Tony Abbot Defeats Kevin Rudd In Australian Election

Tony Abbot has beaten Kevin Rudd in the Australian General Election. The head of the Liberal Coalition has beaten the head of The Labor Party Kevin Rudd after Rudd called an election after deposing Julia Gillard as the head of the party.

This Election was won on 2 fronts. The first 1 was the Economy and the 2nd was immigrants from Asia.

The Economy seems to be cliched these day, every country apart from Germany seems to have suffered a slow economy and everybody seems to be sick of this Economy. Again it’s another Labor Party destroying the Economy of the Country.

It’s a shame because it looks like any country apart from China’s Communist Party and the German Government are the only Countries that seem to keep their head above water.

Immigration is an issue is Australia becoming Right Wing as Britain. There should be a come if your useful or come if you are needy Policy in every Country. It’s the duty of every rich country that can help to help the needy. It’s only humane.

To be honest despite policies of both Parties and I’ve not seen either Election Manifesto I would have voted for Abbot over Rudd. I wasn’t really a fan of Gillard, I thought she was bordering on Racist after she made some comment about Muslims and Sharia Law. Abbot on the other hand I thought was a giant pillock. The man kicked out his party leader and then called a general election thinking he was going to win and then failed.

It looks like the Australians don’t look too kindly to that kind of Politics and voted accordingly.


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