Taliban Leader Killed By Drone

A Taliban leader was killed by a US drone air strike. Hakimullah Meshud the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan died earlier today was killed when his car was hit by a US Drone Missile.

Pakistan is pissed off with America. They are claiming that it’s a breach of sovereignty. I don’t blame them for being pissed off. No country should ever take another country invading it’s borders and bombing it’s citizens with out permission no matter how much of a danger he is to world security.

But what do you expect it’s America and they’ll do what they want with their foreign policy.

You’ve got to give it to Obama first he gets rid of Bin Laden and no he’s killed off the head of the Taliban in Pakistan. That’s a lot better than Bush’s he’s in a cave theory.

If I was the Taliban I wouldn’t of admitted that their leader has been killed. I would have denied it and poked the bear a bit more. Really wind them up see how long they could do it for before they had to admit it.

I honestly think that coming out has made them look a bit weak if I’m being honest. We know that the Taliban in Pakistan has no leader it’s going to make it easier for their opposition to clear them out.

Well done Obama you’re doing a better job than Bush did when it comes to Terrorists.


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