Pro-Morsi Protests To Be Dispersed

The Egyptian Government has said that the pro-Morsi protests that have been taking place over the last month or so will soon disperse. The Interior Minister of the country Mr Mohammed Ibrahim said that lawsuits filled against the protesters give them legal cover the clear the protests.

This comes after a night of bloody violence where 65 – 100 people died in clashes in the capital city Cairo.It looks like Egypt is again heading to hell in a hand basket. The same accusation are being thrown around again like they were at the start of the month and it looks like nothing’s going to sort it self out.

I think it’s time that both parties got around the table and discuss what they want from this problem. There can’t be violence on the street and if you want to live in a democracy you’ve got to allow for protests and freedom of speech. You can’t keep on resorting to violence.

Granted both sides aren’t going to give in to the other and they want vastly different things which the other side won’t let them have but maybe the Army can buckle slightly and make a video of Morsi and broadcast it on State TV that might help the tension it might make it worse.

Both Parties must look and Syria and think we don’t want that. The international community doesn’t want another Middle Eastern Civil War because that could create hell in the rest of the Middle East.

The UN should get both Parties around the table and bash out a deal that benefits Egypt and then benefits the Middle East because you don’t know who will take advantage of the situation.


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