Kerry Says Chemical Weapon Use Is Undeniable In Syria

John Kerry has said that the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria is undeniable. The US Secretary Of State has said the evidence of Chemical Weapons being used in Syria against the Syrian people was real and compelling. This comment has come about after UN inspectors were targets of a Sniper earlier today.

The red line has now been crossed the Americans believe that Chemical Weapons have been used and they said if Chemical Weapons were used against the Syrian people they would step in to the Syrian Civil War.

Kerry has said that Obama is considering a response to Wednesday attack. It looks like Kerry has backed Obama in to a corner where he won’t be able to wiggle out of it. I’d love to see the conversation between Obama and Kerry when they discuss Kerry’s message.

Finally America is finally stepping up to the mark up to the mark on this subject. It’s been a long time coming and it should have been a lot of sooner in a response. The problem now is how kind of response, personally I would accept air strikes and nothing else. There is no need to go in on the ground.

Russia has threatened a response if the West goes in to Palestine. So Russia is happy for hundreds of people to die and cause I world war just so they can keep a Dictator the West doesn’t like in power. This really is is immature politics. Russia needs to see what that they don’t need to screw up the world and help the West in getting rid of Assad. They don’t want to cause World War 3.

So it’s finally happening. We are finally going to sort out Syria.


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