Fifa Officials Corrupted Football

Fifa Official have corrupted Football. American Prosecutors have accused Officials in Fifa the World’s Governing Football body of Racketeering, Fraud and Money Laundering involving tens of millions of dollars over the past 24 years.

And in other news people can buy people in Fifa and win World Cup bids.

So let’s face it, we really can’t be shocked by this story because every football fan out there knows that FIFA is probably the most corrupt organisation in the world. If you didn’t know it then you must be living under a rock.

They can harp on about bringing the brand of Football across the world but at the end of the day we all know Qatar and Russia bought their bids with some dirty money.

I’d love to know why the American Prosecutors have taken an interest in this?

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t, what I am saying is that some very high and powerful organisations in America have taken an interest in this. You would think that they would concentrate on domestic matters.

Unless this actually has happened in America and not Switzerland where FIFA’s headquarters are.

I’ve got to say the language the Americans are throwing around if pretty strong. I actually think they are not going to stop until they’ve got all the people involved in this behind bars. I think it’s a they want just thing and they are going to force in through either with good or band reactions.

The US Proescutors have called officials in FIFA corrupt. Well to be honest I don’t think people in the world and people who know football are going to disagree with that statement.

Murder Suspect Found Dead In Woods

The man suspected of a triple homicide has been found dead. The man who is suspected of murdering three members of his family has been found dead in a woodland area of Oxford.

Well that was a short police hunt that ended up with in ultimate anti-climax.

I think I said this yesterday and if I didn’t say it, I deferentially inferred it, I can’t really form an opinion on this subject and I can’t form an opinion on the fact he’s been found dead.

He’s been found dead in Woodlands. I’m guessing he’s gone out there and killed himself or he’s been killed and dumped there. We’re going to need a police investigation.

What ever has happened the Police are going to have to look in to the events that have lead him to be dead in the woods. There’s we go with the nub of the issue.

We need to look in to what happened and that’s with a Police Investigation.

Well it give Thames Valley Police some extra time in the new.

The suspect of a triple Homicide has been found dead in the woods outside Oxford. Well the story continues as we find out what happens to him.

Police Search For 21 Year Old Man

The Police are in the hunt for a 21 year old man. The Police are in the hunt of a 21 year old man after his mother, a man and a young girl were found stabbed to death.

wow so it’s a slow news day or the BBC are finding it hard to make Islamic State a top story tonight.

So we’ll start with somebody murdered their family members…

It’s not totally unheard of, it does happen now and then but it’s a rather rare story and I’ve barely heard a story like this actually a top story.

Is he mentally ill?

Possibly he is going around killing people. It’s something that isn’t right in the head.

The Police hunt?

Well They need to look for this person but there is no need to use the don’t approach them line. It’s probably going to make people search. You just hope that it doesn’t end up in a Raul Moat situation.

The Police are in the hunt of a 21 year old man. The only thing I can ask is why did he kill his family?

Cameron Confident Of Getting A Better Deal For United Kingdom

David Cameron says he is confident I can negotiate with the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is pretty confident that he can negotiate a better deal for the Britain with in the European Union but admits it won’t be easy.

Well I think David Cameron is delusional. Plain and simple.

I don’t want to say I’m skeptical about Cameron’s ability to negotiate with the European Union because it makes it sound like he has a chance of doing something. I actually think he can’t do it what so ever.

The European Union won’t budge on what they believe in and Cameron is going to have to compromise and compromise until we get nothing and the European Union get what they want.

They have started on a set path and they stop until they have completed it. What’s their final goal? A United States of Europe that includes every European Nation.

Let Cameron hoot his horn…

It’s going to do nothing and eventually it’s going to make him look weak. Weak in the eyes of the people and weak in the eyes of his party. Thank Goodness he won’t be standing for a 3rd term as Prime Minister because it will be the term after he failed on Europe.

Granted it would be the first term where Britain would be outside the European Union. Well that’s the dream.

And let’s face it all this negotiation lark is all about trying to appease the right wing of his party so they don’t jump ship to UKIP.

David Cameron says he is confident about being able to negotiate a better deal with the European Union that will benefit Britain. Well he is a liar or a foot because that would never happend because the European Union won’t budge on their ‘core values’.

Cameron Won’t ‘Cave In On Migration Target’

David Cameron won’t cave in on the Conservatives Migration Targets. David Cameron has said that on his immigration targets desoite the fact that net migration to the United Kingdom has reached it’s highest level in a decade.

Funny how after only about a fortnight after the General Election took place we’re back on immigration. The back stabbing and biting has finished and now we have to get back to the big topics at hand before the Leadership Election results.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t talk about immigration because it’s one of the subjects we really need to cover but if I was a leader of a political party I would just keep quiet on the subject.

Who ever brings it up is just bringing up a poison chalice and if you try to shut the immigration talk down you loose support to UKIP.

Let’s face it Cameron is not going to get the migration figures down to what he wants especially while we are within the European Union. While we have an so-called open border policy thanks to the European Union.

I know people don’t like UKIP but they have been saying this for the last few years and you already know it.

However well done to Cameron for trying to keep up to this. It really looks like he’s trying to do it despite what the European Union say. He’s talking tough and on this subject and I say well done to him.

David Cameron says he won’t cave in on his migration targets. Well I’ve got to say that with the European Union he is going to find it very hard.

Thomas Cook ‘Deeply Sorry’ Over Deaths

Thomas Cook are deeply sorry over the death of two British Children. Holiday Makers Thomas Cook have apologized and said they are deeply sorry for the death of Two British children who were on Holiday in Corfu back in 2006.

Well I’m sorry to say this to Thomas Cook but it’s too little too soon isn’t it and there are a lot of people will agree with me here.

They’ve had an inquiry about this where they didn’t try to blame people they just wanted to know the fact of what happened in Corfu. We already knew that it’s the Hotel that killed them for not keeping up the maintenance but some of the blame has to placed at Thomas Cook for not making sure that the Maintenance was done.

I think people want to place the whole at Thomas Cook because they are a tangible big company and something they can throw crap and blame them for what happened.

Has this apology helped the company?

No actually I don’t think it has. People are Boycotting this company now because of a lack of an apology and a massive pay out that Thomas Cook got. It’s dented the company’s reputation and there will be a lot of people who will never use the company again.

I don’t think that Thomas Cook will got bust any time soon but their profit margins will take a hit for sure.

Thomas Cook as said they are ‘Deeply Sadden’ by the death of two British children who were on Holiday in Corfu. The apology has come too late but I don’t think the company will be driven out of business by this episode.

UK Inflation Turns Negative

The UK is in a state of Deflation. The main measure of UK inflation has turned negative from the first time on Record in April with the rate falling to -0.1%.

Oh not the economy, there’s not I don’t understand more when it comes to News and Politics than the Economy. Let’s face it, I’m no Economist.

Not we’ve got that out of the way.

The Economy is in Negative Inflation… This mean that the Economy is deflating. From what I’ve been told prices are going to start going down…

Now I’m going to start talking from the consumers point of view here but that has to be good for the Economy. People will be able to buy things cheaper. So that might help the Economy…MAYBE!!!

What caused this to happen?

Well the main reason is Oil has gone down. Yes our Deflation has been caused by the Americans and the Saudis ‘discovering’ more oil or something or as it should be known. That plot to destabilize Russia because they think it will turn people against Putin and force him out.

Yes I believe the main cause of this deflation is a plan to get rid of the nasty Putin man.

The UK economy in now in a state of negative inflation. Let’s see how this one effects the economy and who the blame will be farmed off on.