Plebgate Officers Integrity Called In To Question

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has called in to question the integrity of police officers that have been involved in the ‘Plebgate’ scandal. The 3 officers met the former Conservative whip Andrew Mitchell after they claimed he supposedly called them plebs outside Downing Street.

What a waste of time and tax payers money this is. It’s a bunch of he said she said and it’s not worth the money that we’ve spent investigating it.

Where the police officers called plebs? We don’t know but it’s their words against Andrew Mitchell and they can debate it until the cows come home because we’ll never know one way or the other.

Wasting the tax payers money over an argument like this is ridiculous. The money that has been spent on this could have gone actual policing or maybe fixing the roads or something more vital. The ‘Plebgate’ scandal is not worth it.

Who actually cares who has a cast answer?

Honestly who care what was said in that office or outside Downing Street. How has this been worthy of such a large amount of press coverage. It’s shocking.

This is what should happen, Andrew Mitchell should be told not to call people plebs or any other nasty name and they should do it in a very patronizing tone and the same should be said to the police officers about lying. Same tone.

I’ve probably said this like a dozen times it’s an immature story with all the he said she said Bull Shit about it. Waste Of time.


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