Britain Considering Unprecedented Legal Action Over Gibraltar

The United Kingdom is considering legal action against the Spanish Government. Downing Street is considering taking action against the Spanish as part of the increasing problems over Gibraltar. The problem occurred with the Spanish started to take extra special check on the border between the Spanish Mainland and the British Territory.

This is a really stupid argument to have. It all started when the people of Gibraltar decided to make a concrete reef in the middle of the ocean. Then Spain decided to be immature and impose extra long checks and then we decide to sue them. How pathetic is.

Bother Government really need to sort themselves out because they are making both countries look stupid. ‘Let’s argue over some water’ because the world has got nothing better to do. I always say I like people to sit around the table to talk about their differences but they should just stop needing to be really pathetic about this.

Why don’t they just learn to share the water and the stuff that’s in it be fish or rubbish. Both the UK and The Spanish are in the European Union so they’re meant to be friends. Friends share so let’s share the ocean.

The problem is that it comes down to colonialism and the fact that Britain believes they have a right to the whole world. I don’t believe that we have a the right to Gibraltar or The Falkland Islands but The Falkland Islands have voted to be a part of the UK so that’s fare.

I really hope that the European High Court just throws this out and tell both Government to act like adults because that’s what need to be done. Never have I seen such stupid Political behavior from two countries on the world stage.


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