Obama To Seek Congress Vote On Military Action

Barack Obama has looking for Congress’s approval in a Military invasion of Syria. Obama said told the world that people could not turn a blind eye at the events that have taken place in Damascus over the last month.

I think this is the first time there has been an official word from Obama on this subject that hasn’t been done on a News Program or Magazine Show. It’s been a lot of John Kerry and I said last week I felt that Kerry had pushed Obama in to a corner.

Obama has said it he want to go to war with Syria. He’s let the cat of out the bag and now there’s no going back.


He’s seeking the Approval of Congress. This could be a tricky one. Congress could vote against this and it more than likely will vote against it. The people in America don’t want to go in to Syria. I thought the British people were bad but it seems a lot worse out there. There are people camped outside the White House protesting.

If he fails in this what going to happen to him? Him and Kerry have been banging the war drum for a week now and this is going to make him look a bit stupid. It will look like he doesn’t have the backing of Congress. This could be Political Murder/Suicide.

Look at Cameron when Parliament went against him it was pretty bad and people have been calling for Cameron’s head on a plate. Will be people do the same? I really hope they don’t but there are people out there who really don’t like Obama and could try and use this to get him out of Office before his term is up.

I hope congress will vote yes to this and the Americans go to war because we need this.


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