Disability Welfare Changes Delayed By Assessment Process

Disability Assessments in England, Scotland and Wales have been delayed. The delay has come about because the Government has been able to assess the claimants on time. This has caused criticism from From the Labour Party who says that the Department of Work and Pensions are in chaos.

I agree with reducing the benefit bill, I really do there are too many people who can work sat on their backsides doing nothing. We should be encouraging them to get back to work. I also agree with the £40,000 benefit cap. Why should somebody spit out children every year or so and get thousands when people are working hard and barely surviving?


I don’t agree with cutting disability benefits. If somebody has a genuine reason for why the can’t work like they’ve got no hands they should be helped. I’m talking serious reasons not pathetic reasons why they should get disability.

I give the Government there dues for trying to weed out the seriously in need from the people who don’t want to work so they give a rubbish excuse and think they can get away with it.

The government should never have tried to stream line the benefit system in to one big payment. Yes it’s a good idea to have things centralized to one payment but it’s becoming a joke. They’ve tried to unravel a spiders web and they’re failing. It’s been too much of a task to take on and I think that it’s going to go down as a giant failure.

I find it funny that Labour have called this plan chaos as it’s them who made it easier to live on benefits. They should be sorting this mess out but again they’re shifting the blame on to the Conservatives like they always do. They seem to be good at that lately.

The benefit system should never have been played with and now The conservative will have to pay the price. Let’s hope it works.


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