Republicans Want Ransom To End Shutdown

President has vowed not to let the Republican to undermine his signature healthcare reform to restart the American Government. This vow has come as the Republicans were able to shut down the American Government when they refused to budge on Obamacare so Congress couldn’t agree on a budget.

How do you shut down a government?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m British but I really don’t understand how this can happen. I don’t know how you can shut down a government. It sounds like the most ludicrous idea ever. It’s like the British not having a Parliament.

Also what does this mean for America?

700,000 Federal Employees can’t work and won’t get paid for how ever long this last. So it’s the little person who is getting screwed over.

And guess who has caused this?

The Republicans and a small amount f the Republicans who are hardliner right wingers. They don’t care if people don’t get affordable health. It’s a screw you too the poor people in America who can’t get medical attention because they can’t afford it.

If you look at this it’s a screw you to the who of America. They’ve been elected to run America and they just walk out because they can’t agree on somethin.g

I know my opinions of Obama have gone back and forth over the 90 odd days I’ve been writing this blog but today I stand with Obama. Why should America be held to ransom over health care? The Right Wing of the Republicans should see the good in this and do the right thing and pass it through.

Seriously America sort it out, this is an amazing mess that you need to sort out and prove to the world you’re not a bunch of numpties. I just hope this gets cleared up very very very soon.


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