Co-Pilot Wanted To Crash Plane

The Co-Pilot of the crashed German Passenger Plane wanted to destroy the plane. French Authorities have said that according to the black box recorder that the co-pilot of the German Passenger Plane that crashed in France was by himself and he crashed the plane killing all 150 people.

So this is a horrific turn of events in this story. This seems to have touched and disgusted so many people in one swoop.

Now the question must be asked why did he do this?

When they carry on the investigation they’re going to have to look in to his mental state over the last goodness knows how long. Clearly he wasn’t right in the head and he slipped through the cracks. Lufthansa whom employed has mental test on their  pilots granted it looks like that test has failed and let a man become a mass murderer.

So how are those test going then?

Things really need to change regarding pilots and how they operate whilst in the air.

Granted Easy Jet have taken the Lead and barred people leaving the cockpit leaving one person in charge of the plane. The best thing is that people are following Easy Jets example. You just hope that it will do enough and will be good enough to stop this kind of thing happening again.

The Co Pilot of the crashed German passenger plane crashed the plane on purpose. What a horrific turn of events and a very sad story.

Three Brits Died In South France Plane Crash

three British people have died in the German Passenger Plane Crash. The Foreign Office has today said that at least three British people have been killed in the Plane Crash over the Alps in Southern France that killed 150 people.

So sadly it sounds like that nobody has survived this crash and now the power in charge of  investigation have to identify the bodies and find out what happened to the plane. I really don’t want to be that person.

There worst thing about this story is that a lot of people have lost their lives. Were going to get the names of the people who lost their lives over time. Granted many people won’t hear all 150 names but if you look for them you’ll find them on the Internet. There we see the problem with Passenger lists they’ll make their way on to the internet.

So with this all in mind we get to hear that three British People have died.

Nobody wants to hear that in any country.  This has to hit a country a little bit but will hit towns and individual communities hard. They’ll know that their friends have died and they will never see them again.

This is not the news that people want to hear.

Three people who have died are British. This is not the news that people in the country wanted to hear.

German Passenger Plane Crashes Killing 150 People

A German Plane has crashed in the French Alpes killing 150 people. A German Passenger Jet travelling between Baracalona and Dusseldorf has crashed in the French Alpes killing all 150 passengers and crew.

This really has to be a territories ble 12 months for Air Travel. This has been the 4 disaster that has taken place since the beginning of last year and they still haven’t found the plane that went missing.

I know that flying is the safest way to travel but at the end of the day this has been four disasters in 12 to 13 months and I know that this is a rare occourance but there has to be something happening. Yes I’m stretching in to the world of conspiracy theories.

However let’s not detract from the loss of lives.

Its something that the families of the lost ones won’t get back. They will have to live with the idea that they’re family members have died in a horrific crash and that really isn’t something you want to think about. Ever

It looks like the plane has come down thanks to technical difficulties. This the same thing that brought down the Air Asia plane just before Christmas so you have to start wondering what is wrong with this type of plane. You’ve then got to hope that they’ll group all of this type and do some kind test on them.

It really does look like they’re is a fault with this plane that needs to be looked at.

A German Passenger Plane has crashed in the Alpes. Let’s hope that they find the cause of this horrible disaster and put it right on other planes before its too late.

Cameron Won’t Stand For Third Term As Prime Minister

Cameron won’t serve a third term as Prime Minister. David Cameron has said that he won’t serve a tied term as Prime Minister if he is reelected in the up coming General Election in an interview with James Lansdale.

Well I’ve got to say well done to David Cameron for laying iit out straight before he goes in to a possible second term as Prime Minister. There won’t be any will he won’t he malarky in 5 years time.

Granted there will be people within the opposition ranks who will blow this up claiming that this is going to impede the Conservatives if they get in to power but the fact they’ve got 5 years to find a new leader and lets face it you don’t really vote for person you vote for the party.

So you know I’m going to give you my choice for the next Conservative leader and my choice would be Boris Johnson.

Let’s face it he is the most likable person within the big names of the party. He seems relatable and the people of Lindon seem to love him. I do think if he runs for Prime Minister he would win hands down.

