Bradley Manning Found Guilty Of Espionage

Private Bradley Manning has been found guilty of Espionage. The US Army Private leaked documents to Wikileaks regarding Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Diplomatic Cables. He has been found guilty of 20 count of Espionage but found innocent of aiding and enemy.

I don’t really know if I should draw up comparisons between Manning and Edward Snowden. They have both leaked classified information but it looks like they have done it for different reasons. Snowden did it out of the goodness of his heart. People needed to know about being spied on by their own Government. Manning released Diplomatic Cables and Reports from ‘war zones’ because he was disillusioned with life in the army.

Both can be considered heroes but I actually believe that Snowden was in the right for what he did Manning was wrong. At least Manning has stood up and been arrested for what he’s done unlike Snowden who ran. Granted I don’t believe Snowden should go back to America because I have a feeling they’ll give him the Death Sentence for informing the public.

Anyway Manning will never get out of Jail as he’s been given over 130 years in prison for what he’s done. All he did was leak information and made the US accountable for their actions. Granted it should be the people who hold the Army accountable and not one person but he has done good and he is getting punished for it. I don’t really know what a suitable punishment is for this ‘crime’ as i feel that he’s done nothing wrong.

Let’s just see what happens to him in the future


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