John Kerry Urges Democracy and Stability On Egypt Visit

John Kerry has called for Stability whilst in Egypt. The American Secretary of State has called for an end to the violence that has engulfed the country over the last few weeks whilst moving back to a democratic state. This is the first visit from Kerry since the Military took over the country.

John Kerry’s in the Middle East. The man who almost dragged America in to the Syrian Civil War is in the region of the world that hates him the most. Before somebody points out that I wanted troops to go in to Syria, I do remember making that call and I still stand by it. At least we found away to resolve the situation with out blood shed.

John Kerry has gone over and started to talk about re-establishing democracy. His trying to establish Democracy in a military dictatorship that has no intention of handing back power to the people. They’ve slaughtered hundreds of their own people and Kerry is talking about Democracy. I think it’s falling on death ear John.

Why bother making the visit?

The Americans pulled out all the Military aid to the Country because the Military took control. Something says they don’t want to go to bed with the Egyptians because it was a dictatorship. The funny thing is Kerry is trying to build a bridge with the Egyptians saying they can be allies again.

me smell a rat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this a part of the John Kerry for the White House campaign. He talked a strong fight when the world had to be strong with Syria and now he’s trying to mend bridges with the friends of America so he looks compassionate.

To be honest if this is all one big move to get in to the White House. I’m impressed the world stage would will love this and the Americans will love a strong President.

Kerry for the White House anybody?


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