Typhoon Death Less Than Feared

The amount of deaths in the Philippines is less than feared. The countries president has said that the death toll is lower than originally thought. The new estimation is now 2,500 down from 10,000 but the United Nations disputes that figure.

You know what if this is true and the Philippines Government is right it’s the best piece f news to come out of that country since Friday. How ever from the sounds of things I sounds like it’s just a wild guess. You get the feeling that the Government still can’t get in to the worst hit areas.

I sadly have to agree with the UN. I have the feeling that it’s higher than 2500 people because from what we’ve been hearing and what we’ve seen on the news people are left in the street or put in mass graves with out people counting. To be honest we may never know how many people have died until decades from when people did them up.

That’s the sad case about all this. We’ll never know util it’s too late. It’s good that people are burying the dead as it might stop some horrific disease but it’s not going to help people when they look for the people they love. Nobody is going to know where there loved ones are.

The aid is getting in finally. Granted it’s in drips and drabs but people are getting in with much need aid. I really don’t think it’s enough though. When food comes it’s a mile long queue and I’m guessing people are still going hungry.

I hope people don’t start dying of hunger because I can see that happening plus with all the water born diseases that must be developing by now it can’t be good. There are going to be people dying of that soon. At least the aid is coming.

It looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There just might be a decent future for the people of the Philippines.


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