FBI Name Gunman Who Attacked A Naval Base

The FBI have released the name of a Gunman who opened fire on a Naval Base in Washing DC. The FBI have named Arron Alexis as a man who opened fire in Washington DC killing 12 people earlier today. Alexis had been a Naval reservist from 2007 -2011.

Another shooting in America. This must be the goodness knows how many in the last 18 months. It’s getting very serious.

I don’t know what’s more worrying about this, the fact he is crazy enough to open fire on a military base or the fact they let this nut job join the Navy reserves. This should really spark up a call for psychological testing for Military recruits.

Again a person who was in some form of command has gone over board and killed somebody. It happened in LA with that ex-cop they were trying to find for days. It really makes you think about the entry requirements for these jobs in America.

Both incidents have happened with in a year and it’s the governments fault for not checking the mental well being of these people. If the Americans has any hint they should have done something about them.

Again this calls for Gun control.

I’m sure the democrats are going to make a big fuss on this subject and try to get guns banded again like they did after Sandy Hook but how far will they get? The Republicans and the NRA are going to force a compromised deal that only benefits the NRA.

I really hope that the Democrats and Obama can get some kind of Gun Control sorted out because America needs it. Any whack job with a gun seems to be opening up on anything or anybody these days. Sadly I don’t think that they will, I really think that this is going to be another failure for Democrats.

It’s sad really because the Americans could do something here but they won’t in fear of getting on the wrong side of the NRA.


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