Hutton Jailed For Hamzah Killing

Amanda Hutton has been sentence to 15 years in prison. The woman who let her son die of neglect and didn’t report the death for 21 months was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court earlier today.

15 years for manslaughter might seem a bit light of a sentence but I don’t think she’ll been in a metal institution with in a year or so. I’m not going to argue or agree with the the judges sentence because I don’t know what’s appropriate for this crime. I know a lot of people would probably throw away the key but I’d have her mentally checked out.

The more I hear about this story and the more new facts come out the more I’m feeling that Social Services and the Police have seriously screwed up.

She had 8 children. I know you can’t dictate birth to women but if somebody is constantly pushing out children like a factory you would think that it would spark something at Social Services. Even if they consider Hutton to be raped but it looks like they left them and five of the children lived in squalor.

The father has given an interview to the BBC where he claims to raise concerns about the treatment he thought was going on but he say’s he been ignored. I’m not going on about fathers rights but they should have listened to him. Granted he had been violent towards her but if he has raised concerns with them they should have been acted on.

There has been major failings.

I feel like I say this all the time but I’m going to repeat it, there needs to be a review and rule change on how they deal with not just vulnerable children but vulnerable people because we can’t have this going on constantly. This is happening way to often.

It’s time for the UK Government to step in and do something about this then leave it to councils to handle because they can’t handle it by the looks of it.


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