Grant I just said it’s about the party not the personality but let’s face it he has the personality.

David Cameron has said that he is no t going to stand for a third term as Prime Minister. Well at least he’s laid his cards on the table and we know the future of the Conservative Party in advance and won’t have to wait till the day after the 2020 election.

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Denies Organising A Fake Rally

A Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has denied organising a fake rally. Conservative Candidate  Afzal Amin has denied organising a fake rally with the EDL in order to win votes with in the up coming election.

And the award for the stupid person trying to get in to Parliament is going to Afzal Amin. Actually he must be the stupid person in Politics I’ve known.

The idea of a Muslim going to a group of far right racist to get votes seems to be a bit far fetched. You would think that this wouldn’t win right wing votes in fact it would get people to vote for left wing parties.

No matter how much Amin attacked this protest it wouldn’t get people to vote for him because everybody else would by attacking said protest and people who still vote for a left wing party. Its a loose, loose situation for this guy.  Why bother doing it.

Then he goes on and denies it… Why?

There is proof of it. The Daily Mail has got footage of you doing it and the EDL say that you have Paid them for this protest. Even Tommy Robinson was on TV talking about it. Deny it all you want but there is proof there  so don’t try and deny it just admit it and take the blame and punishment for what you did.

A Tory Candidate denies  contacting the EDL to organise a fake rally too gain voted. Wwl I do believe that this was a very stupid thing to do and won’t actually win him votes and the Conservatives should ban him from the party.

TV Broadcasters Agree Format For TV Debates

The TV Broadcasters have announced that they have come to an agreement nregarding the TV Debates. TV Broadcasters and the Political Parties have come to an agreements regarding the debates between the Political Party leaders during the run up to the General Election.

Finally there is a consenses regarding the TV debates and with only a month or so it’s about bloody time. This really has been drawn out.

So what do we have then…

A 7 way debate including the Prime Minister

An opposition leaders debate

Then Milliband and Cameron will have a Q and A.

Well after all the who ha that’s been involved in this and this what we get. Why can’t we have what we had last time. It will in hindsight be a lot better for the country.

The one I have a real problem with is the opposition leaders debate…

I really can’t see why we need to see the opposition leaders trying to slog it out with each other especially as Farage will make mince meat out of the smaller parties. To be honest I really can not be fussed to hear what the Plaids and the SNP have to say along with the Greens.

Its not that they don’t have important things to say its just that it won’t have any effect on me if I’m bbeing brutally honest.

The Broadcasters have finally reached an agreement over the TV debates. Well after the fracas that has been caused over this is the format we’ve got is a bit disappointing

Islamic State Claim Sanaa Mosque Attack

Islamic State have taken responsibility for the attack on Mosques in Sanaa. Islamic State claim they have carried out two Suicide bombings in the Sanaa the capital of Yemen which have killed 137 people.

At the end of the day I really don’t know what to say. They’ve attacked our Business Centers, Or Transport Network but now they are going in to places of Worship. We have to draw the line with Terrorism there has to be a place where Terrorist will not enter.

And no matter what religion you are then a place of Worship must not be entered for Terrorism purposes.

Out of all the Terrorism Stories this has shocked me the most.

And who did this attack? Islamic State of course.

No matter how much we attack them and how much of a pounding they get they seem to stand up dust themselves off and carry on, in fact they seem to be growing. There seems to be no stopping them. They also seem to be in the news a lot more that other Terrorist Groups.

Yes Al Qaeda attacked foreign lands and killed thousands of people but it always seems that Islamic State seem to be doing a lot more and probably have a larger death toll as it goes.

We try our best to destroy this group of people but in the end it does not work and they keep on growing.

You’ve then got to ask why do this to other Muslims? Christian Countries I get but you don’t want other Muslim Countries to go against you. It doesn’t seem logical you don’t want the likes of Saudi Arabia bombing the crap out of you especially after to Jordan who ha.

Islamic State has taken responsibility for the bombings of two Mosques in Yemen. As a Terrorist attack this has to be the worst one I think I’ve seen.