No Consensus On Syria after G20 Summit

There are still deep divides on how to approach the crisis in Syria by world leaders. After the G20 Summit in Russia was over both President Obama President Putin gave speeches to the world media show there is still a deep divide between the Russians and The Americans.

The whole of the G20 Summit has been devoted to sorting out the Syrian Crisis and after two days of talks the 20 most powerful countries in world are split down the middle on what to do about the situation. The whole summit has been a waste of time like the G8 Summit in Ireland a few weeks ago.

What was the point?

Russia said a couple of days ago that it would support action in Syria if there was proof that it happened and now they’ve turned around a said it would end International Law. I’m sorry but isn’t gassing your own people against International Law. So supporting a country that does that then flinging International Law at Americans seems a bit hypocritical.

Half of the G20 are opposed to this war while the others are in agreement. I’m sure that Obama gave some brilliant speeches but it’s only given 50% of what he needs. My opinion of him have been swinging back and forth lately and at this moment he’s in the not doing good enough. We’ve seen him give brilliant speeches in the past but again he’s failed in convincing the world to do the right thing.

He must be looking forward to the Congress vote on the edge of his seat because I still think that could both ways and leave him with a major headache whilst running away from the public view.

No country is willing to budge on the Syrian Dilemma, are we hovering over of a powder keg that is world war 3?


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