Jimmy Saville Abuse: Up To 30 Hospitals Involved

Up to 30 Hospitals are now under investigation due to the Jimmy Saville Sex Abuse investigation. Jimmy Saville’s abuse looks to havetaken place at more than the original 3 hospitals which were under investigation. This investigation has taken place after it was alleged that Jimmy Saville sexually abused patients and children through out his career.

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

I’ll admit while Saville was alive I didn’t like him and I was glad that he died. When these allegations first came out I was in the slightest bit shocked. You could tell there was something weird about him and if I had sat down and thought about it, back then I could see him doing those acts.

So it’s happened in a possible 30 hospitals and nobody thought to check up on Saville. Nobody tried to see what he was doing?

This was probably because he was the darling of the political establishment at the time. He was the face of Intercity and he was ‘fixing it’ for small children to live out their dreams.

It really makes you ask questions about celebrity culture and how we see people. Sain Jade who was a raciest became the queen of hearts and Jimmy Saville who raped children and their were people making jokes about it in the 70s couldn’t be touched.

You want to point the finger of blame at somebody but you really can’t except for Saville. There’s been serious lack of judgement for some big people of the 70 and 80s. You just hope that one day this is going to be sorted out and the Queen removes his knighthood in an act of shaming for him.

He does deserve nothing better than that.


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