Ariel Castro Convicted Of Cleveland Abduction

Ariel Castro has been convicted of the abduction of 3 women in Cleveland (Ohio). Castro who had kept the women jailed has no chance of being let free. He has been given a life imprisonment plus a 1000 years for his crime. One victim hopes that this begins his eternity in hell.

You wonder if that if he had a chance to get out and be a free man would the American nation go crazy? What he has done is pretty awful and I can imagine a lot of Americans feel passionate abut this case.

Castro claims that hes not a monster, he’s just a man with an addiction. I didn’t know there was an addiction to kidnapping and raping people. Castro is a monster and there is no doubt about it. Just look at what he did, starved, raped and beat these women as well as keeping them hostage.

You’ve got to feel sorry for these girls and for what happened to them you hope that Castro will live in some kind of hell because he didn’t give those poor women a fair life. You just know that he’s going to get something unpleasant in prison and he really has it coming to him. He does deserve it, I hope that people have fun with him in the showers.

A life in prison is fair. You can’t give him the death sentence as he’s not killed anyone or gone on a massacre but if you read this blog on a regular basis you know I don’t believe in capital punishment.

I just hope he has in the shower.


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