Project Fear May Backfire

The over blown project fear could alienate voters. Nicola Sturgeon has warned thath the Government’s ‘overblown’ claims about the economic impact of Britain leaving the European Union could risk alienating the voters.

Finally somebody on the remain side talking sense in this whole debate. I’ve been falling out with the SNP since they wiped Labour out of Scotland but I actually like what she’s saying this time round.

Some how I don’t think this has anything to do with the voters but has more to do with twisting the knife in the Government’s back. If the whole point of this current SNP leadership wasn’t to annoy the Government then I would have seriously come to the conclusion that she cared about the voters.

But let’s look at her claims… This is alienating the voters.

I disagree. What it is doing is pushing people towards the out camp. People are getting sick  so these over blown statements and they are moving towards the exit camp because they know it’s the right move for Britain.

however as Sturgeon didn’t even want a referendum she doesn’t want people going to the proper side.

Nicola Sturgeon has warned of people being alienated by project fear. oh dear is she losing grasp of what she wants in politics.

Row Erupts Over Turkey Veto

A fresh row has emerged in the Conservative Party regarding Turkey.  A fresh row has began with in the Conservative Ranks as David Cameron said that Britain would be able to veto Turkey joining the EU which is the absolute difference to Europe Minister Penny Mordaunt told Robert Peston.

One of those two are lying and I can guess that the person who is telling Porky Pies is Mr Cameron.

It’s rather fun watching this Civil War taking place with in the Conservative Party because it’s a group of rather horrible individuals fighting over something they should be united on. They should be united on this whole subject but they are at each other throats.

But let’s look at this new argument that has erupted.

Do we have a Veto on the subject of Turkey.

Well even if we did have a Veto it would be pointless. A referendum in Holland the other week went on deaf ears. The EU want something and they ignore the people of Europe to get what they want.

If the EU wants Turkey within the Union, Turkey will join the EU. Let’s face it the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union. It’s going to happen.

Even if our Veto did work, let’s face it David Cameron isn’t going to Veto this move. He wants Turkey in the European Union and he told the Turks that he will help them get in to the European Union.

So this argument is kind of pointless because if we do stay in, we will see the Turkish People become EU Citizens.

A fresh war has erupted with in the Conservative over Turkey joining the EU. Well let’s face it as the Germans want the Turks with in the European Union, it is basically going to happen.

Egypt Releases Crash Images

Pictures from the debris of EgyptAir MS804 have been released. The Egypitian Military have released pictures of items that have been found during the Mediterranean search for the EgyptAir MS804 plane.

Well it looks like Egypt is still a Military Dictatorship and we aren’t doing anything about it.

So what are we going to gain from seeing images that were on the plane. Well I can answer this one. Nothing absolutely nothing, what this is, is a exercise in pulling at our heart strings from the Egyptians and the French in this matter.

We don’t need to see a life jacket or anything else that is on that plane. We know that is has gone down, we don’t need to see the evidence.

The thing is they don’t know what has brought it down… So I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets blamed on Terrorists.

I’m not saying the Egypitians and the French have planned this but I do expect it to be blamed on Terrorists. Egypt are strong in the fight against ISIS and the French have been attacked many times.

If they don’t know what has caused it blame Terrorists.

The Egyptian Military have released pictures of the downed EgpytAir Plane. This really has been an exercise that didn’t need to happen.

EgyptAir Plane Goes Missing

An EgyptAir Plane has gone missing. The Greek and the Egyptians have been giving conflicted reports regarding a missing EgyptAir plane after debris that could be the missing plane was discovered in the Mediterranean sea.

I’m sorry but is it safe to fly these days. We seem to have had a few high profile plane disappearances or drownings over the last couple of years compared to what I can remember in recent history.

So does anybody else think it’s a bit strange that a second plane that is associated with Egypt has gone down in less than a year. Granted the first one was downed by Islamic State so it’s worrying that this second one could have happened again.

Islamic State could have brought down a second plane coming and going from Egypt.

The plane is missing  but we don’t know where it is. We don’t know.  The Egyptian Government thinks they found the debris of the plane but the Greek don’t agree with them.

This is going to be a massive job to find this plane.

An EgyptAir planes has gone missing over the Mediterranean. This really is a scary thought and we could have another plane brought down by Terrorists.

Junior Doctor’s Dispute Over

The Junior Doctors Dispute is over. The BMA ad the Government has come to an agreement regarding the long running Junior Doctors Contract Dispute.

Hurrah the NHS has been saved. Sorry I mean that the BMA has ended their little crusade against Jeremy Hunt. Let’s face it that is what it was, this was never about future of the NHS or Patient safety this was all about trying to be rid of Jeremy Hunt.

It was nothing short of a crusade against one person.

I just love how the BBC have decided to call this a break through. Let’s face it they could have done this months ago instead of dragging their heals and I’m talking about both sides here. It was for the good of the nation that this thing should have been sorted out quickly but they dragged it out and the public took sides.

Then there comes this problem next. The Doctors then have to agree to it. I think that there are a lot of hard left wingers who will reject this because it’s a Tory idea. The thing is I can imagine the medical profession if full of these types of middle class people who hate the Conservatives.

The Junior Doctors Dispute has come to a final end. Finally Patients needs can be put first instead of political agendas.

The EU will face an uprising. The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove has said that EU will face a popular uprising if they can’t control the migrant crisis.

Finally somebody from the establishment talking sense about the migrant crisis.After months of people crying over how these people need to stop across Europe, it’s great to see an establishment figure put those people in their place.

I don’t think it’s about the amount of genuine refugees that are coming through, we know there is a giant humanitarian crisis. It’s the fact that we are told they are all refugees and that we have to deal with it when we know that only 10% of them are genuine refugees.

I have always said that this crisis will be the end of the European Union.

If and when this whole uprising starts I do think it will be from Germany or from Eastern Europe.  They have been the ones who have suffered enough compared to the Western Countries. They have to be a massively bunched of pissed of countries.

A former head of MI6 has warned that the migrant crisis may lead to an uprising. Well I wouldn’t be surprised if this does happen the people of Europe are getting pissed off with this whole thing.

Package Found At Old Trafford

The Premier League has had to rearrange the Manchester United Vs Bournemouth Game after a suspect package was found. The Premier League have had to rearrange the Manchester United and Bournemouth Game after the original game was called off when a suspect package was found at Old Trafford.

Well there must be some really pissed off Man U fans after this season for them to do that. Granted in all seriousness this is a pretty big story especially as this was left by a security firm by accident.

Talk about a monumental screw up from the firm who had left this package. This has to be the most stupid accident I heard of. If I was both clubs I would sue said company if the hassle that it has caused.

Despite the screw up it is good to see the security and the staff at Old Trafford on stop of there game.

Well let’s face it they needed to be on this game because it’s a giant icon of British Sport and let’s face it the after the Paris attack if could be a target they could have used. Let’s face it nobody wants to see a Terrorist Attack starting here.

A suspect package has been found at Old Trafford. Well it looks like a stupid mistake that is actually rather funny from a Leeds United fan point.