Rivals Rally As Rouhani Returns From United Nation

Iranian President Rouhani has been met by protesters after his trip to the United Nations. He was met by hardliners who were chanting Death to America.

Well you can’t please everybody can you…

They vote in a president who was educated in Europe and when he takes a pro-western stance people don’t like it? Do some research and you might discover something about the person.

After 30 years of being the bad guys you would think that the Iranian people might want to join the international community. No there are people out there who want to chant anti-western slogans. It’s pretty stupid really.

Yes Western Countries have done some stupid thing in the last 10 years. The sad thing is that you need the West because we could really help you out when you need it.

However I’ll take your anti-Israel approach and not complain because I’m not a pro-Israel type person.

But on the other hand it’s good to see the younger Iranians like the students take a pro-western stance. They’re the ones who will move the country on and they’ll be the ones who bring peace to the Middle East.

Hopefully we can see Iran take the lead in the world stage when it comes peace and they can even bring peace to places like Syria.


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