Theresa May Defends Terror Control Systems

According to British Home Secretary the system that deals with Terror suspects is not wrong. May had to defend the current Terror measures after a a terror suspect was lost after concealing himself in a Burka. May has that the current legislation and controls were strong and sustainable.

I would like to point out than no they are not. This is the second person they’ve lost and they’ve both been on a Tpim order. This is an order that meant to keep control of terrorist and they’ve lost 2 in less than a year. Clearly they don’t work and they need to be reviewed and possibly replaced.

I’m just saying.

The security services in this country should hang their heads in shame they were fooled by a piece of clothing. They couldn’t identify somebody from their build or the way they walked. They’ve screwed up big time. Not just the security and intelligence services but the police as well. This really shouldn’t have happened.

What were they doing spying on people using Facebook making sure our Candy Crush Sagas were not illegal activities or what ever! The spying service screwed up big time.

If this happens again I’m going to laugh and I think heads will roll in some state department. Despite her Abu Hamza success I wouldn’t mind see May going for another screw up but I don’t won’t happen. Nope I don’t like May.

I can’t wait to see the far right and the Daily Mail’s response to this laughable saga. This is just going to blow anti-Islam sentiment up in the air and around the country. I wouldn’t be suprised if some groups try to call for a Burka ban.

This is a screw and it’s going to have long term consequences for the Islamic population of the country only because somebody couldn’t do their job. It’s kind of sad really.


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