Co-op Chairman Quits Over Flower’s Drugs Claims

The head of the Co-op group has quit his post a chairman. Len Wardle the head of the Co-op has stepped down citing serious questions that have been raised by the scandal surrounding the resignation of the former head of the banking department Paul Flowers.

It’s great to see the head of a large company like the Co-op fall on his sword. The thing is that I don’t think he should of done it. It should be one of those I’ve made a mistake and I won’t do it.

Did he know that Flowers has a drug addict? No he didn’t and he shouldn’t have been judged on that.

Flowers on the other hand should have the book thrown at him. The list of things he did it rather funny saying he was/is a Methodist minister. Drug Addict, Rent Boys and Porn on a political computer. If I was Flowers I’d be embarrassed by all of that happening and I feel sorry for his wife. To be honest I wouldn’t expect behavior from anybody but a minister to be honest or a politician and he’s both.

Was this a bad appointment? You know what in hindsight yeah probably it was but he got the job and it now in the past.

The Mail On Sunday need to answer for this. I don’t know if I should be thankful that they released this information or disgusted that they entrapped the person which is a bit despicable. No Flowers shouldn’t be buying Cocaine but The Mail shouldn’t be selling hard drugs.

There really needs to be somebody looking in to the fact that the Mail was selling drugs to a person.

I really feel sorry for Wardle because he has had to quit his job because the man he appointed was a druggy and an idiot. I really hope that the man gets a new job soon.


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