America And Russia Holds Talk Over Syrian Peace

Russia and America are holding ‘crucial’ talks regarding the Syrian Chemical Weapons. Both Foreign Ministers have begun meeting in Geneva on a plan place the stockpiles of Chemical Weapons that are in possession of the Syrian Government.

We’re taking more steps towards peace. This week I thought would never come. I actually thought that the Americans would have started to bomb Syria by now but their is more talk of peace.

Firstly the Syrians have signed up to the Chemical Weapons convention set out by the United Nations. It’s what the Russians want it’s what they’ve got. Will Syria hand over all the Chemical Weapons they have? Honestly I don’t know. I’m really hoping that they do but something in the back of my head say they’ll keep some back from the United Nations for their own ‘safety’.

They’ve been given a month to hand over the weapons by the Russians. I actually think that’s fair but John Kerry it’s saying it’s not good enough. Good for Kerry he’s still doing his hard man act for the world and his run for the White House. He’s probably going to fail and look foolish but at least he’s doing it.

The Russians and Americans are having a peace conference regarding Syria. Doesn’t Syria get to take part. Shouldn’t they have a say in what happens to their Chemical Weapons and their country? I think the fact they’re signing up to this convention and handing over the weapons should be enough to let the Russians take part in this with out the Americans charging in and trying to take control.

I think it’s time to keep our eyes on Kerry because he’s looking for a war at any cost just to say he did something about an evil Tyrant


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