Alex Salmond Says It’s Time For Scottish Independence

Alex Salmond told Scotland that it was time for Scotland to vote for independence. His comments were made as he addressed the SNP Conference in Perth. Salmond also said that the party would release their case for independence on November 26th.

I’d love to say that the Independence argument is heating up but from where I’m sat it’s still tepid and it’s not going to blow in to anything explosive until August of next year at least. Saying that this is a countries future on the line there really hasn’t been that much media coverage. I would have expected a lot more.

I’m going to love the SNP argument for independence. I’m not saying this sarcastically, I’m really going to love to see their arguments. I think their going to be outstanding. They’re not going to vilify the English because they don’t need to they’re just going to put the fact one paper and be truthful.

They don’t even need to release it, I can see the Scottish people voting yes to independence. They voted for devolution so why not give them full control again because it’s better than being run by England and their monarch.

Infact why don’t they just give the Welsh and the North Irish a chance to vote for Independence. I actually think that the idea of the United Kindgom is pretty pointless. The idea of 4 countries tied in to each other whilst disliking each other is pretty stupid.

I think it’s time to have 4 self governing countries instead of just. Giving them full rights as an independent country is the way to go and to break up the United Kingdom. It’s the best thing to do and it’s time for Britain to see that.


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