Cairo Mosque Cleared After Siege

The Egyptian Security Forces have cleared al-Fath mosque after a stand off. Protesters who of the Muslim Brotherhood have been cleared out of the Cairo Mosque after they barricaded themselves. The Interim Prime Minster of Egypt have called for the Brotherhood to be legally dissolved.

So hopefully this is the last stand off between the Egyptian Authorities and the Protesters and there can be some kind of peace in Egypt. Clearing out a place of Worship though is wrong. No person should be able to walk in to a place of Worship and forcefully remove people. There shouldn’t even be a firefight in a place of worship.

Is this going to help the situation? No I think this is just going to inflame the situation and make things worse and worse. The Egyptian Authorities have probably made things worse if not not a few years down. This Egyptian revolution will end badly and the country is going to be segregated down who was right in the end.

You have to hope that a voice of reason with come up and lead people in the right way.

They’re trying to dissolve the Brotherhood. I did say that they were trying to do this or they would try and do this and I was proven right. They’re trying to remove any kind of opposition to the army because the army doesn’t want to hand control back to the Egyptians just in case they don’t get the results they want. This also helps them get what the Brotherhood own in the form of assets as well.

This really has become the control of the masses and this is a dictatorship that the world does not want to see.


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