents and that means one thing the Islamic State are slowly winning this war in Europe.

It’s not something you want to say but it really is something that it feels like it’s happening.

I do wonder if there is a threat that is real or that they are making this threat up.

I know that this seems cynical but I wouldn’t be surprised if this Governments are making this up to get what the European Union wants.

If we pretend that there is a problem in Europe that is increasing we will give our securities away and our freedoms. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use all this as a precursor to their European Army that they’ve so desperately wanted.

It’s a horrific thought but it is a possible future we could see.

Brussels is staying on a high alert amid a threat of Terror. Well it will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

Belgium On High State Of Alert

Belgium is on the highest state of alert. Belgium PM Charles Michel has placed Brussels on the highest state of alert in respond to information about the risk of an attack a week after the Paris Attack.

And the world is again on the edge of terror, we just need to sit here and wait for something to have.

Well let’s face after the last few weeks, it’s no wonder the world is sat on the edge of their seats waiting for something to happen.

They’ve closed down the whole of Brussels so the next question is was it worth it?

I know this sounds like a rather glib question but it has to be asked and it’s all to do with what if?

If the threat was real then yest it was a very good idea. The whole of Europe would have been in uproar if another 100+ people were killed.

Granted on the other hand if it faulty information they were given then people are going to moan about the disruption it caused.

Let’s face it, if your in power you are never going to win.

Belgium Prime Minister put Brussels on a high state of alert. You just hope that this action has stopped another massacre or people won’t be happy.