John Kerry Has Said That Syrian Chemical Weapons Has Killed 1429 People

The US has come up with the amount of people killed during last Wednesday’s Chemical Weapon attack in Damascus. The American Secretary Of State confirmed that over 14,000 people were killed in last Wednesdays attack including 426 children.

We knew it was about 1500 people that had been killed last week. When the rebels came out with the numbers and the army gave a lower number I sided with the Rebels on the correct figures. This means that Assad lied and the Rebels were telling the truth. If this isn’t another black mark in the book what else is.

It’s horrific that a Government can happily kill just under 1500 people and then claim that they haven’t done it. The fact they killed over 400 children and don’t care is horrific. The fact they’ve blamed the West is the most shocking thing.

Assad is a man with very little excuses and it running out of them quickly.

The American War Machine is gearing up and they’re making their case. I’ve got to give John Kerry he’s dues he’s putting the Argument across rather well. It good to see this as Cameron failed to do it last night.

I think Kerry is going to be the Hero of the hour as Obama’s popularity is going down across the world. Could this be Kerry setting out his stall for the next Presidential Election in a couple of years time? I think yes.

America is going in to Syria there’s no doubting that and I’ve got to praise them for doing something about this and leading the charge for the good guys against Assad.

The world is going to war it will be interesting to see what happens to the Middle East.


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