Downing Street Knew About Miranda Detention

Downing Street admitted today that they knew about the detention of David Miranda. Home Secretary Theresa May admitted that Downing Street and The home office was ‘kept abreast’ of Mr Miranda’s detention but had nothing to do with it saying it was a Police operation.

So the words plausible deniability come to mind.

Thew more countries try to distance themselves to this the more I think that they’re actually involved. I really does feel like they’re trying to push themselves away from this subject and put the blame on somebody else.

I would try to think about the backlash if this was government lead but I really don’t think many people would care. I actually think that people don’t care that their civil rights are being eroded.

So I think that the Government are trying to deny their involvement in this. I hope it does come out that they had a hand in this and it effects the Conservatives internationally and at home. A few years down the line I think it will come out that they were involved.

I said there should be some kind of legal action against the British for what they did to Miranda and I got my wish. David Miranda is talking of suing the British Security Agencies for this and I hope that they get bled dry by his lawyer and then I hope the Guardian do the same for Employee Harassment.

It will be fun to see what comes out of this in the next few days.


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