Syria Hails US Deal As Victory

A Syrian Minister has claimed victory in the chemical weapons scandal. According to the Syrian Minister the deal agreed upon by Russia and America is a victory that averts war.

Talk about trying to goad people. Syria really is being cocky but they’ve got every right to be. Russia has averted war for them, they can claim a victory.

I wouldn’t really claim a victory I would just shut up before the Americans change their minds and bomb you.

They still have to follow America and Russia’s rules on the Chemical Weapons. They all have to be destroyed by the middle of next year. So at least we’re keeping a firm iron fist on them.

Their is still the threat of American action as well. To be honest I think that’s still going to hang around in the air no matter what happens. The Americans want something to be done and if they get a chance they’re going to take it.

I wonder how this statement has been taken in Washington?

Kerry must be fuming. He thought he was going to go to war and then he manges to bang out peace deal meaning he had to go back on himself then the Syrians claim victory. I don’t know if he looks weak or just a bit foolish and to be honest at this time I’m leaning on both opinion. Syria has got it’s own way and America had to take a 2nd option they didn’t want.

Assad must be gleeful over this it’s a chance to stick to his Western Enemies and he has taken it and used it to his full advantage.


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