Obama Condemns Bloodshed In Egypt

Barack Obama has condemned the bloodshed that has taken the place in Egypt over the last two days. The American President has also called off joint militarily options with the Egyptian Armed Forces. This has happened after the Egyptian Authorities opened fire on protests on Wednesday.

The Police have been granted permission to use live rounds on people for self-defense.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood are fighting back and I’m not surprised at this at all. After the Government opened fire on them they should be fighting back. They’ve gone and set Government Building alight and began fights in Suburban areas. There only one way this is going to end and that’s in Civil War. I’ve been saying this for a long time but I truly believe that it’s going to happen and the more Egypt is in this turmoil the further it’s going to slip in to civil war.

Obama has condemned it and canceled Military Operation like that going to make it stop. America condemned the Army taking over when this first started. This isn’t going to make much difference. If they cared about the International Community’s opinion they wouldn’t have opened fire on protests. No matter what the American’s say it’s not going to make one bit of difference. The time for action is now.

I’ve called for peace talks when I’ve written about Egypt in the last few weeks but I think that, that course of actions is now dead and gone. There’s nothing that going to pull them back from Hell breaking loose and it dragging the rest of the Middle East in with them.

It’s a very sad situation indeed.


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