UK Has New Syrian Chemical Evidence

David Cameron has told the BBC that the UK has new evidence of the use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. Cameron’s interview to the BBC as he arrived in Russia for the G20 summit in Saint Petersburg.

The G20 Summit will be mainly focused on the Syrian Civil War for the 2 days it’s taking place. It’s to be expected and Cameron is trying to look like he’s still relevant in this talks.

The biggest powers will be talking about Syria and after last weeks vote I can guess that Cameron is feeling pretty out of it as he can’t discuss possible action so he’s bringing it to the fore ground it the British Media. The interview is pointless as it only says there is more evidence towards the use of Chemical Attacks.

Him saying this is pointless as the French has video images of the Weapons coming out of Syrian Government controlled areas. We have the evidence we need from the French. We have evidence from Doctors with out borders and the Americans as well. This really doesn’t contribute to the debate on Syria.

I think he should just sit out the talk about Syria and Military action as Parliament has voted against it. When it comes to humanitarian aid then it’s time for Cameron to begin talking. He’s already said that Britain will help in the humanitarian stakes so he really should only be involved with the humanitarian talks.

I just really hope that the G20 actually come to a consensus over the Syria and the world can move forward as one.


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