IMF Raises UK Growth Forecast

The International Monetary Fund has raised the growth Forecast for the United Kingdom. The Forecast Growth has come about when the IMF has lowered the expected growth for the rest of the world. This bucks an international trend.

Well it looks like it’s finally worked. George Osborne’s cutting has finally started to pay off. That’s a scary thought.

In the last 3 years since the conservatives have come to power we’ve seen nothing but cuts and cuts and I’ve wondered if it has actually worked. People have lost jobs and companies have gone out of Business or been bought up by larger companies. It#s been ugly especially this year.

The economy stagnated and it’s given the left a rallying call against the right. It’s given the left a chance to damn the cuts to hell and it’s been pathetic to see. 3 years off mud slinging.

But it worked…

The rest of the world get down graded and our forecast gets raised…

You just hope that Osborne is on the phone to Ed Balls taking the piss out of him. His plan has worked and Ed Balls’s would have failed miserably.


Because Balls wanted to borrow more money. Borrow more money to get us out of debt. I don’t get it either.

I’ve not been a big fan of cutting public services and people losing their jobs but I understand why they did it and now it’s working I’m it’s been successful.

Let’s hope for the countries sake this continues and we get back to a great rich economy.


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