Ian Tomlinson’s Family Receive Police Payout Over DEath

The Family of Ian Tomlinson has received an apology for the death of the of Mr Tomlinson. The Met Police have issued an apology and settled out of court with the family for the death of Mr Tomlinson at the hands of a Police officer during the G20 protests in 2009.

This is a story that’s been 4 years in the happening.

The first thing you wonder is how much is a person’s life worth? There has clearly been some kind of pay out given to the Tomlinson family from the Police as it was at the hands of the police that this man died. I was all told that no person’s life is worth money but it’s clear that some money has been paid to the Tomlinson family out of court.

Let’s face it the Police wouldn’t want this to go through court anyway. This would look terrible for the police, even worse that it currently looks with all the stuff that is coming out about them in regards to Steven Lawrence and the Hillsborough disaster.

The Police have apologized for the death of Ian Tomlinson. Well you would expect that to happen as they did kill a person using over excessive force. The thing is this apology has come four years after the Tomlinson was killed and if isn’t until now that they’ve apologized. Why didn’t they apologize straight after the incident when they realised they killed a person who was walking back from his job. 4 years is too long.

Nothing will ever bring Ian Tomlinson back from the dead and finally getting this after so many years is a bit of an insult to the people who are involved. You just hope that the police buck up their ideas because people won’t be able to trust them soon and that will be a sad day when i comes around.


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