Zanu-PF Win Zimbabwe General Elections

The Zanu-PF party has won the Zimbabwe General Election. The party led by Robert Mugabe won 137 seats out of 210. The election has been declared a sham by his Rival Morgan Tsvangirai.

I didn’t realize that Zimbabwe was a democratic nation. I have always assumed that it was a dictatorship. I’ve never known Mugabe not to be president of that country and I’ve never known there to be any Elections in Zimbabwe. It could be that the British Media just don’t report on it as much.

So is it a sham?

Yes most likely, I can’t see how a country where half of the people are starving to death due to the Government prioritizing it’s members can win constant elections. Outside observers have said that it was a fair election but I just can’t see that happening. I don’t really know South African politics but stuff I’ve seen about Mugabe and Zimbabwe you some how expect it not to be fair.

I’m not going to call for us to invade Zimbabwe because it’s not our place to run the world. We lost the British Empire and now we should keep our nose out of world politics.


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