Cameron Gives Sri Lanka Tough Message On War Crimes

David Cameron has promised to send a tough message to Sri Lanka over alleged war crimes. The message came as Cameron was in Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth Summit. The Sri Lanka Government has warned Cameron not to question it’s ministers whilst he attends the summit.

Cameron is going to stir up things in Sri Lanka and he’s going to piss somebody off.

He actually can’t make a big deal over this for the fact that we sat back and let war crimes take place in Syria and did nothing. This will look incredibly hypocritical if we try something in Sri Lanka.

Does it need investigating?

There’s been talk of it happening for years. They say you can’t criticize the Government with out going missing. It doesn’t sound very safe. So yes I does need investigating but there are countries that break human rights rules and commit war crimes and we turn around and do nothing.

We can’t just single out a country because we want to. If we do that we need to look at Turkey, China and Israel for some of the stuff they do. Those are the top three that going off the top of my head.

If there was an investigation is this the time?

Yes while the worlds attention is firmly based on Sri Lanka it would seem perfect. The problem is that this has been arranged for years and they could cover up what they have done or try to bury it.

What ever happens you just get the feeling that nothing is going to happen except for a war of words and that’s not what you want. It’s time for the world to take affirmative action against Sri Lanka if it’s true.

Please no more words please take action and the world a favour and show some back bone on a subject.


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