Russia Hands Over Chemical Weapon Plan To USA

Russian media has said that the Russian Government has handed over it’s plans for the Syrian Chemical to the USA.

It looks like this war in Syria is going to not happen.

I know I’ve called for an invasion of Syria but that was when I thought that they wouldn’t hand over it’s Chemical Weapons or the Russian wouldn’t do anything to stop the Syrian Government from doing what it wanted to.

The Russian have a plan for what to do with the Syrian Weapons when they get their hands on them. This is the best news I’ve heard regarding Syria. It’s another step towards international peace and the Americans going head face in to a Military action.

John Kerry must be quietly sobbing, I really think he wanted this war to make him look tough on the world stage so he can make a run for the White House in a couple of years.

I hope the Americans approve of this plan because this will be the best thing for the world. The Russians have come up with the plan and unless the plan is to blow up Russian enemy with Chemical weapons I can’t see American’s problem.

These weapons are best in the International Communities hands, here’s hoping that the Americans see that and approve this plan.


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