Man Admits To Stabbing Mohammed Saleem

A Ukrainian Student has admitted to killing an 82 year old man. Pavio Lapshyn confessed to killing Mohammed Saleem and plotting to cause explosions at West Midlands Mosques. Lapshyn will be sentenced on Friday.

The media is full of stories of old people being killed for no reason. There was a church organist at Christmas and now a Grandfather of 22 killed when he was walking back from the Mosque. People go to pray and worship and they get killed. It’s not a great look for the rest of the world.

This murder is all to do with White Supremacy which is a stupid fact. Even if you consider somebody less than you, you don’t go around murdering people for it. Look down on them if you have to but don’t kill them because that’s just pointless. There are ways to live with the people you hate.

This whole racism thing is becoming too common in Britain. There are too many Far Right Groups and Youtube videos of people having racist rants. It shocks me that people are allowed to do this. Yes I believe in freedom of speech but not Racist ranting and Racist groups.

As much as I’d like to see it, I don’t think we could get a blanket ban on all Far Right Groups, we’ll just have to keep mocking them in the future until they give up and craw in to the wood work.

No doubt this guy is going to get life with out parole. He’s a murderer and a terrorist. If he get’s out after a set amount of time, he will do it again and he should be considered a threat to the country. to be honest I’d throw him in a prison full of Muslims and see how well he does.

I really hope he’s going to have fun in prison and he’s used as somebodies fun time boy.


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