News Of The World Editors Must Have Known About Phone Hacking

Former News Of The World Editors Rebecca Brooks and Andy Coulson must have known about the phone hacking that was going on at the News Of The World newspaper the Old Bailey heard today. The allegation was made towards the former editors by Andrew Edis QC the man who is leading the prosecution against Brooks and Coulson.

Let’s just recap on the News Of The World story….

Back in 2011 it was discovered that The News Of The World had been hacking on to the phones of Celebrities and people in the News. The worst one of these was Millie Dowler who had gone missing and been killed. With is discovery advertisers to the paper started to pull out like Rats leaving a sinking ship. With in one day The News Of The World was forced to close down .

Phone hacking a missing person’s phone is not good. This lead to the Dowler family having false hopes that they were going to find their daughter alive. The whole thing was a bit risky and it never was going to end well.

Did they know about the hacking?

Yes I think they did, you can’t run a Newspaper and not realize what your staff were doing. That’s just sheer incompetence. To be honest I actually believe that Brooks knew about it and endorsed it.

Brooks is a vile person who printed the sex offenders register in her newspaper putting thousands of people’s lives at risk.

No I don’t agree with child abuse but printed the sex offenders register is wrong and should never have happened.

There’s also the spousal abuse she committed but I won’t go in to that.

I really hope they throw the book at Brooks just because she’s Rebecca Brooks and she deserves it. As for Coulson I really couldn’t care if he’s guilty or not. He probably is guilty.

What ever happens the 2 of them will be proven guilty or be seen as guilty because this trial is being played out in the media. Those people walked in to the room woth their minds made up because they’ve been influenced by the media.

They’ll be convicted and I really hope Brooks has a terrible time in prison.


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