Obama And Rouhani Speak By Phone

Barack Obama has spoken to Iranian President Hassan Rhohani by phone. This has been the first time in 30 years when an American and Iranian president has had communication with each other.

This really can#t look good for Israel can it?

From what I can gather about Israel they aren’t the biggest fans of the Iranians so it doesn’t look good that Israel’s main alley in the world is making peace with oen of it’s biggest enemies.

Time will see…

So the talks are regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The West likes to have nukes but doesn’t like having anybody else having them. Personally a country that Nuked two Japanese cities has really no move room to dictate is another country is aloud to use them.

I don’t care if Iran develops a Nuclear Program they can call it a Nuclear Deterrent.

This is a major step in diplomacy and I have to say well done to Obama for doing this. You may have screwed up in places over the last few months. Gun control being one of them but at least you’re talking to the Iranians and not threatening to invade them.

Honestly I did think that George Bush Jnr was going to invade Iran after he took Baghdad.

Also well done to Rouhani for also talking to Obama. It’s great to see that after so much time these 2 countries can find a way to work out their differences peacefully.

This is a great day for Middle East peace.


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