Four Die As Storms Hit Southern Britain

4 people have died due to the storm that hit Southern Britain. The people sadly lost their lives as the worst storm in years hit the Southern Regions of the UK uprooting trees, causing travel disruption, Blackouts and sadly killing 4 people.

Well they said it was going to be a bad one and they were right. Gladly we were ready for it and the country hasn’t ground to a halt like ti does for the snow. Every time it snows.

I don’t think anybody was expecting people to die thanks to this storm so like every time this kind of thing happens it’s a massive tragic loss but gladly it was only 4 people because it could have been a lot lot worse.

Everything that was meant expected to happen. Tree were up rooted and there was disruption to travel. We knew this was going to happen so we kind of prepared for it. Funny enough Nick Clegg had to cancel is month press conference because a crane wit the roof of the Cabinet Office. That’s probably going to cost the tax payer a bit of money.

It will be interesting to see how much this is going to cost to remove the trees and repair the damage from last night. It will probably will cost a fair bit. It’s going to take a little while to get everything up and running but I think the Brits will cope. We’ll just moan.

David Cameron needs to go to the worst hit areas and look like he cares. This will be great for his image. He need to looking caring because at this moment in time he looks a uncaring.

Let’s see how the south of England deals with the aftermath and how the Conservative Government respond in the next few days to this disaster.


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