Energy Prices Expected To Rise

Consumer groups are expecting energy prices to raise. This prediction has come about after the Energy Company SSE have announced they will be rising prices on average by 8.2% in the middle of next month.

Well Mr. Milliband you’ve played a blinder with this one haven’t you… Jeez

If you’re not clever enough to suss this one out this is in response to Ed Milliband’s price freeze idea. Milliband announces that he wants to freeze energy prices and after a few weeks the energy companies raise the prices.

It’s a warning to both you and the Labour Party…

If you haven’t sussed out the message, the message is… We rule the prices for energy and gas. We’ll dictate the price and no matter who you vote in we will raise the prices to make prophet.

So Labour have raised the prices without even being in power. This must be a first in British politics and business. The leader of the opposition causes a price hikes. The party who wants a living limit for people have caused people to be slightly worse off. You couldn’t right this type of comedy.

If Milliband hadn’t of made his announcement to freeze prices they would have gone up slower with in the 6 years from now to the end of the next parliament.

I’m not defending the energy companies but I can see why they’re doing it. Milliband really has to think policy through before they go even higher. This is bad for Britain if it carries on like this.


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