Egyptian Minister Urges For Restraint

The Egyptian Foreign Minister has urged both sides in the unrest to have some restraint. In an interview given to the BB Mr Fahmy (Egyptian Foreign Minister) has urged people to cease the violence after 70 people died in clashes on Saturday night.

Finally somebody with in the Egyptian Government has actually started to talk sense. This is the first person who has called for peace instead of making demands of the of the pro-Morsi camp to end their protests. It’s nice for a person in that Government who hasn’t been parroting the Army’s stance on the situation.

It does make me wonder how long it is until he is found dead by people having died of mysterious circumstances.

Despite the army saying their is going to be elections I don’t actually trust them. I’d like to see the results of that election because I can see the Army endorsed candidate being the one who wins.

I still believe that the Pro-Morsi camp should not give up on their protests until they actually see some results not matter how big or how small.

however it’s good to see that people are calling for restraint and the situation just might improve.


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