USA and Russia Come Up With A Deal Over Syrian Weapons

America and Russia have come up with a deal regarding the Syrian Chemical Weapons. Both Countries have come to a agree after three days of negotiations in Geneva. The Syrian Government have to surrender and destroy their Chemical Weapons by the mid of next year.

What an absolute joke. Again what is this saying to anybody who wants to use Chemical Weapons on it’s people? Don’t worry America will thrash out an agreement with Russia, you hand over your weapons and everything will be cool.

Yes I know I’ve spent the last week praising the Russians for bringing peace to the situation in the Middle East but they’re had to be a way of Punishing Assad or getting rid of him all together.

Does the International Community not care that Assad has committed War Crimes as long as he hands over the Chemical Weapons.

Kerry has been banging the war drum and now they’ve created this deal. This is going to make America look a little bit foolish. They (America) wanted a war but they’re settle for doing nothing instead as long a they got rid of the Chemicals and they looked strong on the International Scene.

Russia is going to look like the Heroes in the Situation and that’s going to damage the Americans on the International Scene.

Remember that red line? Well nobody’s going to be a able to put down a red line again because this has basically blown it out of the situation.

Yes I’m glad that we’re not going to fly in to World War 3 but I really think that we have been way to soft on the Assad regime. They must be rubbing their hands with delight in Damascus. They’ve committed a War Crime and then given away their weapons and got away Scott free. The International community at it’s best.


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