Osborne Extends ‘Work For Benefit’ For Jobless

Long term unemployed will have to take part in work placements to receive their benefits. The chancellor George Osborne unveiled the new tougher measurements at the Conservative conference today.

So it comes back to unemployment bashing again…

There have been a few things that the conservatives have done regarding the benefit system like capping them at £40,000 but these work placement programs to clain your benefits is not one of them.

This makes people in to slaves. They are basically working against their will for no money. I know people will say that they’re earning their benefits but no. They’re being forced to work to get their benefits. We’re meant ot be in a socialist sociaty with some form of Social care for people who need help.

We’re not in a state were people can be forced to work for as little as £10 a day for working all day. Seriously that well under minimum wage.

Have the Government even thought of the fall out from this…

You’re making people work for free that companies can pay somebody to do. Street sweeping, Tescos or any other big company. They should be hiring ad paying people for doing that job not getting people for free. If you have the job place open why don’t they hire somebody to take that job then it’s one person off the dole queue.

With the uselessness of the unemployment welfare and support system in the United Kingdom and it is useless I’ve been on it for 3 years. I’ve been lucky enough to get a job at last. Are unemployed people seen as just slaves for the Conservatives to exploit.


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