Egypt Declares State Of Emergency

Egypt has declared a month long state of Emergency. This call has come after scores of Egyptian have died when the Egyptian Authorities stormed Pro-Morsi camps in Cairo.

If you read this blog regulatory, you know I’ve covered this story a lot and I’ve taken a massive interest in what is happening with Egypt.

The Army has again opened fire on Protesters that are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They’ve done it again and again they’ve used live rounds killing 149 – 2000 people there conflicting numbers depending who you believe.

This latest round of violence came about when the army started to clear out the protesters that have made camps around Mosques for the last six weeks. I’m not sure but isn’t this stopping people from having freedom of speech. The army keeps on talking about Democracy but they ban the Muslim Brotherhood from protesting. This isn’t a democracy this is a do what we say Dictatorship.

They’re trying to arrest people within the Muslim Brotherhood, so they’re trying to silence there opposition.

So there’s a state of emergency with a Curfew, this is a rather military move for a Democratic Government. I’m just wondering when they make the Brotherhood illegal and the army abolishes the Democracy in Egypt.

The UN have criticized today’s action along with the American and The Britain but I wonder what they are going to do about it. I think that they are going to do nothing about it. The UN have become a procrastinating and creating peace plans that go nowhere. The International Community needs to step in here before we have Syria mark 2.

Yes I’m more sure now that Egypt is going to fall in to Civil War and the International Community with just sit about doing nothing in fear of getting in to another Middle Eastern Conflict. We have become so scared and Disheartened by the screw up of Iraq.

This is the time we push forward and help Egypt until it falls in to a Civil War.


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