Nazi Treasures Contain Unknown Works By Masters

More than 1,400 pieces of work have been found in Munich. The unknown pieces of art were looted during the Nazi’s rule in Germany. It has been estimated that the value of these works of art is £846 million.

The art world is creaming themselves over this and to be honest i’m not suprised as this is the biggest find in a very long time.

The Nazi’s hunting down art work during the years they were in power in Germany has been well accounted. Everybody knows it happened but I think the surprise of this haul is the massiveness of it. They’ve found over £800 million of art.

I’m not really an art fan so I’m not getting over excited about this myself but I cna see why the art world is. Many of these paintings were thought to be destroyed during World War 2 whilst some of them thought not to exists.

This actually turns art history on it’s head from what I understand and many biographies will have to be altered. It’s an event that has changed history literally.

There’s going to be a very lucky museum some were in Germany and I wouldn’t be surprised if this collection traveled the world. It’s need to travel the world because the world needs to see it if it alters history.

You just wonder what else is hiding in Germany that don’t know about. It’s actually a very exciting historical thought.


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