Grangemouth Saved

The Grangemouth petrochemical planet in Grangemouth has been saved. Their has been a deal struck that will save the jobs of the plant staff. Political leaders and Union bosses have welcomed the news.

Well that’s a disaster averted.

The unions have given and accepted Inoes’s survival plan. The planet staff are getting less pension and less wage but they are keeping their jobs. This is good news all around, the area of the plant is going to go tits up and loose it’s economy. The people are also going to keep their jobs.

Well done to the unions for caving in.

I’m waiting for the Unions to start sprouting off about how they’ve saved the town and the whole of the Grangemouth/Falkirk area should thank them because it was all their hard work.

Let’s remember they caused this in the first place and they’re the ones that caved in.

The only person who I saw wanting to do anything was Alex Samond who looked like he was ready to dive in no questions asked. He should get some praise out of this no questions asked.

I said it shouldn’t have got in to this sad state of affairs and I still stand by it. Hopefully this kind of disaster won’t happen again. Next time the Unions should back down more easily for the good of their members.


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