Conservative Reject Cleggs Free Schools Comments

The Conservatives have rejected claims that the control on free schools should be tighter. Education Minister Elizabeth Truss rejected the comments made by Nick Clegg who said that free schools should be ran by qualified teachers and follow the national curriculum.

Free schools twice in one week and this a member of the Government want to change them and the purpose of them.

I agree with the concept of free school, why should you have to be controlled by a council to be a school. As long as you have government backing and funding and the will to do well you might as well set up a free school. As long as it’s ran well and the child is taught right I’ve got no problem with a child going to a free school.

I do believe that they should teach a well rounded education that encompasses all sorts of educational subject even if they focus on one subject more than an other. I’m talking of History over P.E. or Cooking over I.T. because let’s face it kids know more about computers than their parents.

Now to Clegg’s comments

Yes they should have qualified teachers running the class room and not some mother. A teacher is trained to teach not your mother who spent her whole life in another employment field. You know you’re going to get a decent education under a good teacher. If you want your mother to do teach you why don’t you get home schooled.

As for the National Curriculum. As long as you are taught the basics of the major subject you should be fine. As long as you’re not teaching creationism as Scientific fact or other crazy ideas. Keep everything cool but to stick to the Curriculum it kind if defeats the point of some free schools.

And so the Conservatives have made it clear that they don’t like this idea and have kind of demonized the Liberals for coming up with this. It’s good they’re sticking to their guns but it’s not good that they’re vilifying their coalition partner because they want to get back in to power in a year and a half.

I bet Labour a looking like a good partnership right about now.


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