US Senate Panel Backs Force In Syria

A Panel of use senators have backed the use of force against the Syrian Government due to the use of chemical weapons on it’s people. The panel voted 10-7 in favour to vote of moving action to a full Senate vote next week.

I really thought by now that this call to arms what have hit a snag. There must be somebody out there in the American Political landscape who would of had enough gravitas to halt this in it’s tracks and used it to get there own way. I’m wrong because it’s gaining more and more support.

The vote had to go through the senate but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes through that easily enough. It looks like the American Politicians have more of an appetite for war compared to the British.

It’s that or they realize it’s the right thing to do like the French and Germans have realized.

Remember it’s got to get through The Senate and Congress and this is where it could hit a stumbling block. It could but I don’t think it will. I actually thing that Congress and The Senate will vote this through and the American’s and The French will be heading off to war in the next month or so.

I keep on saying this everyday but I can hear get the war drums getting louder and the war is getting closer. The Assad regime’s time is coming to an end.


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