Cameron Suggest Cutting Benefits For Under 25s

David Cameron has suggested cutting benefits to under 25s to reduce long term worklessness. The Conservative leader made the suggestion on the day of his speech to party members. It was also the last day of the Conservative Party Conference.

I was going to talk about the speech today and how well I think Cameron did over Milliband but this has really taken my interest.

This is one of those ideas where I don’t know where to fall and to agree on…

Cutting Unemployment Benefits for under 25s who want to work is wrong. You’re going to leave thousands of young people with out money. Not everybody wants to pick up a trade or go to university. I’ve known enough people who have tried to go straight in to work and failed. Not everybody’s so lucky.


If the Government are looking to get every young person a job then cut the benefits. But you can’t do that so you’re going to make people money less.

If it’s an idea to get people to go to University then it’s a pretty bad idea. Nobody can afford £9000 tuition fees in this country.

I know we have to bring the deficit down and I really know we have to take difficult decisions but this is a really bad one. I believe more people should go to university and do apprenticeships and this just might force people in that direction but you really can’t leave under 25s without money especially if they’ve jumped through your hoops. You can’t screw them over like that.

So I don’t like this idea there must be a better way of doing it. David Cameron please find a way.


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