More Babies Born Than Any Year Since 1972

The National Of Statistics have today said that in the year 2011 – 2012 Britain has had more babies than any year since 1972. There were 823,000 birth in the UK last year and we are the highest in the European Union.

People are contributing this down to many factors. Immigration, People being older before they want to start and family and people wanting larger families. Yeah these are all good factors for the increase in Births in Britain. The thing is there’s only one thing that can cause a higher birth rate. People are having sex more.

I have a theory when cash is tight and you need to entertain yourself you’ll eventually turn to one thing if you have a partner to do it with. You will have sex because you can’t afford to do much else. There are many people who can’t afford to do thing that we used to take for granted when this country was in a boom state so people keep themselves occupied and have sex.

Like I said it just a Theory and I’ll probably never prove it.

But on a serious note with people living longer and people making more babies my worry is where is everybody going to live. The UK population is now a 63.7 Million people. When these children grow up and have children, where are they going to live? What are they going to eat?

This country is over populated and it’s not getting smaller. There’s going to be a lack of school places and other important stuff like housing. It makes you think. You just hope that a future government starts on a massive building project to help with the future crisis that we’re more than likely going to have.

I know you can’t dictate birth rates as it’s not fair to people and I don’t believe in doing that anyway but if this carries on what is going to happen to people and how are going to survive?


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